Monday, March 18, 2013

Flash Report! KneeDeepPath @ Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Doc here with a first time report from KneeDeepPath, and Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Welcome KDP to The Journal!


Good Morning Doc,

How you doing today? Reporting from the trenches of the Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Looks are very deceiving from the outside, as the building looks very small. I entered the store and looked around, seeing that DVD's and toys take up about a third of a building. The cashier was very nice, and I paid my 10 dollars and proceeded to enter the theater.

Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Even though the movie was playing, it took some time for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. As I got used to the dark, I saw a few gentleman leaning against the wall and a few sitting in the chairs, and all seem to be waiting for the real show.

After about an hour, a couple arrived - it looked to me that they were there just to watch. About 20 minutes afterward, a second couple came in: Gentleman Jim and Lady L. I stayed my distance to see what was going to happen. I proceeded to make out from the looks of things that she was a regular there. Once she got warmed up her and another guy proceeded head to the back wall.

Then everyone circled her like wolves to dinner, but she was the 1 that was having the dinner! I tried get close but too many guys (both straight and gay) were around her, so I decided to just wait and be patient.

By sheer luck, she can up for air and with help from Gentleman Jim escorted her back to the theater seats. I tried my best to make sure I was getting out of her way, but she saw me and asked me to join them. She gave me the old college try, giving deep throating me, seeing if she could swallow it all (I am 9 inches so I am told).

Another older couple came in a bit later.  He was about 60 years old, and his  dark haired lady about 58. You could tell she was a D-cup size lady, and she decided to take a seat. Her husband started play with her breasts and the guys circled around her ,even though I was enjoying a blow job from Lady L, the other couple was doing a fairly good job of pleasing the guys and draining them.

I left early, since I accepted an invite from Lady L and join her and her husband for more action.  Too bad that place closes around 10 o'clock it probably would have been busy all the way to the morning



Doc here again... Thanks to KneeDeepPath for his report from Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre. 

The Good Doctor is always in need of solid reports from this thing of ours. Just send along your reports to I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two for you.  First timers, please include a pen name for your reports (this is critical).


House Call: 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland - Friday 3/8/13

Doc here, your humble Kaiju, with the first of two House Call Reports from Chicago's awesome 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa

I was trying to get to these reports earlier in the week, but the combination of a busy week in my practice and two consecutive bad hair days pulled me off task.  But that was then, and this is now. I suggest settling in with a Fanta and a bowl of craisins to enjoy this report.

Let's get started, shall we?

The Good Doctor was finishing up his last patient of the day on Friday, March 8, when an e-mail hit my Samsung Intergalactic MCA phone.  It was from regular contributors and super hot couple C&RC&R were coming in from the Buckeye State for a visit to 15th Ave Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburb of Melrose Park. It has been a long time since I have seen them, even though we stay in regular contact via the interwebs and such.
Regular readers of The Journal know C&R: R is the cover girl for my "Smut for a Sunday Evening" report every Sunday evening. R is a stunning looking tall brunette, as sexy as she is nice, with an insatiable sexual appetite, and C may be the luckiest man I know (on top of being one the nicest guys as well).

The first full week of every month at 15th Avenue contains a special for M/F couples, single females, and t-gurls: They are all admitted free to the theater and spa this week.  Needless to say, this special draws many couples to this top notch facility during the week. 

C&R's estimated time of arrival was set for between 10:30 and 11pm, so I had time to finish up my paperwork, grab a manwich (it's not a sandwich, it's a meal), and point the Lizardo 3000 towards the western burbs.

Prior to C&R's arrival, I pulled aside a few guys who I know well, and gave them the heads up that there was some Buckeye goodness on the way.  The visit by C&R was even a good enough reason for one colleague of mine at 15th Ave, "G", to call in late to work (several times as a matter of fact during the course of the evening).  Now that is dedication and focus, folks.

The Real "R"
As The Good Doctor was on his way to the theater from the spa area, one of my colleagues told me "there is a really good looking couple coming in now." I knew that this had to be C&R.

After greeting them at the door heading into the spa, we all walked back together towards the private rooms (for the uninitiated, 15th Avenue has 6 private rooms available for an hourly rental).  They ducked into their room for maybe a minute or two, and then C poked his head out of the room and motioned me over to join them in the room.

In the words of Hank Kingsley, "Hey Now!" 

While our conversation was private, we did talk about their favorite adult theaters (The Foster Theater in Youngstown, OH, Summit Street News in Warren, OH, and 15th Avenue of course), and I strongly recommended that if they ever take a road trip, that they need to hit Hartford's  awesome Art Cinema. It is right up R's alley...

Let me help you with a description of R... She is a tall leggy brunette with long curly hair, incredibly toned body, and super attractive with sexy eyes and a great smile.  And lastly... R can be a very bad girl.

C and I helped R into her hot outfit for the evening: a black mesh dress that was more holes than actual material. It clung to her body like a second skin, and coupled with some stiletto boots, she was locked and loaded for fun. C suggested that I, The Good Doctor, escort R into the theater and he would follow shortly thereafter.

It's good to be The Good Doctor...

As I led R through the spa and into the main area holding the theater and video booths, we could hear the footsteps of at least a dozen guys following us.  Some couples would get spooked by this, but being veterans of this thing of ours, we proceeded undeterred to the general seating area inside the theater.

As we settled in (with R seated to my left), the anticipated throng of guys followed.  Since this was not my first rodeo, I asked the guys politely but directly not to touch and to give us room, treading that thin line between being an alpha dog and a douche bag.

Within a few minutes, R was relaxing and getting into the movie. She draped her long right leg over my left leg. I ran my hand up her leg and under her dress, finding her tight little pussy dripping wet.  I whispered to her if she had been this wet the entire way from Ohio... She said "the entire way".

The sexual vibe inside the theater was getting intense, and as it happens in this thing of ours, it feeds upon itself. R's hand was now on me, and within a minute or so, so was her soft wet mouth.  The visual, along with the sensation of R going down on me was pretty amazing, and I'm pretty sure I didn't last more than 4-5 minutes before giving her a mouthful of my finest.  Yes, she is that good.

R then transitioned to "crowd pleaser mode", and the guys settled in for some group fun.  One after another, the troops gave R a shot or three of their baby batter all over her perfect boobs (the bigger the load, she more she loved it). There may have been one or two luck gents that may have gotten to feel R's mouth on them, but it was mainly "hand jobs across America" this evening.  R at times (between clean ups) looked like the sexiest glazed donut you have ever seen.

On a funny note, one guy standing behind R decided he was going to cum on R's shoulder while she was busy with another gentleman in front of her.  C'mon guys... Cumming on a girl's shoulder (and the back of her seat, by the way) is not cool. Plus, it's just plain goofy.

During R's adventure in the general seating area, a very attractive lighter skinned black girl came up and introduced herself to R, and complimented her on her dress and boobs (in that order).  As the crowd thinned out, we could see that this girl was getting soundly fucked from behind by her boyfriend, facing R and myself. This was a solo act, with no group participation allowed.

As the two minute warning sounded signaling that the end of this round was near for R, another couple walked in to the fray.  For the sake of anonymity we will call them the Indy Couple. The female half of the Indy Couple was about 5'6" in heels, medium length styled blonde hair, and very pretty. Her body was crazy, with (in my estimation) a pair of 38 DD's tucked inside a very tight white blouse, and a pair of tight jeans.  The male half could pass for my younger brother, Umberto. Really. 

As we all got ourselves put back together, we all introduced ourselves... When I told the Indy Couple my name, he paused and said "The Doc?". I said yes, and he extended his hand... He explained to me that they were avid readers of the Journal, and just the night before had fucked to one of my reports!

It's a small world in this thing of ours.

Shortly thereafter, I lost track of R and her hubby C, as they headed back to the spa area.  I'm sure there was a sauna adventure, along with a possible shower adventure, but I missed it talking with the other couples.

The next 60 minutes or so were a blur of activity.  The highlights were A) the 5 of us cramming our way into a video booth as the blonde gave an amazing blowjob to her hubby while we watched, and B) the 5 of us in another video booth with the addition of a cross dresser who was already in the booth.

This needs an explanation to set the scene (trust me).

The blonde of the Indy Couple has a particular taste for the more extreme; the more extreme, the more she likes it. This evening, she wanted to see interaction with a cross dresser.  So, they saw a CD in a booth, and we piled inside. 6 of us total, like college kids in the 50's cramming inside a phone booth. The female half of the black couple asked the CD if it was OK if she played with him, and of course got a thumbs up. As she played with the CD's cock, the blonde was getting VERY turned on watching the show. This continued for a few minutes before she was happy with the show she got and we moved on...

As I was heading to the theater, I passed Roy, one of the regulars at 15th Avenue, who asked me if I was going to write about the night's fun.  I told him honestly "I don't even know where to start."

It was now getting late, and the clock was ticking on The Good Doctor as I had to get back to The Valley before rounds in the morning. As I walked out to check on C&R, Scott at the front desk told me that they were asking where I had gone, and had just left.

I walked outside to see C&R getting into their vehicle, and we had a chance to say good-bye.  R was glowing - even evident from the interior lights of their car. I thanked them for coming out and I hoped they had as good a time as I had. C mentioned that one of the regulars at Summit Street News in Warren, OH (one of their regular adult theaters) calls R "The Cover Girl", since she is that on the "Smut for a Sunday Evening" reports here at The Journal.

The Indy Couple was also leaving for the night, and I waved to them as they left, hopefully happy with their first visit to 15th Avenue.

I slowly walked back to the Lizardo 3000, ready for the long drive back to The Valley. It was one of those crazy nights in this thing of ours that keeps us coming back.