Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Night At The Movies: Times Square In The Late 70's

Doc here with Monday Night At The Movies... Tonight is another short documentary about Times Square in the early 80's.  This feature has some nice close-ups of some of the classic old porn palaces of that era in NYC.



Blast From The Past: The Colony in East St. Louis by Justa Reply

Doc here with a Blast From The Past from one of our newest field reporters, Justa Reply.  The Colony Theater & Cocktails has been the subject of several reports, but this one from Justa paints a vivid picture of one of our favorite haunts.

Submitted, for your approval, is Justa's report:

East St. Louis was several hours away from me, but I made it to The Colony Theater a couple of times in the mid-90s. Haven't been back since, but from reading internet posts here and there I don't think it's changed too much.

The Colony was sort of a combination swinger club/adult theater-- at least it had that feel. Had a bar area with a pool table, and a "couples only" area through a closed door off the bar area. The other end of the building contained three theaters (probably about 150 seats each) and a "couples only", locked theater room (couples had to "rent" a room key when they paid to enter the theater). The whole place was rather run-down-charming in a '70s sort of way. They had one rule-- you had to wear some type of "dress shirt," ostensibly to keep up some sort of standard even though it was a porno palace. Any short of shirt with a collar would do fine.

First time I went I got there too early, later finding out from the regulars the action didn't start until around midnight. Between roaming sessions I periodically stood at the back of the main theater and got to talking to a nice guy and fellow hobbyist. After a while he began periodically asking, rather crossly and to no one in particular, when the action was going to start. I asked him if he'd ever been there and not gotten at least something. He shot a perplexed look off into space for a moment. "No!" he said.

After while a couple ambled into the theater. They went down about half way and the wife, a big boned ole gal, flopped into a seat and promptly started sucking cock. Took about five seconds for her to collect about a dozen guys around her, all with their cocks out getting ready. She didn't do much for me but I did enjoy the spectacle for a bit, and was about to turn away but stopped short-- this little, scrawny, oldish guy, about 5'5" and around 60 years old, pulled out a sausage that made John Holmes look like a piker. While having a "holy shit" moment staring at that massive slab of man-meat, I nearly missed the entrance of the second couple.

A nice looking woman about 40 strode purposefully down the isle, husband in tow. She was just beginning to put on some middle-aged weight but was still attractive and curvy. She quickly walked about five rows down, suddenly turned left and headed down a row, then I saw her cigarette ash glow yellow with one last drag, and she sat down. I took one last look at Horse Cock, then headed up to the newcomers. By the time I got there she had her feet propped on the row of seats in front of her and a guy was already between her legs pumping away. Both tits were exposed and she was reaching up behind her with both hands, stroking a cock in each. Two other hands were squeezing each nipple. I got in line.

I think I was number three or four. When it was my turn her pretty ankle raised up like a railroad gate crossing and I walked in, flopped to my knees and slid home. She'd already been cum in several times by then and that silky-smooth wetness was like erotic heaven. Sensory overload ensued and I quickly hosed another load on top of the existing ones, staggered to my feet, and went out for a breather. Got a drink of water, cooled down, caught my breath, then looked back in. She was still at it with a crowd of guys bunched around her.

By then the sudden, predictable change had come over me and I wasn't horny anymore so I left the theater and hung out in the bar for quite a while. Along about 2:00 A.M. the place started to wind down. I headed out, but took one last look in the main theater on my way. By then most everyone had left, but there was another mid-40-ish gal in there, bent over the back of a seat, with some guy banging into her from behind. Her husband looked on with a grin. She took it for a few minutes, then said, "that's enough. I gotta be in Sunday school in a few hours."
Thanks Justa for the fine report! 

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