Monday, July 9, 2012

Party With Cathy From - Summer Road Trip 2012

Doc here with the official Journal of Adult Theaters announcement of Cathy's (from & Summer Road Trip 2012.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is THE huge adult theater event of 2012, featuring my friend Cathy, as she sets out to turn several adult theaters on their ear this summer. 

Don't let Cathy's looks deceive you... Underneath her sophisticated and classy exterior, lies a woman who is truly HARDCORE. That perfect mix that we truly desire.

A little background for you... Cathy contacted The Good Doctor early this year, asking my opinion of some of the best adult theaters in the country that would allow Cathy to do her thing.  I rifled back to her a list of the best fits for her, and presto-chango, there is now a schedule.

So kids, if you find yourself near one of these great adult theater locations, and want to party with Cathy, check out her schedule page HERE.

Cathy has some rules she would like you to read and understand.  This will help smooth the process and pave the way for a terrific vibe in the theaters/gloryholes.

Cathy's great websites provide all the information you'll ever need on her and what she really likes.  CLICK on the links below to be taken to her homepage(s).  She is looking for big turn outs, so if you are in Hartford July 27th, let's start the theater part of the tour with a BANG! 

Cathy is counting on it.


Psst... Watch for an incredible Flash Report from Cathy in the next day or so, with 18 NEW pics!

Technical Difficulties RESOLVED!

Good afternoon to you, and to all the ships at sea.  The Good Doctor here, with news that the technical difficulties that prevented new reports last night and today have now been resolved.

The culprit was my brand new router, which will be returned back to Quickie Mart for a full refund.  Luckily, I had my old router still at hand, and I got it back up and running, Doc Brown style.

Just in case this happens again, I have a flux capacitor on stand-by.

Thank you for your patience, and I now ask you to remain calm, carry on about your business, and prepare for some filthy adult theater reports.  And yes Virginia, there will be dirty photos as well.