Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flash Report! Fastplastic @ Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from new contributor, Fastplastic.
With the guidance of senior reporter Old Marine Corps Guy, he ventured to Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ, and this report details his findings.
Oh great facilitator of this thing of ours,
As you know this rookie recently took a very quick trip to Mesa. Knowing the places to look for fun were plentiful and my time was short, I sought out the guidance and wisdom of Old Marine Corps Guy. Armed with his in-depth knowledge, I decided to roll the dice on Personal Preference. I went on a Tuesday night (couples night) and arrived shortly before midnight. I was happy to see the parking lot had at least a dozen cars in it. My hopes were raised even more when I ran into a very pleasant 50ish woman coming outside for a smoke break. We exchanged pleasantries and I headed inside. I paid my $7.00 theater admission and took a quick around the shop before entering the theater.
For those that don't know the theater is divided into two sides, each side has 6 couches and a very large flat screen showing pretty decent porn. I took a look in both theaters and found nothing but guys. A few were stroking by themselves and a few were coupled up. I took a seat and patiently waited.

Guys wandered in and out but no females or couples were to be found. The lady I ran into when I first arrived spent her time talking to the clerk and smoking outside, coming into the theater only to get her husband and telling him it was time to leave. 4 hours later my theater ticket ran out and it was time to head for the hotel. I briefly spoke with the clerk and he said it is hit or miss on when females or couples come in. He seemed more interested in what was showing on Nick at Night than holding a conversation with me about theater fun.
So here are my observations from a rookie to this thing of ours:
1. Excellent place, easy to find, good neighborhood, plenty of parking.
2. Store has a wide variety of movies and toys, something for everyone.
3. Almost 2 dozen video boths, showing a variety of movies. Get rid of them. There are signs everywhere saying one to a both, you get caught breaking the rule, you get kicked out or arrested. Plus the gloryholes in every both have been closed over with a metal panel and screws. The space would be better served to make the theaters bigger or to make a couples only theater where they can bring in select singles. Might increase traffic to the place.
4. The theaters themselves are good, Plenty of couches and space to play or watch and the TVs and the porn are more than fine.
I did notice some behavior that even this newbie found unacceptable:
1. Walking around the theater in boxers with your pants in your hand the entire time you are there, probably not a good way to get noticed.
2. This is a theater, not your couch at home, so don't lay face down on the couch with your ass in the air for all to see.
3. I understand that it was the overnight hours, people get tired or bored, maybe even working on a hangover, but sleeping in the theater and snoring louder than the porn on the screen is completely unacceptable. If you are that tired, go home or sleep in the parking lot.

I didn't get lucky this time but it was a fair introduction into this things of ours. Maybe I'll have better luck this week at the Berlin News Agency since I'll be in Philly. Look for another report from me after the 26th. Thanks again to you both for all the help.
Doc here again... Nice job on your report, Fastplastic!  Sorry to hear it was not very busy, but that happens in this thing of ours. You will find Berlin News a much different (and much busier) experience.  Make sure you mention The Good Doctor to the staff there when you check in.  I'm glad OMCG and myself could help!

Special Bulletin: Kitty's East in Denver Closing by Greg and Sheryl

Doc here... Well it looks like Kitty's East, an ABS in Denver, is soon to be closing it's doors for good.

Greg and Sheryl, who gave The Good Doctor the heads up on this event, run a great inter-racial blog filled with all sorts of goodness, including a lot of ABS and theater pics.

To be honest, I know next to nothing about Kitty's.  I believe it is just an ABS, as I can find nothing on it being an adult theater.

Good-bye Kitty's East... I hardly knew ye.


Single Female Flash Report! Tammy @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/PICS)

Doc here with the rarest of Flash Reports: The Single Female Flash Report.

The lovely Tammy ventured to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and has filed the following report.




Hello, my name is Tammy, and I wanted to blog about my experience at the Hartford Art Cinema on Saturday, 4/20/13:

The Real Tammy
I have gone to the theater before several times, either with a single guy friend or a few friends. Well Saturday I had somewhere to be for 7:30 but was in the area and thought I would go for a while. I tried to see if friends were available to go with me but because it was a last minute decision, I couldn't find anyone to go with me.

I arrived around 6pm or so. I was hesitant about going in by myself. But my daring and courageous side of me came out! I hung in the lobby and hallway for a bit, looking around. Looking at the time and knowing I didn't have much time, I ventured down to the main floor. From my past experiences, I knew it wouldn't take long before the action started.

I sat down and 2 guys sat next to me and behind me. They asked if they could touch me and I said yes. They began to caress my full breasts and the next thing I knew there were about 15 guys circled around me! I didn't waste anymore time and began playing, licking and sucking some cocks. I knew I was good at multi-tasking but that night put me to the test!! Soon my pants came off and a guy asked if he could play with my pussy. I obliged and it didn't take long before I was wet! A couple guys helped by holding my legs up. Excited and aroused, he began to gently play then harder until he made me squirt!!! Wow!

The Real Tammy
I was quite busy as I had a cock in each hand and one in my mouth! Mmmm! Then one guy asked if he could slide his cock in my wet pussy. I definitely wanted to feel it. I stood up and bent over the seat as he pounded me from behind. It became more exciting as the other guys that were watching, joined in on telling him to fuck me harder! I then asked him to spank me.

While he was doing this I had another cock in my mouth sucking away! Then he climaxed as well as me. I then let a couple others do the same.

A friend of mine showed up to my surprise. I said hello and took his cock out of his pants and began sucking on his thick, black cock!! He gave me a quick massage. Very nice!

Time was ticking and I unfortunately had to leave. Everyone was nice and it ended up being a hot and erotic night. I guess I passed the test and would definitely do it again!!



Doc here again... A big thank you goes out to the lovely Tammy for a) stepping out of her comfort zone and going to The Art Cinema by herself, and b) submitting a great Flash Report.  Keep on sending in your reports, Miss. I think you may have just picked a lot of very new fans!

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