Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Call For Reports!

Doc here, shining the Batsignal back up against the skies of The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college (Go Spinners!).

Yes, once again, The Good Doctor's in-box has been emptied of all reports. The well is dry my friends, and I'm looking for you to fill that well back up with Flash Reports, Field Reports, or Blast From The Past Reports.

There have been some great reports the past two weeks, and thank you to all that have submitted your work!  If you ever thought about submitting a report, but have not as of yet, this is a great time to do so. Just provide The Good Doctor with a pen name to use for your reports, and type up your observations. I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and best of all, you get the byline.

Senior reporters... It's time to answer the bell.  You know the routine.

Please send your reports to me directly at I'll take it from there...

Thanks again to you, the good readers of the #1 source for information on this thing of ours.


Couple's Flash Report! Ebony & Hubby Hit Denver's Adult Theaters (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from Ebony and Hubby. Their first report was a big hit, and this second report does not disappoint in the least.

Again, the scene of our report is Circus Cinema in Denver, CO.  Judging from their last report, as well as this one, it seems Ebony has quite the appetite for anonymous cock in an adult theaters.  Plus, this time Hubby sent along a few pics of The Mrs...

God Bless you sir.


I am glad to present to you this report from Denver Co. The last report we sent you was a call to action for my very sexy, young and proudly slutty wife. As you know in “this thing of ours”, there are bad days and good days, but this particular night was AMAZING to say the least.

Circus Cinemas
Denver, CO
We started at Circus Cinemas around 11pm in a very aggressive mood. When we entered the theatre, there were only 3 or 4 people but Ebony quickly started conversations to ensure they were not cops. She was wearing a tiny white mini skirt with no panties and 4-inch heels. She asked if she could go to the bathroom by herself and invite any hallway loiterers, and I quickly agreed.

She bent over as she was walking out to expose her round ass and pussy to everyone in the theatre, and stated "I'll be right back."  She promptly returned and wasted no time, as she bent over and started sucking on an older fella as another was invited to fuck her from behind. She clearly and loudly stated that they all are expected to participate because she is fucking everyone tonight!
The Real Ebony
The older man quickly came in her mouth and she greedily swallowed it all almost in sync with the other man exploding in her pussy. Another entered her from behind and finished inside her tight pussy after pounding her like a jackhammer for a good amount of time. At this point she was so turned on, as was I, she was in need of so much more. We left the Circus Cinema for another place called Pleasures, intent on some glory hole action.

We found two fellas inside their mini theatre that gladly helped us with her desire. One came inside her from behind the other in a condom. She then took the condom off the fella named Joe and squeezed every drop of cum out into her mouth and asked me “what’s next?”.  I was so turned on by this whorish display I drove us right back to Circus Cinemas.

Now 2:30am, the cinema was filled with 10 or so customers. Ebony walked in and wasted no time as she fucked 3 or 4 more guys and kept something in her mouth over the next hour. She was fucked in every position, she even went to the car for a blanket, returned to lay on the floor like a readily available slut and accepted all that wanted a piece. One man was watching but not participating and this drove her nuts, so she paused the action and confronted him exclaiming he had no choice but to fuck her hungry pussy! He couldn’t refuse this, so after some time in her mouth he turned her around and joined the list of men that night.

Now I was so into things seeing my wife being a total cum slut, I needed to see the whore complete so I told her, and let the next fella fuck her in her ass. She hesitated, but being the great whore wife she is, she agreed and told a man named Vince to ease in. Once inside and properly warmed up I directed him to fuck her hard and he proceeded to the point of completion. As he stepped aside, another man quickly replaced him and got inside her tight ass and filled her with his man juice. She was fucking like a crazed whore!

By the time the last fella filled her mouth with hot liquid, it was 4:30am and the cinema was empty. She was craving more and I loved every minute of it. The two of us were upset there were no more participants and not wanting to quit we made a quick drive by a truck stop arcade but no one was there.

We went home and I made slow love to her for the rest of the morning and we reminisced of the AMAZING night. We counted in all: 13 men filled her pussy, 2 filled her ass everyone got head but her only complaint later that night was she didn’t swallow enough cum, yea still a decent night for a slutty wife but she said one key thing before she fell sleep…….” I am such a whore, I need more daddy”.

We will be back very soon so if in the area stop by the cinemas and join the party. She has set up an e-mail youngsexycumslut@gmail.comso people in the area can be informed of the next outing to ensure a crowd that will satisfy my slut wife.

Ebony and Hubby


Doc here... A huge thank you goes out to Ebony & Hubby for a terrific Couple's Flash Report, and the photos that add a little something-something to flesh out the report!  Keep the reports (and the pics!) coming!

The Good Doctor needs your reports from this thing of ours!  Just drop your old friend in the white suit a few paragraphs about your recent adult theater visit (first timers, remember to send along your pen name) HERE, and I'll do the rest: edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two along the way.

Remember, you always get the byline!