Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: World Photography Day Edition (with Cathy!)

Doc here, a man who some say once photographed the moon and half dome in Yosemite while wearing nothing but a sweatband and hiking boots, with a pubic public service announcement from The Journal of Adult Theaters. 

Today, August 19th is World Photography Day. This is a day in which we celebrate all photography, whether it's G-Rated all the way to XXX. As your humble sea bass editor, I try to mix in a little of all. 

As a way of celebrating WITH you this most important day, I am publishing here for the first time,  my latest image from this thing of ours: Cathy (make sure you check out here awesome website, right before our event on 8/7 at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.

The quarters were tight, but as always Cathy was as flirtatious as ever, and this image shows it.

Happy World Photography Day, sports fans.