Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flash Report! A Lido Theater Double-Feature by Lido Man

Doc here with a double-feature for you from one of the top adult theaters in the country, The Lido Theater in Dallas, TX.  This report is brought to you by Lido Man, and it's chock full of surprises.

I recommend you sit down with a Whataburger, and enjoy the twin bill from Lido Man.


Hello there Good Dr.!

Hope all is well with your readers in "this thing of ours".  I'm sorry for not having the chance to post anything exciting, but I do have 2 stories I'd like to share with everyone.  I'll start of with the eventful/uneventful story that happened Friday afternoon, then follow-up with the 2nd story below.

June 15th, 2012
First Friday afternoon in a long time that I'd been to the Lido Theater, because of two reasons. 1) I live 2 hrs North, and 2) since Friday night is couples night, there usually isn't any couples during the day until now...

I happened to be in Dallas last Friday, and Saturday as I had two vanilla dates lined up for each evening.  But that's for another time and another blog! LOL

I decided to head over to the Lido around noon, and to my amazement there were about 40 to 50 cars in the parking lot. That's a lot of sausage! I figured a lot of the confused men were there to see what quick action they could get into over their lunch period, and I was right.

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
But as I've learned over the years, you must sit and be patient if you have the time, and I did.  While sitting there enjoying the movie on their 14' screen (guessing) I noticed that all the men that were trolling the private booth section all came into the theater and sat down, or stood along the back wall.  That could only mean one thing...

Yep, an early 40's couple walked in and stood in the center of the back wall.  He was handsome and was wearing dress slacks, and a nice button down polo shirt. She was a blonde about 38 to 40 and about 5'4" and slim with a swimmers ass! She was wearing a short denim skirt, a white tank top (no bra) and was about a perfect 34C. She was wearing sexy heels, but they were not CFM pumps as we normally see in this thing of ours.

Anyway back to the story.   She leaned into him and he had his arm around her, and they just stood there whispered in each others ears, chuckled and watched the movie.   She finally started to notice the crowd standing to each side of them, but since they were at the back wall, had anyone stood in front of them, they would have been blocking the couples view of the movie.  I can't believe the vultures were so polite!

She then started to rub his cock through his pants and he started to grow.  This kept on for a while until she decided to pull his cock out. She was stroking him and looking down at all the other men there in anticipation that we'd all pull out and stroke for her.

We accommodated. Her "man" pulled up her skirt to reveal an unbelievable ass in a white thong.  He rubbed her ass for all to see, but no one was invited to touch. This went on for a while until a brave soul stood in front of them to stroke for her.  This was fine until he shot a load on her man's shoes! Yes it actually happened. I thought all hell was going to break out!

Her man was very polite and asked the man to back up, then they got their clothes back together and in place and exited down stairs and out the door.

If it weren't for that brave soul and his "antics", I think it could have become quite the show for all of us, but alas, there is always one bad shot in every crowd!

June 16th, 2012

Hello again Doctor,

After the antics that happened on Friday, I left and went on my vanilla date and wound up taking her to my hotel for more drinks and some kissing and petting. I think we'll have a 2nd date.Anyway, I returned back on Saturday afternoon to the Lido in anticipation that something exciting may occur as we all do in this "things of ours".

I pulled into the parking lot about 3pm and out comes a couple in their mid 30's.  She was a thick but not a BBW blonde, with a white mini skirt and black halter top and come fuck me pumps. Perfect thing to wear to go shopping! LOL.

Anyway, I slowly pulled in as I watched them walk to the far end of the parking lot and got into their car.  I pulled in next to them on the passenger side and sat for a while as I read a text on my phone. I looked over often to see them making out. I rolled the window down for a cool breeze, and when I did, I could her her coming. He must of been playing with her pussy the whole time. I thought that was it, but they kept on and he pulled her halter off and started to play with her tits. I'd say she was about 40D maybe DD.

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I got out of my car and stood there looking inside to get a better view. He looked at me smiled and pushed her head into his lap. She then sat up on her knees in the passenger seat and pulled up her mini skirt to show a nicely shaven beaver (I've not used that word in a long time - "beaver" it's funny to say). Anyway, I pulled my cock out to stroke it and he lowered the window and said its ok to touch her. The entire time she kept going down on him as I fingered and licked that perfectly shaped, say it with me... beaver!

She came several times and finally I blew a load myself while standing in the middle of the day in the parking lot of the Lido! It was awesome.  As I came to my senses, her husband finally blew a load and she sat up and wiped her lips clean.

This was the first time she saw my face and said, Oh hi!   I said hello and wished them well. I was so spent I just got in my car and drove off to my hotel to prepare for my 2nd Vanilla date.  I never made it into the Lido that day, but then again I didn't need to!


Lido Man


Doc here again... Thanks again to Lido Man for a nicely executed report.  I would normally recommend against a parking lot adventure, but since I did the exact same thing (albeit at night) in San Diego a couple of years ago, I can't.