Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Call For Reports!

Doc here with a plea to you, the good readers of The Journal.

You might have noticed that there have not been any new reports up since Wednesday of this past week.  There is a reason... The report well is dry. Aside from Bob in Biloxi's Weekly Report (which goes up Monday morning at 9am CDT), I have nothing. Nada. Zip.

The lifeblood of The Journal are your Flash, Field, and Blast from the Past Reports from this thing of ours.  Without them, the element that makes The Journal unique (immediate and up to date reviews and accounts from adult theaters), makes this site nothing more than an archive.  While that is fine and dandy, that is not my vision for The Journal. 

The Journal is your one-stop shop for all things from this thing of ours. It's recent reports, memories of adult theater experiences, photos (past and present), polls, an extensive database of adult theaters across the US and Canada, and news nuggets from across this spectrum.  It's collaborative.  It's the sharing of experiences and knowledge.  Kind of a pervy version of paying it forward.

My challenge to you, the good readers of The Journal, is two-fold:
  1. To the senior reporters here at The Journal (you know who you are): Let's see what you have! Set the pace for people thinking about contributing their own first reports.  Your styles vary wildly, but all are just as important as your peer's reports.  Short, long, detailed filled, or maybe just your impressions of a theater and/or experience.  You've done it before, so please share with us again. All are welcome and needed. Badly.
  2. To the readers thinking of submitting your first reports: Just do it.  If you don't see yourself as a writer, don't worry.  99% of the reports submitted here are by people just like you.  A paragraph or 3 is all that is needed for starters.  A short report is better than no report in The Good Doctor's eyes. I will edit your reports, format them, drop in photos, and make you look like a rock star.  And you get ALL the credit.  Just supply me with a pen name to use with your report, and we will be off to the races. 
A special request to the couples out there... Couple's Flash Report are some of the most viewed reports here at The Journal.  Take your shot at one.  I will hold your hand through the process, suggest a few things here and there, and once it's done, you can take pride that you let us peek in on your private life while being totally anonymous.

Please submit your reports to me at Need a template to follow?  There are over 800 reports here at The Journal in the archive section.  Take your pick... Also, please e-mail me with any questions.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Let's see what you got.