Friday, March 25, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Exciting Changes @ The Paris Theater and Area

Doc here with a PSA from The Paris Theater and Brent in Portland.  I think it's both exciting and self-explanatory.

Here you go...


Voodoo Doughnuts, located next door to The Paris Theater, 6 SW 3d Ave. Portland OR, will be closed for remodeling for 5 weeks. When it reopens, the entrance will be around the corner so there won't always be a huge crowd standing near the entrance to the theater. That should make walking into The Paris a little more discreet. Also it should free up a lot of the parking around the theater.

Inside the theater, the area around the stage is being opened up and a bed is going to be installed. It will be an open area which means the couples and single ladies will have to be sure to lay down the rules before the guys lay down their tools. The usual rules of theater sex etiquette will still apply, i.e. No means no, be clean and trim your nails, condoms required unless stated otherwise, if you aren't ready step aside, no cell phones or cameras. Mainly, respect the other person, read the signals (sometimes a lady loves a little cluster action, or another type of edgy theater sex activity ) and have fun on top of the new furniture at The Paris.


Doc here again... In a follow-up notice, the new area by the stage will be called The Arena. The area in front of the stage has never been fully ultilized, but that will change with The Arena.  Bravo Ray!