Thursday, January 3, 2013

Couples Flash Report: Wicked Wednesday Before Christmas with Gemini @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with an awesome Couple's Flash Report from the incredible Gemini. Gemini graces The Paris Theatre in Portland, and this visit on a Wicked Wednesday was classic Gemini.



The Good Doc heard about a recent Wicked Wednesday, and has prodded me to report it. Here goes…

My day started out with a bad day at work. After coming home complaining again about my Bosshole, my husband knew I needed to unleash some of that pent up frustration and brought me to the Paris. (Don'tcha just love a man who knows exactly what you need? I am a very lucky girl!)
As we bought our bottled water, I joked with the owner that I wanted him to fly a "Gemini" flag, and he did! We walked into the theater and immediately noticed a couple playing in the Oasis. She was fully nude, and was leaned over the bench enjoying her man's cock. Not wanting to interrupt the show, we sat in the Annex to watch.

She continued to suck and stroke, seemingly oblivious to anything or anyone around her. I thought to myself that she must be in that wonderful place of ecstasy. That place where time stops and the world melts away. Where you feel almost drunk, but every sensation – every taste, smell and touch overwhelm you. She then climbed on top of her man and moved up and down in a rhythmic pace. I could hardly contain myself anymore.

The Real Gemini
I stood up and saw Brent making his way across the seats. He came over to the rail. I had never really talked much with him before, and had never interacted with him. But this time…. This time things would be different. I unbuttoned my blouse, took the ladies out of my bra while leaning over the rail for him to enjoy. He began to fondle and suck them which charged me even further. I ran my fingers through his hair and pressed his face even deeper into my breasts. He looked up at me, and I could not help but kiss him. I very, very rarely kiss anyone except my husband, but the moment overtook me. He kissed me hard, he kissed me long, he kissed me so intently. And he was very good at it. 

He made his way inside the Annex and sat in the first seat. I straddled his leg and bent forward to kiss him again. I bit his lip, kissed his neck and nibbled his ear. I reached down to rub the bulge in his jeans. At that moment, we could not get his jeans down fast enough. He stood up to pull them down, and I sat on the bench and wasted no time bringing my mouth to his cock. I ran my tongue around the head and down the shaft. I began to suck and stroke – enjoying every moment. After a few minutes of this, Brent asked if he could taste me. The jeans came off and I laid back on the padded bench in the annex. He pleased me and teased me with tongue and his fingers. Then I went back to exploring his cock with my tongue while the men watched at the rail.

Senses heightened, we decided to make our way down to the Arena Table. (Note to women: Careful walking in socks down the aisles. They are surprisingly clean and can be a little slick.) Once we had the sheets and towels straight on the table, I wasted no time. I can't really remember who was where to begin with, but I know I was in a very happy place as I lay on my back with a cock in each hand, one in my mouth, and fingers between my wet legs. The Mechanic displayed his skills as he had me coming over and over hitting my sweet spot with his fingers.

There was a man with a white shirt and tie who graciously let me suck his cock a bit before he had to leave. I stroked a Hispanic man who I eventually sat down in a chair and wrapped his cock in my breasts before he exploded. I then saw a handsome grey haired gentleman who I knew I had to have. I got up on the table as he stood at the edge. He gave me a wonderful vibe as he watched me devour him. I enjoyed this man so much, I asked him if he would like to fuck me. However, I think I was too late with my request as he started to come in my mouth and on my face. No worries for me, as the Mechanic continued banging me with his fingers.

Brent and my husband were in front of me and I wondered if they could feel the splash as I squirted over and over. I was now flipped over on my stomach with my head facing the screen as the Mechanic began to fuck me from behind. There was a very hung man to my left who only came to watch the show. I was so turned on as he stroked himself faster and told the Mechanic to fuck me harder. I sucked Brent's fingers and moaned as the Mechanic and I came together. I was wonderfully satisfied.

And judging by the smiles, I think everyone was.


Doc here again... I am so glad I prodded Gemini into writing this excellent Couple's Flash Report.  I also believe you are too!

Wow.  Just, wow!

Thanks again to the lovely Gemini...Those who were there that WW (like Brent, your lucky dog) certainly experienced a special event.

And Gemini,  please keep on submitting your reports!


House Call! Meeting D&B @ 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (w/7 PICS!)

Doc here with a House Call Report from this past Friday, 12/28/12.

In the course of his daily rounds, The Good Doctor gets his fair share of e-mails asking for advice, guidance, and the nearest produce stand. It's all in day's work.

A few months ago, I received such an e-mail from a couple in San Diego...D&B. They asked your old friend in the white suit for advice on San Diego's theaters (there are 3 of them worth their salt), and of course I was happy to help.

Let's fast forward to a few days before Christmas, shall we?... I received another e-mail from D&B.  It turns out that they were coming into Chicagoland for the holidays, and wanted to know all about 15th Avenue Adult Theater and Spa.  I promptly briefed them, and offered (being the kind, benevolent soul I am) to escort them around 15th Avenue if our schedules meshed up.  And luckily, they did.

The game plan was that they would hopefully run into another couple at 15th Avenue, as B (the female half of D&B) has a voyeuristic streak in her.  If she had the opportunity to watch another couple, there was no telling what would happen.

So, on Friday the 28th, the date was set for the visit. The Good Doctor finished his meetings early, and pointed the Lizardo 3000 towards Melrose Park, IL to meet them. As it tuned out, they were running late, and missed a great exhibition/scene from a hot brunette and her hubby from noon until just before D&B got there.  The brunette that afternoon took on a several guys, and put on a virtuoso fucking, sucking, and squirting exhibition in the spa area at 15th.  It was intense, and just what D&B would have loved to encounter.

Now let me describe D&B to the viewers at home: D is a handsome young African American guy, and could not have been any nicer to The Good Doctor. B is a stunning Asian woman, maybe 5'5" in her heels, with a gorgeous face and a knockout body. She was wearing a brown mini skirt, dark top, fishnet stockings, and red stiletto's. (see the flashing pic)

D&B missed the couple by no more than 10 minutes... But that didn't deter them from having fun.  The Good Doctor gave them a tour of every nook and cranny of 15th Avenue's excellent facility. They decided on heading to the theater, and warming up in there. I particularly noticed how intent B was on the action on the big screen.

"B" @ 15th Avenue
After getting a private room inside the spa area, D&B ventured back and changed into their towels for some relaxing inside the wet sauna in the spa area.  Watching B walk by wearing her little towel was exciting in and of itself.

After returning from the sauna and showering, D&B changed, and headed back to the theater. Once again, they were the only couple in their at that time, but things were about to get hot!  Seated in the Couple's section, D reached over, lifted B's top, and sucked her pierced, dark nipples. She was still transfixed on the screen, as D's mouth was all business.

This progressed to B swinging her leg over D's leg, allowing her to spread her legs. B then moved her hands between her legs, and began masturbating while watching the movie. D once again was focused on her nipples at the same time. This visual was pretty incredible. Trust me on this.

From the theater, D&B headed to the video booth area.  They left the door open as B dropped to her knees and started sucking D's cock.  D then returned the favor by spinning B around and licking her smooth pussy to the enjoyment of all of us peering in.  This was a exhibitionist scene, and what a scene it was...

B stood up at this point, turned around, as D slid into her for an intense fucking.  B balanced herself on one leg and wrapped the other around D while he was pounding her from behind. After a few minutes of intense fucking, D finished (as did B).

"Wow" does a pretty good job of expressing  how hot this scene was to the gathered and huddled masses.

After getting straightened up, I walked D&B to the door at 15th Avenue we said our good-byes.  If the timing was a bit different, and B got an eyeful of the brunette and her admirers, who knows where the afternoon would have gone.  However, D&B said they had a blast at 15th Avenue, and that they would stay in touch with The Good Doctor.

D and I were discussing what would happen if "B" met "A", the legendary Asian woman who has been setting the Chicago adult theater scene on fire since this past summer. My answer was "I think the earth would implode."  My head hurts just thinking about it!

It was great meeting you, D&B, and I hope it's the first of many more to come.  Safe travels back to SoCal!


D&B Photo Gallery (click to ENLARGE all thumbnails)