Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Evening Update from Hartford

Doc here... Reporting from the insurance capital of the world, Hartford.

It's hot here folks... Pushing 90, but it will be even hotter Saturday night for Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema.  The theatre is getting lots of calls about the event, Craigslist is filled with posts about couples planning on attending, and I'm getting direct e-mails from couples as well.

The buzz is getting loud folks for tomorrow night... We hope you can spend it with us at The Art Cinema in Hartford.

Note: There is plenty of parking on Franklin Avenue by the theater.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flash Report! Apt Butler Hits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Apt Butler.  He hit San Diego's Jolar Cinema, and for his first time visiting , did just fine by my book.

Here is Apt Butler and his report...


Hey Doc,

I've been reading for awhile, and I decided I should probably contribute to the cause. I may not be your usual contributor, but here it goes. This story is from a few weeks back.

After just becoming a legal adult, I was looking for something to do with my new power when I found the fantasy booths at Jolar's. I went in one Friday night feeling out of place and not knowing anything about this place. Luckily, one of the gorgeous ladies doing the shows helped me out and explained what went on. I went in a booth, paid my dues, and walked out.

As I was leaving, a couple was just exiting as well. The woman was a bombshell with nice D's and a great pair of legs. Her man stopped me and asked if I had been in the theaters, and I told him I had not. He told he and his wife would like to see me there the next night. Now, not knowing anything about adult theaters, I went to Google, where I found this lovely blog. I read a few reports, tried to learn the rules of the game and headed out to Jolar's around 9.

Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA
I bought my ticket and was informed that it was couples night, so I was in luck. When I walked in the theater, I got a great number of looks from all the occupants, which scared me off into a back seat. I hung out for awhile and received a few offers from some of the guys to help me out, but that's not my thing. I was about to get up and leave, when the couple from the night before walked in and gracefully sat in the back near me.

The crowds quickly swarmed around, but the wife motioned for me to move over next to her. She immediately disrobed and took her hubby into her mouth, jerking me off with a spare hand. Unfortunately, the crowd started to get a little rough, and I got moved out of the way, not getting to finish my turn. The couple left after awhile, and I decided to try my luck with another couple that walked in a few minutes earlier. Once again, I was pushed away by many of the older gentleman and not given a turn.

After this, I thought the night was over, and decided to get up to go. Luckily, as I left, a man sitting by the exit told me a couple was looking for a younger man in one of the booths. This got me excited that it was finally my chance. I walked towards the both, and exhaled a sigh of relief when I saw that a stunning older woman was sitting naked waiting for me. Her husband welcomed me in and the wife quickly began taking off my trousers to get her hands on my growing member. Obviously very experienced, she got me off while sucking her hubby. The two thanked me, and I left the theater feeling quite accomplished.

Apt Butler


Doc here again... Congrats to Apt Butler for a fine first time report from The Jolar Cinema.  Keep on sending reports in, sir.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper @ APV in Des Moines & The Paris Theatre in Portlandia

Doc here with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from the very hot Bambi & Thumper.
B&T traveled to both Des Moines, WA for a little APV time, and then to Portland for a trip to The Paris Theatre, where they experienced an incredible evening.
You may want to pop open a Fresca and savor this report...
Here we go...
Hey Doc,

Just got back from a weekend away, traveling to Seattle and Portland, where we visited APV (south - Des Moines) and the Paris! Friday night (may 24) we made it to the APV in Des Moines after 9. We had never been there before but had heard about it through Brent's Yahoo Group (thanks to Brent). Parking was perhaps the easiest of any adult theater we have been to, with lots of parking directly out front. The store is bright and quite large, obviously having been a super market at some point.
The Real Bambi
After Bambi made use of the only washroom, and having paid our $10, the clerk buzzed us in to the theater area. Once inside there are two smaller rooms. When you walk in the gay theater is immediately on your right. The main theater is small and is furnished with surplus theater seats from some old theater. They are the ones with arm rests and come in pairs. There were about five guys in attendance, with some moving between the two theaters. Any time any one enters, the door buzzes quite loudly. 

Bambi was dressed in a see through black top, jean skirt, black stockings, garter belt and five inch mules. We sat down and she crossed her legs, allowing her ever present anklet to dangle. With the seats being separated by a large space, any one wanting to get closer has to kneel or stand behind the seat. After a while one guy knelt to the left of Bambi on the floor, and started stroking her. Given the rules, he continued to grope and feel.
After a while we had another guy standing off to her left, sucking on her tits and one standing behind her. There first two were given their choice (stockings or tits) and both blew their loads on her stockings (mine and hers favorite) I then stood up and enjoyed her oral skills while a third guy blew a very, very large load on her tits. The guys were polite and their were no issues. We left shortly after cleaning up. 
Bambi & Friend

Saturday night we made it to Mecca West, The Paris. Parking was a bitch. Being a long weekend, there was a lot going on. We paid $10 to park across the street. The fact that it was not raining and given the amount of people out and about, Bambi did not feel out of place crossing the street in her five inch mules. Entering the theater I advised the clerk we were first timers. He checked, but did not record our out of state I.D and then gave us a quick tour.
It was full, or at least looked very busy. The couple area was small, but clean. There were a number of couples in the couples only area, and only four guys standing in the "penis gallery". I found out later that this was because Ms. Fullswing was in the house, and was the reason the area in front of the stage was packed. Two of the couples moved out and made more room. Bambi, dressed in the same outfit from Friday night wasted no time. She bent over in front of me, hiked her skirt and went to work.
After a while we took a quick break, stepping out into the lobby. That's where we met Brent. We asked about using the "arena" ( hope I got that right). Its the area off to the right of the couple's only area. The clerk obliged by moving out anyone alone in there. It was at this time that the real Gemini dropped by on her way back from the lobby. She is one pretty lady!!  I spoke with her briefly while Bambi was making new friends. I believe another couple were also in an area off to the side of the stage. She was a pretty blond that Bambi met in the washroom. She was from out of town and wearing white shorts (Candi O'Leary). Not sure if they are fans of the blog or not. 

After a while viewers from the penis gallery were offered the opportunity to release on her its. A total of five guys took us up on the offer, while a large group of about ten watched and offered encouragement. Taking two at a time, Bambi played with their balls and offered them dirty words of encouragement. One guy, once done, said "it is going to be one hell of a night". which made Bambi laugh. Once things slowed down, Bambi bent over in front of me and our evening ended on a bang. 

Doc, I know you have been there, done that, and designed the T-shirt, but that was one very interesting night. I can only imagine what some of the places back east are like. Thanks to Brent for holding our hands, and to the lovely Gemini! I am hoping some one else from that night posts a report, because most of it was a blur for me....

Thumper and Bambi
Doc here again... Many thanks to Bambi & Thumper for an awesome report from the front lines at two different adult theaters.  They hit a night for the ages at The Paris, and hopefully it won't be their last.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini's Epic Extravaganza at the Paris Theatre on 5/25

Doc here... The lovely Gemini from Portlandia is on quite a roll.  On Memorial Day, I published her adventure from last Wednesday at The Paris Theatre.
Now fast forward to today, and this amazing Couple's Flash Report from Gemini... This report has a lot of great stuff, and you will need to read this one over a couple of different times to get the full strength of this adventure.
So sit back, pop open a Fresca, and enjoy...
Hi Doc,
Here is the run down of the epic night at The Paris Theatre:
Epic Extravaganza at the Paris
I am not even sure where to start on what transpired last night at the Paris.  It was an epic extravaganza of astonishing proportions unlike anything I have ever witnessed – and daresay, may never again.  As I have tried all day to wrap my head around it, there is a Ke$ha song that comes to mind:
There's a place downtown where the freaks all come around.
It's a hole in the wall. It's a dirty free for all.

When the dark of the night comes around
That's the time that the animal comes alive
Looking for something wild.

There's a place I know if you're looking for a show.
Where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor.

And they turn me on.
When they Take It Off.
When they Take It Off.
Everybody Take It Off.

Lose your mind.
Lose it now.
Lose your clothes
In the crowd.
We're delirious.
Tear it down
'Til the sun comes back around.

Maybe it was because I was only coming as a Voyeur, and saw things from a different view.  Maybe it was the crowd that filled up the theater like ants to a picnic.  Whatever it was, there was certainly an unprecedented atmosphere that made me both excited and a little nervous at the same time.
Paris Theatre
Portland, OR
The evening started around 9pm, with Ms. Fullswing, KC, and Candi and her husband coming into the theater.  Jordan and I had gotten there a few minutes before.  With these two legends headlining the marquee, I knew it would be quite a night.  I was astonished as they immediately made their way down to the front of the theater.  
The vibe from the crowd was already dense with anticipation.  I've never felt that much energy at the theater.  I wanted to get a front row seat and be available for the ladies' needs, so I sat myself on the edge of the stage, straddling Jordan who sat beneath me on the bench in front of the Arena table.  Have you ever fed hungry Koi at a pond?  This was the scene as the ladies began to disrobe and the gallery surrounded them in a feeding frenzy.  I must admit I was a bit relieved to sit on the sidelines and asked a couple men I had met there before to flank my sides.
Candi and her husband stood near the lockers as she began to gratify the men around her.  I could not see the particulars from where I sat.  Ms. Fullswing laid back on the Arena table and instantly had a veritable smorgasbord of cocks to choose from.   One by one, they began to penetrate her.  First on her back, then on her stomach and every which way in between.  She impulsively grabbed another near her face and began to suck what would be the first of many.  By this time, Candi and her husband made their way over to the table too.  Someone grabbed a pillow for her, which was placed on the ground as she joined Ms. Fullswing in the blow job buffet.
At this point, I counted about 40 to 50 men in the place.  The air was thick with animalistic lust. I looked around the theater to see the Oasis packed with couples.  Some must have been playing because there were plenty of men watching and stroking themselves at the rail.  There was another couple playing with one man in the Exam area, which was roped off.  Again, the rail packed full of onlookers. The general seating still had occupants, but the majority of the crowd was at the front vying for a chance with Candi and Ms. Fullswing.
The Real Gemini
By now, both lovely ladies were really taking on the troops.  The man on my left, B, went down to take his turn with Candi.  He was eager, well-endowed, and energetic as he fucked her with a hard, steady rhythm until he came.  He resumed his place next to me. I was getting a little hot and bothered watching the floorshow display.  Even though I wasn't getting fully involved, I needed a bit of fun.
Sitting on the edge of the stage with the glare of the movie light in my face, I was reminded of our very first visit to the Paris where sat in the same place and let a line of men fondle and kiss by breasts. I could hardly see the men's faces as the "spotlight" both blinded and illuminated me.  It was such a rush!  I re-lived this by asking the men at my sides if they would like to play with my breasts.  Affirmative. 
The Real Candi O'Leary
I unbuttoned my blouse as they each took one out of my bra.  My nipples were sensitive to the touch as they began to caress and lick them.  It was such pleasure for me as the light gleamed across us and the crowd watched these two men devour my ladies.  When they came up for air, I grabbed my cold water bottle and touched it on each nipple.  I loved the cold sensation and rolled the bottle across them again.  The men went back down to find my nipples at attention and continued to tease them with their tongues.  It was then that Ms. Fullswing asked if the man on my right, T, was ready to fuck her.  I reached my hand to his jeans. Yes. He was ready.
He jumped down from the stage, discarded his jeans, and suited up for play.  His back was to me as he stood in front of the Arena table and entered Fullswing with his monster BBC.  He started slow and steady and kept that pace for a few minutes.  This was probably the moment I wished I was playing tonight.  Not able to take it anymore, I stepped onto the bench in front of me and pressed my breasts against his back as he continued to fuck Fullswing nice and easy. 
I put my right foot on the Arena table where my boot could help me balance and put my hands on his shoulders.   My breathing became heavier as I was captured in this moment of this lust.  I ran my hands and fingernails lightly over his head, around his ears and down his neck and back.  I whispered quietly how I loved watching him fuck her.  "That's it", I told him, "Fuck her harder…"  I talked low and soft in his ear as my eyes met the onlookers who could only guess what I must be saying.  My heart was racing as the adrenaline flowed through me.  I knew, though, that he was not for me tonight, and I sat back on the stage before I lost all control.  He continued to please Fullswing and when he was done, made his way back to the stage next to me. 
Candi and Fullswing carried on as sex permeated every corner of the theater.  We must have been at or near fire code as the crowd swelled to maximum capacity.  The Oasis was still packed.  I think there were 10 couples in all.  A couple made their way up near the Arena table and I could see her lift her sweatshirt for KC to enjoy as her husband went over to fuck Ms. Fullswing. 
The Real Bambi
Another couple came up to the front to watch, and I invited them to sit on the edge of the stage for a better view.  Soon after, we decided to go out front where we could talk and I could smoke.  As we passed the Exam area the couple was still playing and I learned they were Bambi and her husband Thumper.  This was fantastic!  What an unexpected treat to have them grace our theater.  I met the husband who was super nice.  Bambi was, ahem, occupied, but I could see she was beautiful and I wish I had more time to get to know her.  They seem like a wonderful pair.   The couple and I went outside to chat, and the streets were alive with nightlife. 
You could hear the band from the bar across the street.  The line for Voodoo Donuts was wrapped around the block.  A couple hung their heads out of the window above us and shouted "Whoo Hoo!!" as they dropped a dollar bill down to us.  I laughed and put it in my cleavage.  My new friends and I talked about the adult scene and she remarked how many times she gets to play, but he does not because of the ratio of men to women.  I replied that I understood it can be more difficult for men to find partners in the lifestyle.  I filed that away.  They were a great couple – good looking and nice as hell – so I planned to change the scenario for them tonight. 
We went back into the theater where I asked Jordan for the ok.  I asked the wife if it would be ok too.  I was granted permission by all and we all headed down to the now clear Exam area.  The husband sat down as I pulled up a pillow and helped unbuckle his belt.  He lowered his jeans, exposing his cock for my pleasure.  I licked and sucked him like there was no tomorrow.  I bobbed up and down until I was drenched in sweat.  I looked up at him as he moaned, "Damn, Gemini!  Feels so good!" and I continued to gratify him. 
His wife came down to join me as we used our tongues, lips and mouths to make him feel as good as possible.  He eventually stood up and came on me, squirting his load on my face and my breasts.  He fell back into his seat with a satiated sigh.  And I sat back where he could see his work all over me before cleaning up.  By this time, it was time for them to go home, and time for Jordan and I to get to our prior engagement – I couldn't believe we had already been there three hours!  We said our goodbyes to everyone and were on our way.
What an unbelievable night!
Doc here again... Wow, where to start on this awesome report? Many, many thanks to Gemini and the rest of the great ladies who were at The Paris Saturday night.  It was one of those "nights of the ages" that we encounter from time to time, and luckily this was captured by Gemini.  And, there is another report on the way...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Gemini at The Paris Theatre in Portlandia on 5/22

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from the vivacious Gemini. Gemini visited The Paris Theatre in Portland and once again let her mark with the crowd on hand.

Here she is... The force of nature known as Gemini...


Hello Doctor,

I anticipated Wednesday night to be somewhat slow at the Paris Theatre, what with the rain and all, so we decided to post early that we would be there in the hopes to find one or two men interested in some one on one time with me.

We arrived a few minutes before the scheduled time to find only a handful of men in the theater, but it was still early.  We took our time in the lobby as more arrived one by one until there was a decent crowd.  Ray gathered some towels and a sheet, and Jordan grabbed a couple pillows as we made our way to the Oasis.  He told me he had overheard a man talking to Ray, asking if Gemini was here and if she was the one he was thinking of – the one with the large breasts. J  I was excited to think someone made the trip out in this horrible weather to see me. 

As Jordan pointed him out to me, I could see a tall, blond man sitting in the first seat of the Annex.  He was good looking and fit.  We all watched the big screen to get our motors running as I saw him unzip his jeans and proceed to stroke his cock.  He glanced over at me a couple times, but was not disrespectful as some can be – boring holes in the side of my skull with their stares.  Knowing he had come to see me heightened my interest as I watched him stroke faster and faster, wondering if there would be anything left for me if he continued.  Luckily he stopped, and after a couple minutes, Jordan asked me if I wanted him to come in. 

The Real Gemini
I nodded and he eagerly entered as Jordan invited him in.  He stood in front of me as the crowd of onlookers awaited the show.  He loosened his jeans and as the fell to his knees, so did I.  This man presented to me a beautifully clean large, hard cock that I couldn’t resist.  I immediately began running my tongue around the head and down his shaft.  I felt like a kid with a new Disneyland lollipop and didn’t know where to lick first.  I wanted it all at once, but wanted to savor it at the same time.  As my tongue and lips glided back up to the top, I wondered how much of this large specimen I could get in my mouth.  I slowly lowered my mouth down as too get him as deep as possible.  Back up and back down….again and again as I tried to relax my muscles and the juices from my mouth lubed his cock until finally he hit the back of my throat as I gagged. 

There was still plenty of cock left unattended even fully inside, so I stroked him with my left hand and brought my right hand under his balls.  I continued to suck and stroke him while massaging his balls and gently running my nails under them. At one point I got a little taste preview, and I loved it. After a couple minutes of this, I stood up and unbuttoned my blouse.  He scooped by breasts out of my bra and brought his head down to suck them.  I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “Did you come to see me?”  “Yes” was all he managed to reply as he licked off all the strawberry flavor I had put on my nipples. 

More of the Real Gemini
I went back to my knees and wrapped them around his hard cock, stroking them up and down and licking the head with each pass.  He was hard as a rock and I could feel his legs start to shake. Not wanting his knees to give way, I had him discard his shoes and pants and sat him down on the sheet covered bench. I pulled up a pillow and dropped down once again.  I continued to give him my best effort as I looked up at him and he returned the look with intense pleasure on his face. He told me I needed to stop or he might come.  I was now torn between having this magnificent cock between my thighs, or continue sucking to retrieve more of the sweet appetizer he had given me. 

As much as I may have wanted him to fuck me, I couldn’t bring myself to get off my knees and deny myself the gift I was waiting for.  I fervently continued on, running my tongue from the tip to the base of his balls and stroking him, then back up for full on sucking/stroking.  With audible moans, he threw his head back and shot his cum inside my mouth.  I made sure I had every drop inside.  I sat taller on my knees and opened my mouth so he could see it all in there.  I considered letting it fall out of my mouth and onto my breasts, but the greedy girl that I am decided it tasted too good to let it go to waste, and I drank it all down.  We sat for a moment to get our bearings and Jordan said to me, “So was that fun?”  “Yes, Baby!” I said, “I want to see him again!  Please get his number.”  Off they went to the lobby.

After a few minutes in the ladies’ room, I came back to Oasis to find Jordan and the Mechanic waiting for me.  As I looked around for my water, I noticed one gentleman in the crowd who I thought had emailed me earlier in the day.  “Did I talk to you earlier today?” I asked him.  He shook his head and said no.  I thanked him for not trying to snow me.  Hmm, I thought, it’s too bad that the e-mailer didn’t show, just because I wouldn’t guarantee playing with him.  I never promise to play with someone I haven’t met, but I did look for him.  He seemed decent enough to see where it could have gone.  Oh well….                                               

I knew at this point I didn’t have much time left before we had to leave, so I turned to the trusty, lusty Mechanic who did his best to make me soak the sheets as he used his talented fingers to make me squirt.  Another couple joined us in the Oasis and began playing right away.  This must have been great for the crowd at the rail.  The Mechanic and I 69’d for a bit before I finally got down on knees and extracted his white gold.

Somehow in the process, both of us lost our pants in the shadows, which was quite comical.  We eventually found them and were able to go clean up.  It was now past time for us to leave, and we departed for home. 
I knew I would end up writing about this adventure since I was so enthralled with this new man we had met.  Finding favorites is not easy because there is no specific age, race or body type for me.  It’s all about the chemistry and it’s either there or it’s not.  You just never know who it may be.  I am hoping to find more by the end of the summer. 
Thanks again to Ray who always treats Jordan and I with such class.  I’ve said it before, but I am so grateful to have this venue available for some of my fantasies.

Have a great Memorial Weekend,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flash Report! Asslvr Returns & Hits San Diego's Adult Theaters

Doc here with the return of regular contributor, Asslvr. He's been quiet the last few months, but he's back and hopefully not going anywhere soon.
He visited San Diego's adult theaters, and here is his report from SoCal.
Hey Doc,
Sorry about going silent over the past few months but my work has been a serious impediment to my play as late. Looks like things are starting to settle down and I've started up the Swing Shift gang bangs again for the summer. Hope to have a few good stories in the near future.
Just got back from Cali and have a few stories to report. I decided to spend some time in San Diego and visited The Jolar Cinema and Barnett Avenue Superstore for most of Friday and Saturday night. On both nights I hopped from one location to the other over the course of the two evenings taking the days off at the beach. At Jolar there was many couples but not much action. There was one couple that went into the video booths and left the door open. Myself and another spectator BBC watched and jerked off to the show actually inside the cramped booth with them. She was a hot Asian but was not interested in anyone else joining the fun. I talked with her husband a bit and they do frequent Jolar from time to time but only to put on a show. I also became friends with the BBC as we would see each other at both establishments over the course of the next two days. 
The only other limited action was an attractive young black couple that came into and out of the two theaters but always in a bit of a confusion state not finding what they were looking for. She would occasionally stay by herself in the hall behind the glass window while he went into the far theater to jerk off. I went into the hall and started to chat up the female who was in dress, in her early 20's and very attractive. They looked totally out of place and would have been more appropriate in a university. I asked her if she minded me jerking off beside her. She said to go ask her boyfriend and if he approved she was Ok with it. I went into the theater and asked  he said Ok. Yippy I thought and here we go.
Well it didn't quite turn out as I anticipated. She was very detached and didn't respond as usual when I've been given the green light. No interaction and kept her eyes on the porn screen thru the window. In these situations I've learned patience is the key. I slowly moved closer jerking off without being aggressive and rubbed my leg beside her to see if she would back off. She didn't so I tried a subtle hand rub against her ass and she again said to ask her boy friend if I could touch. I then tried to press on without his permission and said he wouldn't mind being in the other room. She said she was ok with me touching her but need to get his approval first but again in a very detached tone. At this point hubby came back around the corner and they decided to leave without playing with anyone. I guess they didn't find what they were looking for but very strange non the less. 
I then decided to change my home base and went to the Barnett Superstore. I actually prefer Barnett over Jolar because there is more space to play and it's easier to move the seats around if we need more room. This would come in handy later in the evening. I also liked chatting with the manager who was very friendly. I was starting to get tired and was thinking of calling it a night when a couple showed up. I had recognized the guy from previously being in the theater but leaving 30 minutes before. They came into the back theater and immediately started to play. I sat down beside the girl and took out my cock. I didn't have any patience at this point but she was up for the action. She started to jack me off while she sucked her boyfriends cock standing in front of her. He motioned for me to stand up and said for her to such me as well which she did without hesitation.
She sucked us both for quite a while with others standing behind and in front jerking off. He then got behind and started to fuck her doggy with her sucking me in front. She then wanted to sit down in the in the seats and had her boyfriend fuck her mission style. At this point I started to push back the chairs to create more room and put on a condom as we both took turns fucking her. 
I don't know why I do this but I decided to stand up on the arms of the chairs to get a better angle to face fuck her. I have done this before during one of my first theater sex experiences and was told to cool down a bit. (reference my first report at Swing Shift with Kinkybicpl who I'm friends with now) At this point the couple was in full erotic bliss and was taking in everything I could give her. I then proceeded to fuck her mouth and rub my balls into her face (one of my favorites by the way) while I jerked off and blew my load all over her face. Hubby kept fucking her and I then move aside for others to join the fun. It was very late and there was only a few other guys in the theater but they kept playing as I left the theater.
I then cleaned myself up, thanked them and left the theater. To my surprise it was starting to get light and I decided to have breakfast after a long night. Patience was rewarded.
(Back in Action)
PS: I hope to have a few Gang Bang events over the summer at Swing Shift in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and will hook up with our friends Yogster Couple at another huge gang bang to satisfy Mrs Yogster. What a little nympho she is. All the best. 
Doc here again... Good to have you back, Asslvr.  Your reports are always welcome here @ The Journal, and hope they keep coming in.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flash Report! Mr. Bubble Hits Secret's in Oakland

Doc here with a first time report from new contributor, Mr. Bubble. mr. Bubble hit Secrets in Oakland, CA, and this is his nicely detailed report.

Here we go!


Great site Doc! Your site has me ready to gas the car and make the eight hour road trip to Portland from Nor Cal! Lucky for me your site also helped me find my way to Secrets in Alameda here in the Bay Area.

I'm new to this and never filed a trip report let alone visited a porn theater. But with a work trip planned for Portland next month and another planned for Tampa/Orlando in July it looks like your site has given me good direction for where I can find some adventure! I'll be certain to check back in.
I’m a clean cut, suit wearing professional pharma rep and I had an opportunity to stop by Secrets last week during lunch. I feed the meter out front and slipped into the dark porn theater after paying my 8 dollar entrances fee. There were maybe 8 to 10 creepy critters stroking in the dark, so I pulled my twitching hard on out of my suit pants and began to do the same. After about 15 minutes of watching some good porn a stocky looking Dom Daddy walked in with his hot blond subbie on a leash!

Oakland, CA
She was a slim, sexy, 40 something MILF. It looked like the games were about to began! For the first 10 minutes or so he paraded her in the back of cinema under the lights for all the horny men to check her out she was wearing a little black leather mini, black alter top, sexy nylons and the requisite naughty heels. He had her pull her little black skirt up and spread her wet, pink pussy for all to see in the light. She stayed that way, bent over at the waist and he started to tan her ass with a belt, making her cute little cheeks flaming red.
There was a lot of DOM action for the first 15 minutes or so, as he lead her around the dark theater, spanking her and degrading her. She ate it up and loved the attention. FINALLY he bent her over a row of chairs and started fucking her. I had been walking through the theater with my cock out, following along like a puppy dog watching the whole scene! I was so horny after being in the theater for 30 minutes at that point I was trying not to cum! I was standing directly in front of her as he plowed her from behind. He offered her mouth to me, and I quickly stepped forward and buried my twitching, precummy cock deep in the back of her throat. It wasn’t long before I filled her hot mouth with my sweet treat. I came so damn hard, she drained every spurt out of me and didn’t spill a drop!
The scene was so hot, I never lost my hard on as I watched her mouth offered up to several other cocks, she had such a hungry mouth and really worked some magic. This scene was way over the top, the certainly had a fantasy they were fulfilling, it was more like watching a play…with very turned-on and excited actors no less!
Unfortunately I had a meeting with my boss and had to leave while Dom Daddy worked the crowd with his hot little girl. So hope that they make it back to the theater soon. Secrets will have to do until I get a chance to make it to Mecca, which is Portland.  


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. Bubble for a great first time report.  Your luck was with you, sir... Nicely done, and we look forward to more with you.


Friday, May 24, 2013

The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour - Part 3 - Meeting Velvet Skye in Tampa

Doc here with Part 3 of The Big Shield's To Protect and To Serve Tour of adult theaters across the US of A.

This report finds TBS in Tampa, and by sheer accident, so is the lovely Velvet Skye.

What happens when the immovable object meets the irresistible force?

This report happens.


Hey Doc,

Your trusted front line warrior is back on the front line forging ahead with the Serve and Protect Tour.  As you are aware,  it's baseball season and it is hotter than a firm perky nippled titty with hot sauce on it in Tampa, Florida - my temporary locale.  

With increasing temperatures - my bat is warming up and I'm bringing my season Adult Theater batting average back in line with my career numbers.  Today on the mound was the stunningly attractive Velvet Skye.

I arrived in Tampa via one of those metal birds from parts unknown mid- morning and immediately checked the good Doc's twitter account - only to find that the lovely Velvet Skye had already completed round 1 of her soirĂ©e   at Fantasyland 1 the evening before.  
 Scrolling down to other tweets, I noticed that she said that she would be coming back - but of course to build up the anticipation she did not mention when.  

Deciding that I had a bit of time before I could check in at my hotel, I did a quick Fantasyland drive-by thinking that there was a chance that Velvet might want to have some lunch time fun.  When I got to FL1, there was nothing to see so I decided to check-in, check and respond to work emails, change into my signature UA active wear, grab a bite to eat and head back over and see if there might be any afternoon fun to report back to Doc and the fine readers of this here blog.

Returning to FL1 about 2:30, the parking lot had about 9 cars or so in it, but with 4 guys hanging out front and no tweet coming across my portable electronic device from Doc - I figure I'd listen to the Tampa Bay Rays game on the radio and just wait to see if anyone showed.  What I didn't see was Ms Skye sitting next to Mr V in the vehicle in front of me to my left.    

Mr. V exited the vehicle and then I saw the passenger side door (which was partially obscured from my view) open and out comes a surprisingly tall blond in a hot pink - short and hugging - dress.  

When I say tall,  I mean tall.  The Big Shield stands in at 6'5" and in her heels she was every bit of 6 foot 2 or 3.  Velvet and Mr. V went in and everyone outside in Florida seemed to follow.  

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
I got out of my car, followed, like the masses - but at a much slower pace than the others.  Velvet first went to the booth hallway and then decided that her afternoon fun would at least start in a private room back in the theater.  I paid my $19 rent to enter the theater  and by that time,  Velvet and Mr. V already had their room selected and Velvet was down to the clothing that she had on when she entered the this world.  Fortunate me - ran into Velvet as she and her birthday suit were coming out of the bathroom.  I introduced myself as The Big Shield we said our hello's and back into her private room she went.

The room next to Velvet's room shares a gloryhole and that room was occupied by a 30ish year-old dude that was in real need of a shave, thus the nickname scraggly.  Now of course with the rooms being private,  you do not know what type of activity is taking place, but whatever pitches (hand, oral, vaginal, anal) Velvet was throwing, dude was taking is old sweet time looking for that perfect pitch that he could drive over the wall for a home run.  Finally he got his pitch and he was done.  

Next up was a guy in his 40's. He probably wasn't that short but when the average person stands next to someone that is 6'5" they tend to appear short.  At any rate. The number two batter got in, found a pitch to his liking, apparently drove the pitch long,  and was on his way.  

Now standing in the batters box and expecting to lift his 2013 batting average was me - The Big Shield.  I though that I would be at the plate for some time because it had been less than a 24 hours since discarding what was seemingly a gallon of the patented Serve and Protect juice in a none adult theater environment.  

But let me tell you, Velvet Skye is all business!!!!!!  How serious is Velvet about her business?  let me put it this way - in 25 year in this thing of ours I have never ever ever been not the first in line and been in and out as fast as I was that is serious business!!!!

Velvet smiled at me through the hole and I fed the lazy and limp Big Shield through the hole.  It took Velvet NO....and I do mean absolutely NO time to get the Shield growing and expanding with her hand.  Once the Shield was on the rise, Velvet took the head into her mouth and that caused the growth rate to increase exponentially.  With the Shield still not at Max size - Velvet began to stroke and suck on the Shield and before I knew it I went from "damn this feels so fucking good" to "damn I'm coming" to "damn I came hard".  Total time from locking my door to unlocking and letting the next very lucky guy up to the plate may have been 10 minutes being generous to myself.  

How much of the protective juices were left following yesterday's fun in parts unknown and where the juice was deposited is only known by the sexy Velvet Skye and Mr. V.  Maybe they took a picture and will share at some time in the future. Either way if they do or they don't,  I have the satisfaction of knowing that today the beautiful and sexy Velvet Skye met and played with the Big Shield and while in the batters box the Shield took a full count pitch and went deep......raising his batting average just a bit in the process.  

Well Doc, the tour has to continue to roll.....therefore I'm be looking for a restaurant that serves Peanut Butter and/or Oysters for dinner so that I have more to give this evening if any couples or single ladies come out to play.

Until next time, may the Shield be with her, whomever she might be.
 The Big Shield


Doc here again... Congrats to the Big Shield for another terrific report, and for meeting the lovely Velvet Skye (Canada's #1 Natural Resource). Keep protecting and serving, sir.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flash Report! Old Marine Corps Guy and his Las Vegas Overview

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from senior reporter Old Marine Corps Guy.
He was in Vegas within the last 2 weeks, and has this update for us on the theater scene there.
Here we go!
I now pronounce Las Vegas officially dead.
I was there for one week and found NOTHING!!!  I went to every theater in town and didn't see a thing.  I talked to clerks and players and they all said that it is now a rare thing to see a couple in a theater.
I remember a time when it was really, "Sin City"!  If you were in a theater, almost any time of day or night, and you didn't get laid, then you didn't WANT to get laid.  It was ALWAYS there for the taking.  No more.
Soooo..., if you are in the Southwest then go down to San Diego.  The action is good down there.  Or better yet, go up and say hi to Brent and Ray in Portland and see how things used to be in ALL the theaters, like they are at the Paris.
Semper Fi,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Metro Station in Louisville, KY on 5/17/13

Doc here with a Flash report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.  His port of call is Metro Station in Louisville, KY.
Here we go...
Hi Doc,
Well my winning streak ended at the Metro Station in Louisville, KY last night. (5-17-13).   I arrived and took a photo of Metro Station for you, then had dinner. I got back to the theater about 9PM.  I paid my $10 dollars and went in. 
Here is a short description of the interior and the layout:  Pretty large ABS, with everything you could need to party with.  Two theaters, one straight, and one confused.  The confused theater is very small and seats probably about 8 or 9 people with some standing room.  The straight theater seats about 30 people and has nice (vinyl) chairs and love seats.  Additionally there are two 3 seat couches in the room.  The individual chairs are a swivel type so you can adjust your self for any viewing and for action on the love seats. 
Metro Station
Louisville, KY
On Sundays the straight theater become a confused theater, and the confused theater becomes the straight theater.  Apparently they have a lot of confused people on Sundays.  The theaters are both in very good shape and are clean.  The clerk staff is friendly.  You have to be buzzed into the ABS from the outside, and there are two entrances from the parking lot, one on the front side and the other on the side where the other parking is located. 
Well I took up my seating in one of the swivel chairs and began watching the movie, and a few guys wondered in and out. Sometimes it was just me in the theater.  I watched the door every time it opened, hoping it would be a couple but it just never happened.  On CD came in and began pleasing the confused guys in there, but as of 2:45 AM (when I left) no couples were in attendance.  I think the place has potential, but with the Law Enforcement in the other theaters in the area, I think it has them scared off for now.  I will try it again when I am in town next time, and hope for the best.  The location is nice, it's in a shopping strip mall, and a laundry very near.  You would think that while some of the ladies are doing laundry, they might come over for a little play in the theater.
Oral Reporter signing out for now.
Doc here again... Many thanks as always to The Oral Reporter for another solid job detailing the theaters he comes across on his various treks across the US of A.  Keep them coming, sir.

Flash Report! Mr2Mallards @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater on 5/14/13

Doc here with  fantastic Flash Report from new contributor, Mr2Mallards.  He has filed a detail rich report that you will enjoy...

Here we go!


Dr. Lizardo,

Mr2mallards here. Been following your blog for a few months now and feel compelled to post.

Was at 15th Avenue in Chicago last Tuesday night, 5/14. Met some really nice folks there. Total of 6 couples came in, 4 of which played to some extent or another. First was older couple. They sat in the middle of the couples section of the theater. Nice lady stood up with her very large breasts hanging freely over the next row of chairs while her man frigged her vigorously and finished with a firm smack of her ass. Another couple came in as the older couple was warming up. nice looking solidly built blonde lady with a black guy. She let him play with her breasts and teased the rest of the guys as she watched the older couple play in the rows behind her. Thought both of these might give it a go as they left for the spa, but there was no indication from either couple that,they wanted company.

15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
Another couple came in around 10:00. Lady was pretty with black hair and large breasts. They sat in the theater for a few minutes with no indication they would play, then left for a private room in the spa area. Another older couple entered the spa shortly thereafter, but gave no signs that they wanted company. The first older couple was still wandering around, but kept to themselves.

About a half hour later the black haired woman and her man returned to the theater. Gave them a few minutes before returning to the theater. When I went in they were sitting in the back row of the couples section. Her man had her big breasts out with one hand up her skirt while she was watching several guys stroking. Her man gave the nod to one well endowed guy in front of me.

15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
The guy stood behind the last row while the woman turned and proceeded to swallow his large cock. There were only four of us guys in the theater and the remaining three of us got in line. She gave us all a turn with her hot mouth before retreating to the sauna again. They came back a few minutes later and reentered the theater. In the meantime, another couple had slipped into the theater. An older white guy with a young Hispanic girl. He had her top off warming up when I went in. Shortly, they left for the spa with every guy in the place in tow.

The black haired woman and her man also headed back to the spa. This time they left the private room door open and let us watch as she sucked her man's cock. I believe they were expecting the big cock to join them, but he had headed into the steam room with the Hispanic girl and the rest of the crowd. Black haired woman was obviously a little put out and headed back to the theater.

I peaked into the steam room and the game was on. I immediately shed my clothes and stepped in for a closer look. This girl was beautiful with a superb body. She was getting pounded by one of the guys while many others were touching her breasts and ass cheeks. She was very vocal and very hot. They stopped for a quick break and cool down, then went at it again. Her man was bi and wanted to see some guy/guy action, but no one stepped up. Big cock was standing by sheathed and ready when her man asked her if she wanted to "fuck that big cock". She moaned "oh yeah" and big cock mounted up missionary. He was stroking away and she was getting into it. She rolled her hips up to let him pound deeper and began to moan more loudly. I think her old man started to get a little jealous as she got wound up, because he called off big cock. He stood her up and headed to their private room. He left the door cracked and big cock and I stood at the door while her old man gave her some love. Big cock asked if he could join and the old man let him in and shut the door. Show was over at that point.

Headed back out to find black haired woman, She was now in one of the booths blowing another guy through the hole. Got in line, but she finished the guy she was doing and left. About the same time the Hispanic girl and her man left.

One other couple came in around 12:30 or so, but only stayed a few minutes and left.

This was my first trip to 15th Avenue. Very nice and friendly management, clean place, and lots of fun. This will be a regular stop for me anytime I'm near Chicago.

Been to several other theaters mentioned on your blog with some very good experiences. I travel a lot and love the scene. Straight MWM that is envious and appreciative of the guys who have women to share.


Thanks again to Mr2Mallards... Nicely done sir. We look forward to your next reports.