Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flash Report! Happy Yid @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago's western suburbs.  First time reporter Happy Yid is here with what he saw...
Take it away, sir.
Hello everyone!
Last night (Saturday 4/27) was a lot of fun at 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL. There were a good mix of couples and the confused last night. 
A beautiful woman 5ft8, 40DD slim body started by fucking her escort. Her breasts were beautiful and as she reached climax in the 5th row as she came and proceeded to stand and recover.  Upon getting her breath this hottie proceeded to kneel in front and perform a bukakke for all who wanted to experience the fun in person, all the while anal fucking movies played. 
The private rooms and sauna area must have been quite active as a lot of cars were in the lot as few were inside the theatre or viewing cubicles at times.
Happy Yid  
Doc here again... Many thanks to Happy Yid for his report.  There were 13 couples in total last night at 15th Avenue, and I am sure there are even more reports to be submitted.  Step up, and send along your reports to me directly at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your reports... You just submit the original report, and I'll get it ready for prime time.

Couple's Flash Report! The Tantalizing Tammy @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/New Pic!)

Doc here with the second report from the amazing Tammy in Hartford.  Last week, she told us about going to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema by herself.  This week, she has an escort, and her experiences in and out of the balcony are both hot and intense.

Take it away, Tammy!


Hello again! It's Tammy with another report.
I went to the Hartford Art Cinema Saturday night (4/27/13). A male friend of mine came down from Boston and he has never gone to the theater before. I had told him of my past experiences. We arrived there about 10pm, a little later than I had planned but decided to make the best of it.
We went up to the balcony and immediately saw a couple pleasuring themselves. She was so wet, playing with herself with a toy. We watched for a few minutes then decided to start playing.
I took his big black cock out of his pants and began sucking it and stroking it. He was so hard and it was turning me on so much. I could feel myself gettting wetter and wetter!

The Real
Tantalizing Tammy
We then decided to go watch these two couples that were in the lower balcony section. They were heavy into it, fully swapping. Hot!! We went into the first section near the railing. I could see the guys below looking up in the balcony to see if they could see what was going on. My friend took my pants off and I bent over the seat and he began to fuck me from behind. He was hitting all the right spots with his nice size cock!

We then changed position and he fucked me on the stairs. Legs high in the air while he was ramming his cock deep in my juicy pussy. I began to moan and get a little loud. Couldn't help it!! While we were fucking, the other couples were going at it too.
We then decided to go down to the main floor. And again things got heated really fast. I began sucking his cock and soon we were surrounded by men. They all got closer and joined in or watched. Again I had one cock in my mouth and one in each hand. Love multi-tasking! ;)

They started playing with my pussy and ass. I gave permission for a few to fuck me from behind while I was sucking cocks in front. It was so hot!! The men cheered on the ones that were fucking me and it got more exciting with every movement! Thrusting and sucking until we closed the theater!! Mmmmm! Another great night!!

Tantalizing Tammy


Doc here again... Tammy is 2 for 2 in her reports... All are fantastic, and I for one am looking forward to her next installment.

Thanks again Tammy!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The Bayou Boudreaux & Lil Slut @ The Gulf Coast Theater (w/ 14 PICS!)

Doc here with a real treat to start your work week... A brand new Couple's Flash Report from The Bayou Boudreaux.

Great stuff as always from this Southern gentleman and his girl... And all pics are from Saturday night (click to ENLARGE)!



Hello Good Doctor,

As promised, I took the lil slut to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS. Thanks you’re your help getting the word out, the crowd was there. I know at least three that showed up as a result of your posting. The parking lot was full and we had to get creative just to park!

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
We arrived at the theater a little later than usual but lil slut was ready for some action. We grabbed our drinks, entered the theater and took our seats on the comfy sofa. We noticed another sitting towards the front center of the theater. They were just talking….so far.

We settled in, watched a bit of the movie, surveying the crowd, seeing some of the regulars, shaking hands, lil slut giving hugs and gropes. Just a very short while later, my hand drifted to lil sluts leg and began pushing her skirt up exposing her bald pussy for all to see. I began diddling her clit while fingering her pussy and the crowd gathered! A little playing with her pussy and she was ready for hard cock. 

Lil Slut and friend
Lil slut picked a nice black cock for her first load and it was on! She worked the cock like the slut she is, and gobbled his load of cum. She motioned for her next cock, a regular, she planted her lips on his BBC, working her magic. Once hard, he spun her around, and pounded her pussy until lil slut got her second load. A gentleman jumped in to eat her freshly fucked pussy, hands were groping her tits, lil slut was moaning and from the sounds, I believe she was enjoying herself.

Lil slut sat up, motioned for another regular to come over and feed her. He readily obliged and she went to work on his hard cock, finishing with her guzzling another load of cum. Another cock fill her mouth and again, lil slut did her thing and took another load of cum down her throat.

We noticed the other lady had moved and was working on a cock down towards the front. It was hard to see with so many people around, but it appeared she was having a good time. She ended up sucking about three or four cocks before she left.

Lil slut was still working cocks, they kept coming and she kept working them to completion. A couple of guys laid her back and pounded her pussy.  She rested for a bit, hydrated, then back to the reason she was there, to suck cock and guzzle cum.

Another couple came in and we made room for them on the couch where we were sitting. After a brief introduction, lil slut began gobbling his cock, and I began playing with his hot girl. She was a thin brunette, great tits and a silky smooth mouth. She also knew how to work a cock. Just about the time lil slut got her reward of hot jizz down her throat, I unloaded in our new friends mouth. It was quite the sight, both girls chugging cum and licking the cocks clean.

They almost immediately got up and left. Another regular came in, lil slut calls him “her cowboy”, he always wears a cowboy hat. She called him over, she loves his cock, and sucked him down as deep as she could, getting him hard. He pulled her up, bent her over and plowed his thick cock in her pussy, pounding away and lil slut began moaning and taking the cock like the slut she is. He actually came back later in the evening for another round of cock sucking and pussy pounding action and lil slut loved every second of it.

Yet another couple came in, a tall, short haired blond and her guy. They sat right in front of us and began playing right away. The guy got up and ‘offered’ her to others. Well Doc, lil slut loves pussy almost as much as cock so she jumped between those legs and went to town. There was a cock in the tall blondes mouth and she was working it for all it was worth. Lil slut loved the pussy action and from all the sounds the blonde was making, she was having a great time too! I put my cock in the blondes mouth and she was sucking my cock like a pro. She has a warm, wet mouth made for taking cock. Surprisingly, her guy said ‘let’s go’, and they got up and left. But there were still a few hard cocks left, and lil slut wasn’t going to leave without trying to get them all.

More cocks, more action, and lil slut gulped down more loads of sticky goo. My last count was 18 blow jobs, 5 fucking and one pussy eating. I lost count when I lost my pen somewhere, but it was well over 20 loads of cum my lil cum slut took down her throat.

We’re relaxing today, hopefully we’ll be planning another trip soon!
Bayou Boudreaux

BB & Lil Slut Gallery From Saturday Night (Click to ENLARGE)



Doc here again... A huge thank you goes out to The Bayou Boudreaux and his muse, Lil Slut, for a great report and gallery of pics!  Looks like a great night for all at Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater.  And a thank you to the folks who attended who saw the announcement here and mentioned it to BB.

If you were there, and would like to submit a quick report, please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Flash Report! Summit Street News in Warren, OH by SJPenternal

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from new contributor SJPenternal. He visited the awesome Summit Street News in Warren, Ohio and this is his report.

Take it away SJPenternal...



This was my first time at an adult theater PERIOD. I was nervous but the staff was very nice. $11 for singles, $16 for couples. So, as I paid my $11, I went to the theater and it was 7 men but it was cool.

Summit Street News
Warren, OH
15 minutes later, an older couple (maybe 50's) came in, and this woman looked nice. The guy started to make out with her and showed her boobs. The other men that were inside started to lick and suck on her D's, some rubbing her pussy while she gave head to a few dudes. They then left.

I left to get some grub and came back. Nice thing is that if you pay for your ticket, you can come back later during the day if you wanna get food or a smoke or whatever as long as you keep the stub. So, an hour later, this sexy BBW came in with amazing tits with this dude. He came in as there was three guys giving oral in the back. Note that from the last posting, all the seats are now leather black couches, even the center of the room.

So, the BBW came in, just got naked and started to have hot sex with her dude while another dude was getting oral from the BBW. When he got his jolly's, one of the men from the 3-sum came in and got head for the longest of time. Being this is my first time, I was nervous to do anything while everyone else was either watching, jerking, or trying to get a piece but asking very nicely. It was about 11 when I left when another young couple came in.

Staff was very nice, and the theaters were very, very clean. I would go again.



Doc here again... Many thanks to SJPenternal for a terrific first time report.  Nicely done, sir.  Summit Street News in Warren, Ohio is one of the top adult theaters in the country, and is a consistent member of the weekly Power Rankings.  If you are in the Warren area, make sure you stop in, see Eric and the team at the Summit Street News, and tell 'em Doc sent you!


Flash Report! Sevenlinguest Reports on Two Fridays Ago @ The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here with a Flash Report from Portland and the famous Paris Theatre.  Brent's Theater Tails regular contributor, Sevenlinguest, was kind enough to send this report along to The Good Doctor. 

This is an excellent report from a typical crazy Friday night at Portland's legendary adult theater

Enjoy the report...


Hello Good Doctor!

I noticed on your blog, you like reviews sent from time to time...the below is from a week ago this last Friday, a story about Voodoo Girl and Daddy's last visit to the Paris Theater in Portland

Early on Friday night, just before sunset, I came in to the theater to see what one usually does early on. A dozen or so people looking at the screen, and turning their heads to see who is coming through the door to the auditorium. Most glanced and just continued to watch the movie.

Being that it was only 7 45 or so, and realizing I haven't had anything to eat, I left for a spell and walked to a small hamburger joint on 5th just north of Burnside. I don't always know I am in need of a meal until I have it in front of me, and smell the entrée and side dish. I knew I wouldn't have fared well without sustenance.

Back to the theater at a quarter of nine, and not much happening. Others wishing that they had gone to the Oregon for the eight o'clock gang bang.

I held out that the odds were on our side, and I hate running around to clubs, theater, video stores, and glory holes trying to chase action. Uses up way too much energy.Just go with the first choice of venues and if worse comes to worse, just go to the front row, and watch the movie, and take care of myself!

The faithful usually prevail, and Friday night was no exception. We were graced by our visitors from the north, at about 9 15 or so..

Less then 3 minutes, the lobby clears out. I wait for a spell, and get coffee before entering the auditorium. Never rush oneself, nor put pressure on a worthy couple. I enter, sit in the annex, with a comfortable view of the couple section. Waiting patiently, and not expecting too much too soon.

The Paris Theatre & VooDoo Dounuts
Portland, OR
Patience and manners pays off, as a rule. I just remain comfortable in the annex, sitting and relaxing.

The Star of the evening with her escort, leave the couples area after only a few minutes. It is always entertaining to watch the swarming of the men, like the herding instinct in action , anticipating where they will go, and wanting to nudge to "the front of the line".

I just sit comfortably in the annex, for I am one who needs to get comfortable for a time, and watch the mood develop and blossom.

As the others swarm to the Arena, the gentleman sitting next to me and I, anticipate that they are in fact, coming to the annex, and we both move the bench toward the railing, to facilitate their entrance.

No better place to be, than sitting comfortably, watching, when one knows that this could be going on for a time, perhaps, a time until the wee hours of the following morning. I believe it was still only 15 minutes to the hour of 10 p.m..

Yes, the Maestro of the evening directs the Choir Boys as to the protocol. Minimal conversation and maximum being sucked, and fucking. Keep the line moving...

My understanding was they were going for a "new record".

The annex is a great place for such an event. The couple, by rights, have control of the situation, and it is conducive to being relatively easy to manage.

First, the Lady in question unwraps a condom. With great dexterity, she unrolls over the engorged member, and proceeds to demonstrate the great skill of a talented and practiced oral facilitator. A joy to see, and more joy for those who have experienced first hand (or mouth).

After she works her Magic, she turns around to have the suitor fucker her wildly!

The 'aftermath' in the condom is then placed in a cup. This is how score is kept..This is 'record keeping', leading to 'record breaking'..

The setting of a new goal in this thing of ours, is one in which everyone who participates can feel they are doing something that is memorable and significant.

I and another gentleman sit in the annex for a long period of time. I know, I feel much more comfortable sitting and watching for a time. There was crowding right near me, but it was clear to my right, where only one Choir Boy at a time was allowed. Such a good and admirable level of control for the event, and that is always important.

Later, that is hours that passed like a warm luscious fluid of space-time, Our Goddess leans over between the gentleman to my right, and myself and asks "would you two like to come to the little theater with me?"....!...

The small theater is gay porn. Some in the front part of the little theater were enjoying themselves, the flick, and each other. No doubt, this evening had something that everyone enjoyed either playing or watching.

Yes, our Good Friends from north of our wonderful city enjoyed each other, and us in the little theater.

The gentleman who was sitting to my right in the annex, sports a condom, and proceeds to enjoy some anal pleasures with the Sweet Little Princess, while her Prince lies down on the bench licking her Luscious Glory, and Rocking The Little Boat.

I proceed to stand above her, masturbating as she whispers "You can cum on me! Please!"...Oh!! I tried so hard (and was very hard)!!! Really I did try!! I was encouraged greatly..

Fatigue, age, and performance anxiety can combine as a formidable foe. Must be understood that it is all me, because I have fucked even bareback with my fwb(s) for 30 minutes or more and have to just rest, try again, and maybe a third time before the 100 million Warrior Sperm are jettisoned into the world at large..

Let's be Real Clear on the above. 100% of the problem is ME and MY physiology...Not our Lovely Lady... I say that because some ladies I know question whether they are doing something wrong because I don't always cum, and that isn't the case..

All said and done, it was 1 40 a.m. at the time I left, and I graciously thanked our Good Friends before leaving exhausted and happy!

More could have been written had I been willing to stay until...??...

A wonderful night, even though they were the only couple in the entire theater for the whole evening (if there was another, I have to admit I was oblivious to their presents).


Doc here again... Many thanks to Sevenlinguest to forwarding over this report from the Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group.  Excellent stuff, sir!

Thanks again,

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flash Report! Fastplastic @ Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here with a first time Flash Report from new contributor, Fastplastic.
With the guidance of senior reporter Old Marine Corps Guy, he ventured to Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ, and this report details his findings.
Oh great facilitator of this thing of ours,
As you know this rookie recently took a very quick trip to Mesa. Knowing the places to look for fun were plentiful and my time was short, I sought out the guidance and wisdom of Old Marine Corps Guy. Armed with his in-depth knowledge, I decided to roll the dice on Personal Preference. I went on a Tuesday night (couples night) and arrived shortly before midnight. I was happy to see the parking lot had at least a dozen cars in it. My hopes were raised even more when I ran into a very pleasant 50ish woman coming outside for a smoke break. We exchanged pleasantries and I headed inside. I paid my $7.00 theater admission and took a quick around the shop before entering the theater.
For those that don't know the theater is divided into two sides, each side has 6 couches and a very large flat screen showing pretty decent porn. I took a look in both theaters and found nothing but guys. A few were stroking by themselves and a few were coupled up. I took a seat and patiently waited.

Guys wandered in and out but no females or couples were to be found. The lady I ran into when I first arrived spent her time talking to the clerk and smoking outside, coming into the theater only to get her husband and telling him it was time to leave. 4 hours later my theater ticket ran out and it was time to head for the hotel. I briefly spoke with the clerk and he said it is hit or miss on when females or couples come in. He seemed more interested in what was showing on Nick at Night than holding a conversation with me about theater fun.
So here are my observations from a rookie to this thing of ours:
1. Excellent place, easy to find, good neighborhood, plenty of parking.
2. Store has a wide variety of movies and toys, something for everyone.
3. Almost 2 dozen video boths, showing a variety of movies. Get rid of them. There are signs everywhere saying one to a both, you get caught breaking the rule, you get kicked out or arrested. Plus the gloryholes in every both have been closed over with a metal panel and screws. The space would be better served to make the theaters bigger or to make a couples only theater where they can bring in select singles. Might increase traffic to the place.
4. The theaters themselves are good, Plenty of couches and space to play or watch and the TVs and the porn are more than fine.
I did notice some behavior that even this newbie found unacceptable:
1. Walking around the theater in boxers with your pants in your hand the entire time you are there, probably not a good way to get noticed.
2. This is a theater, not your couch at home, so don't lay face down on the couch with your ass in the air for all to see.
3. I understand that it was the overnight hours, people get tired or bored, maybe even working on a hangover, but sleeping in the theater and snoring louder than the porn on the screen is completely unacceptable. If you are that tired, go home or sleep in the parking lot.

I didn't get lucky this time but it was a fair introduction into this things of ours. Maybe I'll have better luck this week at the Berlin News Agency since I'll be in Philly. Look for another report from me after the 26th. Thanks again to you both for all the help.
Doc here again... Nice job on your report, Fastplastic!  Sorry to hear it was not very busy, but that happens in this thing of ours. You will find Berlin News a much different (and much busier) experience.  Make sure you mention The Good Doctor to the staff there when you check in.  I'm glad OMCG and myself could help!

Special Bulletin: Kitty's East in Denver Closing by Greg and Sheryl

Doc here... Well it looks like Kitty's East, an ABS in Denver, is soon to be closing it's doors for good.

Greg and Sheryl, who gave The Good Doctor the heads up on this event, run a great inter-racial blog filled with all sorts of goodness, including a lot of ABS and theater pics.

To be honest, I know next to nothing about Kitty's.  I believe it is just an ABS, as I can find nothing on it being an adult theater.

Good-bye Kitty's East... I hardly knew ye.




Single Female Flash Report! Tammy @ The Art Cinema in Hartford (w/PICS)

Doc here with the rarest of Flash Reports: The Single Female Flash Report.

The lovely Tammy ventured to Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and has filed the following report.




Hello, my name is Tammy, and I wanted to blog about my experience at the Hartford Art Cinema on Saturday, 4/20/13:

The Real Tammy
I have gone to the theater before several times, either with a single guy friend or a few friends. Well Saturday I had somewhere to be for 7:30 but was in the area and thought I would go for a while. I tried to see if friends were available to go with me but because it was a last minute decision, I couldn't find anyone to go with me.

I arrived around 6pm or so. I was hesitant about going in by myself. But my daring and courageous side of me came out! I hung in the lobby and hallway for a bit, looking around. Looking at the time and knowing I didn't have much time, I ventured down to the main floor. From my past experiences, I knew it wouldn't take long before the action started.

I sat down and 2 guys sat next to me and behind me. They asked if they could touch me and I said yes. They began to caress my full breasts and the next thing I knew there were about 15 guys circled around me! I didn't waste anymore time and began playing, licking and sucking some cocks. I knew I was good at multi-tasking but that night put me to the test!! Soon my pants came off and a guy asked if he could play with my pussy. I obliged and it didn't take long before I was wet! A couple guys helped by holding my legs up. Excited and aroused, he began to gently play then harder until he made me squirt!!! Wow!

The Real Tammy
I was quite busy as I had a cock in each hand and one in my mouth! Mmmm! Then one guy asked if he could slide his cock in my wet pussy. I definitely wanted to feel it. I stood up and bent over the seat as he pounded me from behind. It became more exciting as the other guys that were watching, joined in on telling him to fuck me harder! I then asked him to spank me.

While he was doing this I had another cock in my mouth sucking away! Then he climaxed as well as me. I then let a couple others do the same.

A friend of mine showed up to my surprise. I said hello and took his cock out of his pants and began sucking on his thick, black cock!! He gave me a quick massage. Very nice!

Time was ticking and I unfortunately had to leave. Everyone was nice and it ended up being a hot and erotic night. I guess I passed the test and would definitely do it again!!



Doc here again... A big thank you goes out to the lovely Tammy for a) stepping out of her comfort zone and going to The Art Cinema by herself, and b) submitting a great Flash Report.  Keep on sending in your reports, Miss. I think you may have just picked a lot of very new fans!

Comments are open and welcome.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! CVE In Gastonia, NC by Beast & Betty

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from first-time contributors, Beast & Betty.


My wife and I went to CVE in Gastonia, NC a couple of weeks ago and will be going back again in a couple of weeks from now. I can give you our tale if you like, but it is pretty tame as this was our first time ever going to a theater (although we are readers and fans). CVE was not as restrictive as the database led me to believe. I chose the names Beast and the Betty for us, because I (husband) am 6'5" 265lbs, and the Betty is a tight little a-cup beauty with waist length dark hair and is 5'3 and 115 lbs.

We walked in, paid our couples fee and were granted admission to the theater area. The screens were playing hard porn, and there were several people in each theater. Nearly all the patrons were male and very well behaved, which was perfect for helping with our first timer jitters. We passed one couple exiting a theater on our way in to see the layout, and also noticed another woman in one of the theaters sitting with a guy, enjoying the action on screen. After a quick walkthrough of the 3 screens in this area, we went back to the entrance and were buzzed into the couples theater.

Gastonia, NC
The place was empty and then she says lets get a seat and relax. She was wearing a short skirt and tight fitting t shirt and sneakers, and sat to my right in the front row, crossing her sexy, well shaped legs slowly as she sat back to watch the action on screen. I was wearing loose fitting shorts, and soon felt her hands tugging at my zipper.

She reached in and pulled me out through the opening. It took two soft tugs of her hand, a wink, and a smile to have me almost fully erect. (First timer nerves slowly going away.) She then lowered her head into my lap, taking half my length into her warm, soft mouth with her undulating tongue. A few seconds of this had me at full mast. About this time, we hear the buzzer and cover my lap as she sits back. The door opens and in walks the couple we passed in the hall in the other theater area a few minutes earlier. They took seats behind us and off to the side.

We watched the movie for a few more minutes, and I soon felt her hand lifting my shirt off my lap and reach for my cock again. She was soon back to the slow, sensual rhythms with her mouth and tongue. I slid my hand down her side and over her thigh, pulling the side of her skirt up. She rolled her hips sideways in the seat, giving me fuller access to her moist, pulsating pussy and ass. As I slid my fingers slowly up and down her wetness, I realized that I wasn't going to get any harder than I was, and told her to come sit in my lap.

She sat back staring into my eyes, smiling, then leans in and whispers "No, I am going to finish you off, now, with my mouth." I feel her warm breath on my cheek, and then her soft lips and flicking tongue moving down my neck. Somehow, I get a little harder. She starts again with her slow, sensual combination of flicking tongue and twisting neck, then moves me all the way into her throat, taking me all the way into her. In what felt like far too short a time, well, when the Betty wants, the Betty gets. And the Beast fully tamed.

Beast & Betty


Thanks again to Beast & Betty for a terrific first-time report!  Great job guys, and please keep the reports coming in!


Couple's Flash Report! Tyreese and Angel @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicagoland

Doc here with a first time Couple's Flash Report from new contributors Tyreese and Angel.

They visited 15th Avenue Adult Theater on 4/12, and this is their tale of fun and wonderment.




I'll keep this short. My wife and I are new to this thing of ours but had a blast at the 15th Avenue Theater and Bookstore on Friday April 12th. We went there on a Thursday before but I just played with her tits in the theater then she finished me off in a private booth after we walked around to check out the place, that being our first time.

But this time on 4/12 wifey was a lot more comfortable. She gave me a blow job in the theater for a bit. A few guys stroking and watching from their seats. Then we walked around for a bit. A few t-gurls showed up and we watched the one of them sucking cock and getting flicked in the theater. Then they went to the room behind the screen. We watched them a little while longer before finding out this place had a gloryhole! We were all excited when we saw it and went inside a booth ASAP!!!

She sucked me for a while but it wasn't long before a cock popped up through the hole. Wifey asked me if it was OK and I told her yes. She smiled and sucked that cock and stroked it until it came all over her hand. That one disappeared then another one came through. That one she sucked really well. He didn't cum on her because he pulled back and came on the floor. After that we left.

We got down the street (literally) and turned around to go have more fun. We watched the t-gurl a little while longer getting fucked and sucking three dicks and this turned us on so we went back into the booth. Wifey sucked 3 more cocks. Only one cumming. She got down on her knees and sucked this one really good. He came all over her neck and tits.

My wife is a sexy Latina BBW. Dark hair and beautiful face. I am black, heavy set, with a fat dick. After she took enough cocks she wanted me to open the door so the group in the hallway could watch me blow my load on her face. So I did. I came really hard with all those guys watching and it was amazing. Shot it in her hair and all over her face and mouth. I could hear signs of approval coming from the hallway.

We will be back again... And again and again. This was our first real experience and we loved it. We still get a little nervous but open up more and more each time. We found out about that place through this site so I thought it was only fair that we shared our story with you. Going again maybe this weekend or next week for the couples night. We would love to talk to some veteran couples to get more info and hear some stories. Thanks... hope to see you there.

Tyreese and Angel


Doc here again... A little birdie told me that Angel has been chomping at the bit to read her report on The Journal.  Well Angel, here you are!  You have arrived!  Hopefully one day I will run into you guys at 15th Avenue!

Keep up the solid reports, guys!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flash Report! Darknight Hits The Jolar Theater in San Diego

Doc here with a great new Flash Report from senior reporter Darknight. Once again, he hits pay dirt in San Diego, and this is web to guide you through


Hi Doc,

It's been awhile!

I stoped by the Jolar Theater and Barnett Ave Superstore on March 22 on the way back from a friends birthday celebration trip across the Mexican border in Rosarito the previous day.

I first hit the Jolar at 8pm, paid my $10 bucks and got buzzed in to the theater. There were 2 guys in the first theater, and 1 latin couple I recognized from a past encounter: I called them the Jose Coseco / Courtney Cox couple.  They were seated in the center left row of seats with her on the wall side.

Jose remembered me and gave me a nod that says "I remember you", then he whispered to Courtney and she looked over and smiled at me. They then got up and walked out so I followed after a minute. However, they did not leave but were standing by the exit hallway door watching the movie through the glass partition. She was in front, leaning against him. I said hi and she waved me over, as he then raised he skirt and showed me she wasn't wearing panties and started playing with her pussy.

I asked permission to touch and started playing with her tits, and she then asked to see my cock. So being a gentleman, I unleashed it and she began to stroke me while Jose and I continued playing with her as she got more turned on.

It was then that 2 other guys from the theatre came in the hallway and they stopped and asked me to follow them to their car which was parked in a vacant parking lot across the street south of The Jolar. We went to the back seat of their Volvo, with her between us. Immediately she unleashed her C cup tits from her top so I could suck and play with them while Jose watched.

Courtney stroked my hard full attention bronze cock she , then bowed her head and took the German helmet in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it before taking as much as she could in the back of her throat. I was now in perv heaven as Jose now started performing a 3 finger bang on her now sopping pussy.

I asked if she wanted to sit on my cock but she just wanted me to fill her mouth with come. I was close enough, so I blasted my cum down her throat and some landed on her upper lip (Got Milk)?. we said our good byes and I headed towards the area of the superstore to find a hotel for the night before my next encounter stay tuned for the cumming attraction,

Until then,
Later Doc


Doc here again... Many thanks to Darknight and his latest report. Keep up the great work, sir!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Field Report! Gentle Tongue Hits The Lion's Den and Frtitz the Cat

Doc here.... Senior reporter Gentle Tongue is back with an update on his travels within this thing of ours. He covers a lot of ground, and this report is no different.

So please enjoy the song stylings of our good friend, Gentle Tongue.

Hello, good day Doctor,

The GT here. It has been some time since I have stop to put a finger to the key pad to send a note in. Although I have continued to be a connoisseur of the reports and this thing of ours I have be lurking.

Here are some lite reports for the readers.

First of all I would like to highlight a new and exciting find that might spur some interest. Recently I had the pleasure to discover the Lion’s Den in Mineral Wells, WV (Parkersburg area). The address is about 386 Frontage Rd, Mineral Wells, WV 26150. I say about because it is tuck behind the Liberty Truck stop and you literally have to turn into the parking lot for the truck stop and then head to the back. Club 77, a gentleman’s club, and if you can see that the Lion’s Den is right there in front of you.

They are open 24 hours a day and the staff I encountered were extremely professional, 2 separate visits.  The selection in the store is excellent, as other Lion’s Den locations are as well.  During my 1st scouting trip there were 2 couples, one actually appeared to be a trio of 2 younger boys and girl.  They giggled a lot but found something in the store intriguing.  The other column was browsing and taking things in.  To the back was an entry to booths, which I did not visit that evening.  This was around 8:00pm.

The following day I did take time out to revisit around 5:00pm on a Tuesday, not a hot expected high traffic time. However, over a period of about 2 hours there were a couple of couples that did enter the store but did not come to the video arcade. First, the video systems are state of the art. They use the rechargeable card system. There is a $5.00 minimum to enter, which is about a 20 minute viewing period. The video selection is vast and will satisfy many of the followers. There are his and her bathrooms and appear to be well maintained which is also true for the booth area.

Not The
When entering I would caution the followers to enter slowly and let the eyes adjust or don the shades our Good Doctor wears. If you not you might find a thin wall and bump the head.

There are about 12 booths total. Two sets of booths have a larger seating area within them, easily good room for 2 couples. These booths are also equipped with next buddy view windows, so good for the exhibitionists among us. There are then 2 sets of booths, with room for 2 that have nice glory holes between them. There are then about 4 other single booths that are a bit tighter but nicely equipped, clean, and roomy.

I would venture to guess there is some couple activity on other nights/days. Surely will stop in again.

Fitz the Cat
Dallas Pike, WV
Now an update on what I thought was some good progress for the infamous Fritz the Cat in the Wheeling, WV area (Dallas Pike – exit 11 I-70). It appears that the some old rules have been reintroduced. After the renovation and reopening you could pay for the theater and also visit the booths and reenter the theater. However, a sign was posted a month ago indicating that you could only leave and reenter for using the bathroom. Now whether the enforcement is consistent is another question. Some other signs verbiage was something, relating to spitting on the floor. Junior sample must of wrote and posted the note. The good news is they have kept the place clean after months have gone by.

Will keep everyone updated on any new and inviting developments. I am looking to survey the reported renovations at the Summit Street News in Warren.

GT – looking for a place to put that tongue!
Thanks again to Gentle Tongue for his report on the Lion's Den and update about Fritz the Cat.  Keep cranking out the reports, sir.  America needs you now more than ever.

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter @ The Barnett Avenue Superstore Theater in San Diego on Friday 4/20

Doc here with an awesome Flash Report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter. His trip to The Barnett Avenue Superstore Theater in San Diego is in my opinion his best effort so far. What I would have given to be there Friday night to witness this event.
Take it away, TOR!
Good Dr.,
This is the Oral Reporter with a hot off the press report from the Barnett Ave. Superstore Theater in San Diego, California.
Working here in the LA area and staying over the weekend I thought I would drive down to either the Jolar Theater or the Barnett Theater this Friday night.  I had both addresses with me.  I had previously been to the Jolar Theater a couple of months ago, so I thought I'd try a new place and plugged the address into my GPS and make the drive. 
I got a late start, and I had a 1-1/2 hour drive.  I pulled into the Barnett Ave. Theater at 12:45 AM Saturday morning and just as I was coming in the front door a very sexy lady and her man were leaving.  She was dressed in theater play clothing, very short skirt and that fuck me look all over her.  I thought well, I missed this one by getting such a late start, but since it is couples night on Friday night and the couples get in free, I had hopes of a good night.
I paid my $10.00 dollar fee, and went in the theater.  There are two theaters that you have access too, both of them have two different movies playing in each theater. The volume is only turned up on the straight movie in each theater.  In one theater there was a gay film and a straight film playing and in the other theater there was a straight movie and a Tranny (chicks with Dicks) movie playing.  I looked in both theaters and nothing but a bunch of confused guys some of which were practicing their oral talents on each other. 
Barnett Avenue Superstore
San Diego, CA
I took a seat in the first theater (gay and straight movies), and this allowed me to see the hall between the first and second theater just in case a couple should come in.  I was in the theater about 30 minutes when I heard the tell-tale sound of ladies heels coming down the hall.  You never know what will be coming down the hall when you hear that sound, so I watched the hall with intensity and was I ever surprised! 
I would have to say that this was probably the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in a XXX theater.  I about fell out of my chair when they came into the first theater and viewed both of the screens for a few minutes while still standing, then they went into theater #2.  This very lovely lady was not dressed in what I would call theater play clothes.  She had on tight Jeans and a tube type top.  After a few minutes the guy comes back into the first theater where I was, but the wife stayed in the other theater.  About 5 minutes later he goes back to Theater #2.  I follow and when I turn the corner, there she was sitting on the aisle seat next to another older guy and she is slowly getting herself turned on.  She is rubbing her beautiful (natural) tits through her top, and rubbing her pussy through her jeans, and starting to show some excitement and letting out small moans of pleasure. 
I was standing against the wall directly across from her, so I had a wonderful view while stroking myself.  She then let one of the girls out of her top, and was now working on the nipple with one of her hands, and then unbuttoned her top jeans button and zipped down the zipper.  Her hand was now in her pants stroking her pussy, licking her fingers every minute or so, and moaning a little louder.  Her husband was standing against the wall watching her just like the rest of us were, but his zipper was still closed, unlike all of us in the theater who were working our tools, hoping this would turn out to be a great night.  
After about 10 minutes of this, I asked her husband if I could eat her pussy, and he said "it's up to her, but give her time to get herself more tuned on and warmed up before I asked".  So another 10 minutes went by and I leaned over to her and asked if I could lick her pussy for her.  She had already lowered her jeans enough for me to see the nicely shaved pussy she was rubbing.  She did not say yes or no, just kept playing although she did make eye contact with me.  I stepped back and kept watching her enjoy herself, as now the second wonderful breast was set free and her jeans were at her knees.  No bra and no panties. 
The older guy sitting next too her stood up still stroking his tool, and she then decided it was time to suck her first cock of the evening (not to be her last by any means).  I was on her other side and when she finished him off and swallowed that load, I was next.  This beautiful lady that I would say could have just walked out of the porn movie we were watching, she had a dancers legs, a very fit body, with porn star tits, but these were natural ones, long brunette hair to the middle of her back and a face that was like a younger Cher.  Although I would not kick an older Cher out of bed for eating crackers.  She belonged in the fuck film that was playing in fact there was a porn star in this movie named Jasmine Rain, and she looked very much like her. 
After she sucked me to a quick completion, (she kept sucking until every drop was in her mouth and swallowed down her throat), I backed up and she was onto cock number three.  Now number 3 was one of those confused guys I mentioned earlier, in fact when I entered theater number 1 at the start of the evening he was getting a blow job from a rather tall black guy with a jacket and a hood on. So that was load number 1 deposited by guy number 3, and when this fantastic lady sucked him to completion that was load number two he had deposited for the evening.  Through the nearly 3 hours that this couple was there, lucky guy number 3 drained a total of 4 cum loads in her mouth.  I was so enthralled by sheer beauty I even went back for a second blow job, and her lips were still as soft as velvet, and I deposited load number two for me. 
During the time that this cum slut was in the theater about 3 hours total, and she sucked off at least 20 to 25 guys and there were many who deposited more than one load in her soft mouth.  Additionally I would say at least 8 to 10 guys fucked her bareback (and that is the reason I did not get a chance to lick her pussy, as by the time I was going to get down to work on that pussy with my talented tongue, she was already letting guys fuck her bareback. Now since I'm not one of those confused guys, and I did not want to taste their cum while pleasing her with my tongue. 
As in every crowed, there are dicks of all shapes and sizes as well as guys of all shapes and sizes.  There was this one guy who was all of 6'-5" tall, very slender, and had a cock that was at least 12 inches and it had girth also.  When she saw that monster cock in front of her face she went to work sucking it as best as she could, which meant only about 1/2 of it was going in her mouth and getting nearly to the back of her throat.  He was not a quick cummer, and she sucked on him for at least 10 minutes, while other guys took turns fucking her doggy style while she was bent over sucking this monster cock.  She then decided to fuck this monster cock and she sat down on it, trying to get it into that tight pussy.  she let out a few shrieks as he managed to get it deep inside of her.  While she was fucking the monster cock, she continued to suck off more guys and swallow more cum. 
She was so good at sucking the cocks I did not see anyone shoot their load on het tits or any place except in her mouth.  She asked her husband to get her a bottle of water and the guy who got the first blow job offered to go and get her one, while he was out he also picked up some lube for her.  Mister Monster Cock applied the lube on her pussy and then began fucking her again.  The lube was helping her quite a bit, and she was saying things like keep fucking me with that beautiful cock of yours, and don't stop.  This monster cock guy should have been in the XXX movies, he could last a long time.  He and her should both be in the XXX movies, both are insatiable in their appetites for sex.  One of the times she was sucking off the monster cock, and was in the doggy position, there was a little (short) guy on his tip toes trying to get his little cock in her pussy and fuck her.  He needed an apple crate to stand on and then he would have been just the right height.  He was not a midget, but just short, probably 5 feet tall.  Looked like a beagle trying to fuck a German Shepard - kind of comical in a way. 
 Her and her husband took one break for about 10 to 15 minutes, then she came right back, stripped off the clothes again and was nude waiting for the next cummer.  She did not have to wait long, as Mr. Monster cock stood up in front of her again and she started sucking him off again. 
This guy had not dropped his load yet not in her mouth or her pussy.  Earlier I had mentioned that she had natural tits and they were perfect ones, as much as I felt of them, I can confirm they are real.  Her pussy was shaved clean.  One of the confused guys during the course of the evening did lick her pussy, and I'm sure he got a mouth full of left over cum from her well fucked pussy. 
While she was sucking off either monster cock or any of the other of us if she was in the doggy position, she was getting fucked by who ever was behind her, and as soon as one guy would dump his load of cum, another would stick his cock in her very wet and juicy pussy.  I was hoping to be able to get my rocks off in her velvety soft mouth, but as we get older it is hard to get it up three times in one 3 hour period. 
During this gang bang another couple (a middle aged black couple) came in and watched for a little while.  I think she would have liked to play, but she was I'm sure intimidated by the all out gang bang going on.  After the black couple left, two of the guys who had been partaking in the gang bang, came in the theater with two young ladies. This was nearing the end of the stay of our wonderful gang bang host and hostess, and these two young ladies watched and giggled a little, but never did anything sexual during their stay.
I told both the husband and the beautiful lady that I would be writing a blog for the Dr. Emilio Lizardo web site.  He told me that they had been written about a while back by Old Marine Corp Guy (report HERE).  I asked if he had given them any kind of screen name or used letters, he said no that they were just listed as the middle aged bald guy and his beautiful wife.  I think it was a good report and was probably last year.  I would estimate his age to be late 40's and her age to be late 30's. (she might have been older but did not look any older than her thirties). I'm still amazed at her complete beauty and her perfect figure.  She did not keep her clothes on for more than 20 minutes while in the theater, and she left in a see through fish net type tight dress, as her jeans were in the car.
She stayed around long enough to make sure anyone who wanted his cock sucked or wanted to fuck her had the opportunity to do so, even if it was for seconds or thirds, or as in at least one guys case 4ths for him.  At the end she (like the bars do) made a last call for cocks. Everyone was drained so she did take on all cummers. She left there with a stomach full of cum and a pussy that was dripping as she walked even though she did use some Kleenex to try and hold back the flood of cum from her pussy.  Mr Mega cock did finally cum on her, and he apologized for not cumming in her mouth or her pussy. 
I'm sure she is going to have a sore pussy tomorrow when she wakes up (Saturday).
With only the one short break, she was either sucking or fucking or both for at least 2 1/2 hours straight.  I don't think there was any way to keep track of the number of loads she either sucked out of these cocks or fucked out of these cocks, but it was a true Gang Bang.  I asked how often they come to the Barnett Theater and he told me that it would average about once every month to month and a half. 
I'd like to drive down again tonight but I don't think I would have a chance of ever topping last night. Plus I have not slept yet, I wanted to get this written and submitted as soon as possible.  I hope the couple reads this and makes any comments or additions they want too, or if there are any of the guys who were there last night who want to comment I would love to have their views on how this thing of ours played out last night.  The husband pretty much let anyone do what ever they wanted as long as she was good with it, as he was there for her safety, but did not step in to control anything.  My hat is off to him and of course to her for her performance.  So even though only one couple played, everyone was satisfied and their cum drained.
Oral Reporter out, until this thing of ours that we love so much takes another turn and fun like this is again had.  This was one very confident lady who knew how to have fun, enjoy herself, and please a room full of guys.  I applaud her and her guy for a wonderful night, and I hope to see them again sometime.
Doc here again... If the couple highlighted by this report is reading this, please e-mail me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I have a few questions for you.  Thanks!
To The Oral Reporter, you have done The Journal proud, sir.  Great job, outstanding detail, and you captured the night nicely. 
The scene in San Diego is picking up, and it looks like Couple's Night on Friday is a great time to attend.  If you do, and run across a report worthy scene, please e-mail your old friend in the white suit with your findings.
PS. Comments are open!