Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flash Report! Nanner Reports On The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with an excellent Flash Report from regular contributor, Nanner.   Once again, The Jolar Cinema in San Diego is our point of reference.

Take it away Nanner!


Dear Doctor:
I have continued my diligent efforts to gather information on the local San Diego happenings of this "thing of ours." I have returned to Jolar to scout things on two recent occasions (tonight and last Thursday). Using your advice to avoid theaters during "couples night", I decided to visit the night after couples night (in this case Thursday).
On Thursday night #1 I stopped by the Jolar Theater after work in the early evening. I purchased my evening pass for $10 and poked my head into the theater. Being early in the evening the place was nearly empty with three other sketchy males in the place. I stayed around for about an hour then headed out. In the parking lot next door there was a Hispanic couple sitting in a car. I slowed my departure to observe them for a bit. They were chatting a bit then they got out and headed towards the entrance. He had a stocky build and she was and attractive middle aged lady with glasses. I wanted to follow them in but I had to leave for a prior engagement. However, before leaving I noted the location and type of car they drove.
Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
About an hour and a half later, I was able to leave my engagement and stop back by the theater. I was in luck! The couples car was still parked at the same spot. I parked and headed inside. Upon re-entering the theater I found the couple tucked into the corner of the confused side of the theater and a black couple was tucked into the opposite side. Unfortunately, just as I entered the theater the cleaning crew was shuffling people from theater to theater, disrupting any chance for play, so they could do their cursory cleaning.
After being shuffled the Hispanic couple appeared a little peeved and decided to leave. The black couple remained. As the evening progressed the black couple put on a show near the back of the straight side of the theater. I managed to stand behind them and stroked as she blew her man. I left shortly afterwards.
On Thursday #2 I stopped by Jolar a little after 8PM. The Hispanic couple were back and sitting in the front row of the confused section and I saw the stocky male with his hand pretty far up her dress, but for the most part they appeared shy. The black couple were also there and were located in the back row. After flip flopping between the theaters the black couple ended up in the back row of the straight side. The Hispanic couple came in and out of the theater a few times, and something kinky must have been going on in the hallway as one of the theater patrons was stroking himself in front of them in the hallway. After he shot his load he left and then they left a few minutes later.
Meanwhile a third couple arrived and sat in the straight side, with the black couple moving to the back row of the straight side. The black female ended up completely naked and was switching between fucking her man and blowing him. I could look back and see her tits out and bouncing as she was being screwed, occasionally she would lean back giving a good few of him entering her pussy. When she leaned forward her head was over the back of the seat next to me. We had made eye contact and exchanged naughty grins as she was being penetrated by her guy. The woman in the third couple was very interested in peeking back and watching the sex show as well!
While the sex show was going on, a fourth couple arrived and headed to the back row of the confused side. After watching the black couple have sex for a while I decided to peek in at couple number 4. They were still sitting in the back row and the woman of the couple looked a little less than thrilled about being there. Having lost my seat for the sex show I decided it was time to leave, but did so with a bit of enthusiasm about things apparently heating up at the Jolar.
Doc here again... The Jolar is one of my personal favorite adult theaters in the country.  It has a great vibe, has a nice layout, is clean, and the couples scene can be terrific there.
Thanks to Nanner for another restaurant quality report!  Great job, sir.

Flash Report! Secrets Adult Theater in Oakland, CA

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from Secrets Adult Theater in Oakland, CA by 2nd time reporter Dan Do Right.
This is a nicely executed report, filled with all detail you have come to admire here at the Journal.
Here is Dan Do Right and his report...
Well, I have never fancied myself a great writer or story teller but I saw your call for reports and thought, what the hell. I am a business guy who travels often and I enjoy seeking out adult fun of all kinds. I often go to local swing clubs but sometimes I like the thrill of the adult theater and glory hole. I use your gloryhole list often in finding places to go.
Secrets Adult Theater
Oakland, CA
I was in San Francisco last week and, although many people assume all the theaters and gloryholes there are for men on men action, in Oakland there is Secrets Adult Bookstore which, as I have been lucky to find out, attracts lots of couples and even the occasional single gal looking for some attention and hard cock. Now Secrets has a theater side with lots of seating and a big screen showing hetero porn. The other side is booths with precut gloryholes and lots of room in the booths. A very good set up.
Last week was busy in SF; Oracle's convention, sailing race, fleet week starting and who knows what else. I figured if there was a time Secrets would be busy, that would be the week. I decided to head over on Friday night around 7:30 PM. A little early for most, I find after the bars let out, more couples with some liquid courage come out to play. I paid my theater admission ($7) and also got a bunch of booth coupons ($10) so I had options of going back and forth. I went into the theater and sure enough, only guys watching the movie. When my eyes adjusted, there was some dude sucking off another dude against the back wall. I thought the night wasn't going to be so good.
I went over to the booths and looked around. There were a few occupied so I grabbed one and put in a coupon. A great video came up with lots of facial shots so I pulled out my cock and started to get hard. I heard the buzzer at the main door go off a bunch of times so I went out into the video rental area. Sure enough, two couples had come in and were looking at toys and sexy outfits. The first couple were younger, late twenties. She had on a very tight green dress which showed off here tits a bit. She was a little heavier but nice. He was a larger dude too, just seemed to be shy. The other couple was a little older, maybe 50 but she was very slender and had really nice eyes. He was a tall guy, very skinny and was scoping out the room.

I looked over at the older couple, the lady smiled and winked. Now I had to decide, wait to see where they go or go into the theater or booths and hope to be in a good position to meet them. I decided on the theater. So, I slowly walked over and made eye contact with both couples. After 5 minutes standing against the back wall, I heard the door to the theater open. Both couples came in. They each looked around and went for seats. 
The young couple went up front, the older couple sat in the seats right in front of me. Right away you couple see the older guy hike up her skirt and start playing with her pussy. I move over to there row and she looked up and smiled. That was all the invitation I needed to sit down. I sat down beside here and put my hand on her leg. She opened up and I slide up to her pussy. It was nicely shaved and her hubby had her wet already. I started to finger her pussy and she slid her had into my pants which I had unbuttoned and unzipped earlier - thinking ahead. Her hubby whispered something to her and she immediately took out my now hard cock and started to suck on it. A few guys had gathered and there were about 3 cocks out and ready around us. She grabbed the closest one and while sucking me stroked the other. She pulled the other guy around and hubby backed away so that guy could start fucking her from behind. She was moaning as he pumped her from behind. She was sucking me so well.

I looked up and the young couple had moved over to watch. The guy had her dress up exposing her pussy which he was playing with. A guy went on his knees to start eating her pussy. The guy pulled down her top and exposed some really nice tits. There was a guy there ready to suck on those too. I'm watching this and getting really turned on as the older gal was sucking me off. I couldn't hold it back any longer and I blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed and sucked every drop. I was totally spend, my knees were weak and she said, "enjoy that?" I told her how much and she smiled. I got up and moved out of the way. Immediately another guy sat down, cock ready and hard and she got right to work sucking him off. The other guy who was fucking her started moaning and pulled out, I assume he shot his load on her back but I was a little far to see.

I walked around to where the younger couple was standing in a crowd of guys. She was enjoying her pussy being eaten and tits sucked. Then, the guy pulled her away and they walked out. Strange I thought but maybe they just felt there were too many guys. Anyway, the first couple was busy with lots of guys, I had cum already and went out to the video rental area to look around. The clerk who was a very friendly young african american gal asked if she could help me. I sort of smiled and said I got what I needed. She laugh and said "too bad, there's a couple in the booths and you still have coupons". 
I thought I'd go check it out, maybe someone new had come in. So I went back to the booths and surprise, the young couple was standing at the door of a booth. The one next to them was free, I can only assume all the booth guys were now in the theater. I went in. Sure enough, their door closed a few seconds later. I looked through the hole and they were kissing, he was rubbing her pussy and she was getting out his cock. She went down on him and started sucking - I could see they both saw me looking but they played it cool, like I wasn't there. I watched for a while and she was really having fun. 
Without hardly looking, she reached out her hand and put two fingers thru the hole almost grabbing my face. I was sort of hard again and figured I would stick it thru and see what I could do. I unzipped and pushed my semi-hard cock thru the hole. She started sucking my cock and with little effort got me up again. Her mouth was hot and wet and she was great at sucking cock. I could hear him tell her to be a good little slut and suck me dry and how he was going to fuck her up the ass while she sucked me. I couldn't see of coarse but I got harder thinking he was driving his hard cock in her tight ass. She tried really hard but I just couldn't cum again, close but just couldn't get the job done. I thanked her for trying and she laughed saying she would try harder next time. I hope there is a next time!
I left the theater and drove back to my hotel. It was a very good night at Secrets
Dan Do Right
Doc here again...A big thank you to Dan Do Right for a great report from Secrets in Oakland. Keep up the great work, and keep the reports coming in, sir.