Sunday, July 25, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 1

Doc here with Part 1 of a series about one of the most memorable adult theater women many of us involved with "this thing of our's" have run into: Nina The Bakeryslut.  Not to tip my hat, but she is one of my Top 3 Adult Theater Women finalists.  She is everything a theater slut wants to be: Attractive, hot body, great attitude, has a terrific partner in her guy "B", and an unquenched thirst for theater sex.

The I-Team here at The Journal of Adult Theaters will be putting together a series about Nina, compiled from stories from her guy B, from reports by Brent from Portland, and a few morsels thrown in by The Good Doctor himself.

A big thank you to Nina and B for reaching out to The Good Doctor with these tales and updates.

Part 1: So You Want To Know About Nina?

Nina and I (B) have been playing in Porn theaters in the Pacific NW for the last 15 years. Our favorite place to play was the Jefferson Theater and now the Paris Theater, so that is what I will write about.
Our very first visit to the Jefferson Theater was a very titillating, exciting, and addicting experience. Nina always dresses in a short skirt, a blouse that she can get her tits out and stockings and garter belt with no panties, in other words everything is very accessible

As we went through the curtain and into the main theater Nina was surrounded by a bunch of horny guys with their cocks hanging out, and hands running up under her dress that would have made a lesser women turn and head for the exit. It just made Nina more excited. After running through the gauntlet of horny bad boys we were seated in the couples section and began to take in our surroundings. There were three other couples in various stages of undress, one guy was receiving a blow job, and another getting laid seated right next to us. A throng of men were standing on the other side of the chain that closes of the couples section from the main theater. At my urging Nina moved over to the nearest guy standing on the outside of the chain and let him feel her up and soon there proceeded to give him a blow job. Before the night was over she sucked off eleven guys and fucked six more. Not bad for a first timer.

We always seem to get to the Jefferson in the early morning hours of the morning, usually about 12 or 1 am. That particular night the regular night clerk was breaking in a new guy, a large ½ Italian, ½ black large man who turned out to be real nice guy. The night clerk introduced us, and Nina immediately showed him her big beautiful tits. The next thing you know, the night clerk shoves Nina under the counter and tells the new guy to get out his cock, he does so what is a girl to do but suck him off.

In the mean time a new couple came in and the new guy is trying to explain the rules of the house and trying to control his composure while getting his dick sucked. Now the new couple cannot see Nina because she is under the counter on the opposite side and out of their view. The more she sucked the faster he talked, soon he was sweating and his eyes were starting to move into the upward position like all of us virile men do when we are about to get our cookies off. Soon his speech becomes slurred and is about to collapse. I think the new couple thought he was having a heart attack. The regular clerk and I were laughing our asses off and the new clerk thought he had just landed his dream job.

End of Part 1
Doc here again... This is going to a fun series, and I'm already editing Part 2, so look for it in the next couple of days.



Round 13: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - "Charley" by Buster

Doc here with Round 13 of the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  This entry by first time reporter Buster deals with Charley, a sexy GILF who was a regular at The Belvedere Theater in Atlanta.

Take it away, Buster!
Charley was a really hot 60 year old, but could hold her own against anyone. I chatted with her online for probably a year before I met her about 8 years ago at the now closed Belvedere Theater in Atlanta,  GA. She was better known on Yahoo as "3holeslut" and by that name you knew she loved to fuck !!!

Well anyway, when I finally drove the 100 miles to meet her at the Belvedere, I walked into the theater and had to wait a couple of  minutes for my eyes to adjust. She was surrounded by guys and was taking a break. I walked up and introduced myself, and she promptly took my cock out and gave me a BJ as I played with her very wet cumfilled pussy. She got up and bent over while still giving me one heck of a BJ. A couple different guys came up from behind and filled her pussy with even more cum, then soon afterwards I proceeded to add my load to that super wet pussy. Yep, she hated condoms and only fucked bareback.

I hung around and watched her fuck and suck all cummers, then I fucked her one more time giving her my last load before that drive home. Never got to meet her again before she retired from the scene, but chatted many times online with her and she sent many more pics of her theater adventures.

Anybody that ever went to Belvedere and other theaters in Southeast about 8-10 years ago I'm sure would remember Charley the 3holeslut .
Thanks Buster!  The Belvedere must have been quite the place back in the day!

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