Friday, March 25, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Exciting Changes @ The Paris Theater and Area

Doc here with a PSA from The Paris Theater and Brent in Portland.  I think it's both exciting and self-explanatory.

Here you go...


Voodoo Doughnuts, located next door to The Paris Theater, 6 SW 3d Ave. Portland OR, will be closed for remodeling for 5 weeks. When it reopens, the entrance will be around the corner so there won't always be a huge crowd standing near the entrance to the theater. That should make walking into The Paris a little more discreet. Also it should free up a lot of the parking around the theater.

Inside the theater, the area around the stage is being opened up and a bed is going to be installed. It will be an open area which means the couples and single ladies will have to be sure to lay down the rules before the guys lay down their tools. The usual rules of theater sex etiquette will still apply, i.e. No means no, be clean and trim your nails, condoms required unless stated otherwise, if you aren't ready step aside, no cell phones or cameras. Mainly, respect the other person, read the signals (sometimes a lady loves a little cluster action, or another type of edgy theater sex activity ) and have fun on top of the new furniture at The Paris.


Doc here again... In a follow-up notice, the new area by the stage will be called The Arena. The area in front of the stage has never been fully ultilized, but that will change with The Arena.  Bravo Ray!


Blast From The Past: Old Marine Corps Guy on The Crest Theater in Oceanside, CA

Doc here with a great "Blast From The Past" from our good friend Old Marine Corps Guy. There is probably no one associated with The Good Doctor's Journal who has more knowledge of the golden days of adult theaters that OMCG.  In his days as Young Marine Corps Guy out in California, he was at the epicenter of the adult theater scene.  

For long time readers of the Journal, you will remember his tales from The Pussycat Theater in LA (where he had multiple run-ins with an "A" list television star in the early 80's), or his legendary experience with Jamie Gillis and two Asian hotties at another adult theater.  We are lucky to have OMCG tell his tales here at The Journal.

Without further ado, here is OMCG doing his best "Three's Company" impersonation at (of all places) an adult theater in California.


Most of us who are into, “this thing of ours”, lead two separate lives.  One that we project to all the “citizens” that we interact with in our daily lives, and another life that most of use keep to ourselves, and that’s the one that we spend in the back row of some sleazy porn theater (my favorite kind!). 
Back in the heyday of “porn play” (the mid-70s) I was stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base near Oceanside, California.  I lived off base in an apartment in Oceanside.  Not the nicest in town because I didn’t have a lot of money (I was only an E-6 then), but not the worst either.  One of the neighbors I had there were a married couple named Trish and Bill.  Both of them were accountants and were members of Tall Clubs International.  Trish was mid-30’s, short dark brown hair, and a very pleasant, professional attitude.  She was about 6’ 2” with a BIG pair of “D” cup boobs.  Bill was probably over 6’ 6”, mid 40’s, and very quiet.  We never were great neighbors but always said hi when we saw each other in the hallways or the garage.

One night when I had liberty, I was in the Crest Theater on Coast Hwy. in downtown Oceanside.  The Crest was an old time movie theater that was HUGE.  It must have had 500 or 600 seats on the main floor and another 300 or 400 up in the balcony.  There wasn’t much going on and very few people in the theater so I was just watching the movie and stroking my cock.  I wasn’t paying much attention to anything but the movie when all of a sudden I hear the thing most of us never want to hear, “Hey Bill, there’s our neighbor Carl”.  I look over to the isle and there are Bill and Trish standing there.  I didn’t know what to do.  I was really embarrassed.  I tried to covertly put my dick back in my pants, but Bill laughed and said, “Don’t put it away, Trish loves those”.  They walked down my isle and sat down with Trish right next to me.  You have to remember, they had always seemed like very straight-laced people to me and that we were just casual neighbors.

Crest Theater
Oceanside, CA circa 1983
 Well, as soon as they sat down, Bill pulled Trish’s top down to show me her beautiful tits, he grinned at me and asked if I liked them (Who Wouldn’t?!?)  Trish reached over and started rubbing my cock and asked me to take it out.  Well, Marines have always been, “First to Fight”, so I figured, “First to Fuck” would follow along with the tradition.
I took out my dick and Trish started giving me a hand job while Bill played with her tits and pulled up her skirt (it didn’t have far to go, it was already a short one).  I reached over to her pussy and she spread those long legs real wide to give me all the access I wanted.  She was already very wet and hot.  While I was playing in Trish’s pussy, Bill stood up and Trish started to suck his cock..  After he got hard he had Trish stand up and bend over so he could fuck her from behind while she leaned over and started to suck me off.  This went on for a while and then Bill asked me if I wanted to switch.  You Bet!!!  So Trish turned her ass to me she started to suck Bills dick.  I don’t have the biggest dick in town, but it amazed me that for as big as she was that her pussy was so tight.  It felt great.
Well, this didn’t go on too long before I told her that I was ready to cum.  Bill told me to cum inside her, so that’s what I did (remember, this was long before AIDS was invented).  As soon as I finished Trish sat down, scooted forward in the seat and Bill got down between her legs and started sucking her pussy (and my cum).  That kind of shocked me, but I figured freaks are freaks, so…….  I started playing with her nipples while Bill sucked her pussy and made Trish cum.   After that we all straightened up they asked me to come back to their apartment for a drink.  We got back to their place and had a drink and another fuck. 
What started off to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life turned out to be a great time, and they turned out to be VERY good neighbors.  :o)


Doc here again... Thank you again OMCG for the kind of adult theater tale only you could tell.  We all look forward to your next installment of your "Blasts From The Past".

Do you have an adult theater experience from days gone past...The 70's, the 80's, the 90's, the 00's?  If so, do what OMCG did... Drop The Good Doctor an e-mail at I love these type of reports, and so do the thousands of readers The Journal is viewed by every week.  So dust off your brains and put fingers to keyboard.  We'd love to hear from you.