Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Few Minutes with Dr. Emilio: Brent's Theory - Adult Theaters and The NFL

Doc here with a quick repost from my esteemed colleague, Brent from Portland.  Brent (as eloquently as ever), draws an interesting analogy between The Good Doctor, adult theaters, and The NFL. 

I've stumbled across something interesting. It connects "this thing of ours"(adult theater sex) and The NFL. It may be just coincidental or even pure chance but I noticed a pattern between Dr. Emilio Lizardo's last two theater adventures and the 2011 Super Bowl.

The doctor first visited and got lucky at The Jolar Theater in San Diego, CA, home of the AFC San Diego Chargers. The Chargers play at Qualcom Stadium WHICH IS WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE OF THE JOLAR THEATER.

The doc's next theater adventure was at the 15 Street Adult Bookstore located in a Chicago suburb. Chicago is home of the NFC Chicago Bears. The Bears play at Soldier Field WHICH IS WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE OF THE 15TH STREET BOOKSTORE.

Both the Chargers and The Bears still have a mathematical to make it to The Super Bowl this year. The Super Bowl will be played in Dallas, Texas, home of another great and still active adult theater, The Lido. The Good Doctor has also played at The Lido... I think (ed. note: Yes, I have). At least someone just like him did. THE LIDO THEATER IS WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE OF TEXAS STADIUM.

Do you see where this is heading? I don't. But, while I'm trying to figure it out I'm going to fly to Vegas and book a substantial wager that The Chicago Bears will play The San Diego Chargers in The 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas Texas.

Oh and I expect that the adult theater sex action will be incredibly hot at these three theaters on Super Bowl Sunday, especially The Lido.

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I have a feeling Brent's Super Bowl team theory streak will be coming to an end over the next few days, as The Good Doctor returns to Battle Creek, MI to visit patients.  While there, I plan on making a House Call to Romantix (see today's Spotlight Theater) on Friday night.  ROMANTIX IS WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE TO FORD FIELD, HOME OF THE DETROIT LIONS!

End of streak.

Thanks to Brent for a very entertaining report!