Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Secret Room 2125: Pimps n' Hoes Party Report at 15th Ave. in 3 Parts - Chapter 1 - Anaconda

Doc here with Part 1 of a 3 Part series from last Saturday's big Secret Room 2125: Pimps n Hoes Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room. Parts 2 and 3 will be authored in order by the lovely Ginger Squirts and Master Thom

First up, senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

Hey Doc! 

What can I say (a lot, you’ll see) about Pimps ‘n Hoes tonight? It was amazing. I had been corresponding with Ginger Squirts for several weeks leading up to the party and was very anxious to meet her and Master Thom. At the conclusion of our playtime, we had agreed it would be interesting to file a joint report, so here we go. 

I’ll be writing first, and Ginger and Thom will subsequently interject their perspectives, and your readers will get the result, a single conglomeration of a report from 3 perspectives all in one…this is gonna be fun!! Part 2 of this report will be my experience alone in the theater after Ginger and Thom had to depart.

Part 1 – The Secret Room Party

I flew in from PA on Saturday afternoon and after an agonizingly long trip from O’Hare to my hotel, I contacted Ginger with my ETA and she replied with hers. I was glad to hear that I wasn’t going to be keeping her and Master Thom waiting. A short while later, I set off from my hotel to 15th Ave and arrived later than I had wanted to, around 9:15, but it was a slow and steadily arriving crowd and I hadn’t missed much at all. 

After exchanging our hellos and catching up a little, I wanted to see Twistingly, and check in at her FetLife (find me @Msexualhealer) table and chat with her. Twistingly is a complete sweetheart and a treasure in “this thing of ours,” we had a very nice conversation. Then it was onto the bar to check in my drinks and meet another superstar, FitLilSlut (aka JP's Slut Toy) and her master JP. 
I had briefly introduced myself to JP on FetLife to let them know who I was and I was looking forward to meeting them. JP had said they were hoping to arrive early before their bartending duties commenced and get some theater play in. That didn’t happen for them (but they made up for it, more on that in Part 2) as it seems like the weather and traffic made many people later than they wanted to be.