Friday, September 6, 2013

Blast From The Past! The Innocent Novice @ 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here with another Blast from the Past from 2nd time contributor, The Innocent Novice.
Once again he visited 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs, and once again walked into a very good scene in the private rooms located within the spa area at 15th Avenue.
Take it away, sir.

Innocent Novice here with another Blast from the Past Report. One of these days I'll get around to writing a flash report, but for now a Blast from the Past will have to do!

Because of the success of my first visit on Friday night with the extremely sexy blonde milf, I (and by I, I mean my hard on ;) ) ventured back to 15 Ave Adult Theater on Saturday night as well. This being my first Saturday night foray into the granduer of the 15th, I entered with limited expectations. I mean really, what are the chances this Saturday night could be anything like Friday night? Two nights in a row? Sooner or later my luck has to run out, right?

My heart began beating faster as I entered the sexual haven of 15th and paid my admission. I always wait to receive my towel for the spa until I know for sure ill be playing in there. First, I entered the theatre to find a mixture of couples and singles. I decided to make the rounds at the sexual haven we call 15th Ave. I walked back toward the booth area and found a handful of single guys waiting in the hallway. It appeared they were waiting for the call from someone in the booth area. I would not stick around to find out who or what.

A very nice gentleman quickly filled me in that a hot couple was in a private room and asking for young guys to join them. "Are you kidding me?" I thought to myself. I was barely there 8 minutes and I was already being called in to a private room with an attractive couple! I love this place!

I couldn't help but chuckle inside at my good fortune as I made my way past a crowd of men standing outside this couples private room. For those familiar with the layout of 15th, they were in the last room on the right. I have to admit, still being somewhat new at this thing of ours, I entered the room with a feeling of nervousness. I had entered a booth with a couple but never a private room!

My nervous fears quickly subsided as I talked to the couple. They were both some of the nicest people you will ever meet. The Mrs. was a beautiful dark haired milf, probably around 5'2", with a normal build and an excellent, soft, soothing voice. She made me feel right at home. ;)  She was gorgeous and ready to play around! I like a woman, specifically a sexy milf, who tells me exactly what she wants. Not in a dominant way, but in a sweet, sensual, confident way. This was exactly how the Mrs. responded to me.

It did not take long after our "hello's" for her to come over to me and ask me why my throbbing cock was still in my pants? "Let me see that cock!" She said. After helping me unbuckle my belt and pants, she unleashed my throbbing hard on. "WOW! Nice cock!" Is what she excitedly mustered.

She simultaneously began stroking and kissing my manhood. Because I was already hard, she quickly engulfed me (or part of me) around her soft, sensual lips as I sat processing it all on the bench. Only a minute later she seductively asked me, "Can my pussy have some of your amazing cock?" Who was I to let this gorgeous milf down? I quickly put a bag on the monster (always play safe folks) and turned to find her on her hands and knees on the couch/bed/table (whatever they call them in the private rooms).
Her male partner was leaning against the wall in front of her and she was giving him a BJ as I prepared myself to enter her from behind. "Oh YES! Oh MY!" She exclaimed as I slid my hard , throbbing cock into her soft, velvet pussy. I began slowly fucking her from behind as she sucked on the Mr's cock in front of her. She periodically would stop sucking and tell me "Wow, you have a nice cock!" Her words were enough encouragement for me as I began pumping deeper and harder and faster. She continued sucking and moaning with regularity.
There was no doubt she was very much enjoying both cocks at her disposal. As her moaning intensified, I couldn't stop myself from exploding ino the bag! We exchanged pleasantries and a soft embrace. She responded by telling me, "Thank you so much, honey! You were great! Don't be afraid to rest up and visit us again a little later tonight!" Although I would have very much enjoyed spending more time with her, it was just not meant to be that night .

So, my first excursion at the sexual haven, 15th ave on a Saturday night ended splendidly. My hats off to the Mrs. that evening, a gorgeous, sweet, sexy, sensual milf who made my fantasy a reality! I often find myself dreaming of our time together that night. Wow, what an incredible woman!
Until next time, here is the "Innocent Novice" signing off!
Doc here again... Thanks to The Innocent Novice for another solid report.  Keep them coming, sir.