Monday, October 22, 2012

Coming Attraction! Gloryhole Nancy @ Romantix in Battle Creek (w/PIC)

Doc here with a Coming Attraction for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow 10/23, the insatiable Gloryhole Nancy is going to Romantix in Battle Creek, MI.
You want details? I have details, along with a new pic of Nancy at the gloryhole.
Here are the details...
Hi there Doc,
Just letting you know we are going to Romantix in Battle Creek, MI (address in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database) on Tuesday 10/23 in the afternoon/early evening. If all goes well we'll be sure to shoot you a report. 
If you could let your loyal readers in that area know that would be great, and if they want to email us directly with cock pics and more details even better:)  Our email is,  and if they include a cock pic and Nancy likes it we'll make sure we get together. She's in the mood to oil up her DD's and titfuck any cock that comes through the hole, so please let your readers know we will be there! 
Thanks for your help Doc, and we'll be sure to let you know how it goes (WITH pics this time lol.) Take care and thanks again!
Gloryhole Nancy and T

Flash Report! JaxBchBum on Pure Pleasures in Gainesville, FL

Doc here with senior reporter JaxBchBum, and his latest from Adult Pleasures/ Theater X just outside Gainesville, FL.
Here we go...
After a couple of visits to Pure Pleasures/Theater X (just outside of Gainesville, FL) over the last month that were not worthy of a report due to a lack of action, I finally lucked out again this past Sunday.
Arrived at the theatre about 3pm, paid my $20, and went inside. There were 2 other guys there, both sitting together on a couch in the back row so I went down to the 2nd row to the middle couch. Wasn't there more than 30 minutes when an older couple (mid-late 50s) came into the theater.
The lady looked dressed to play with a short black skirt and a button up blouse, but they went down to the front row and sat down on the couch in front of me. From their sitting positions it didn't look like anything was going on as they would constantly make whispered comments about the action on the screen. Thinking maybe I was missing something, I stood up to go out and get a bottle of water and looked over. He was stroking himself and she had her hands in her lap but they were visible and not under her skirt. They stayed for about 30 minutes and then left.
Pure Pleasures/Theater X
Hawthorne, FL

Afternoon was pretty quiet with only other guys coming in; but at least they came and sat down and there wasn't this going back and forth between the arcade and the theatre like sometimes happens which destroys any good couples vibe. I was about ready to leave when the couple that I referred to as Matt and Dana in my Sept. 12 posted report (the night of 5 Couples!) came in. They sat down in the couch on the back row against the wall right behind me.
 As usual, Dana was dressed in a short black skirt with no panties and a clingy top. Dana was seated against the wall so it was hard for me to look back without fully turning around and being too obvious. But I knew from past experiences that once they got started, they welcomed viewers so I waited about 10 minutes and I heard some soft moans coming from Dana. Sure enough, Matt's cock is outside his pants and being stroked by Dana while he is fingering her pussy and alternating between rubbing her delicious exposed tits. This goes on for some time getting Dana closer and closer and then Matt backs off. Then Dana bends over, undoes the belt and drops Matt's shorts and begins giving him a BJ. She gets Matt close and he stops her. Then it is back to her leaning back and Matt rubbing her pussy and tits while she strokes his cock. Then Matt gets down on his knees on the floor and begins eating out Dana's pussy.

Then the wrinkle and what makes this thing of ours so interesting as you never know quite what to expect even for couples that you have seen before. After Matt sits back up on the couch, Dana reaches into her bag and brings out a cock shaped dildo/vibrator. Nothing gigantic, but average size. She turns it on to low speed (from the hum) and begins rubbing it up and down her smooth slit, and then she would slowly insert it inside her pussy. Meanwhile Matt is stroking his cock with his right hand while pulling her pussy lips apart with his left hand.
From the reflected light of the screen, it was easy to tell that Dana was getting wet from the action. While she generally kept her eyes closed, every now and then she would open them up and look at the others in the theatre and give that slight mischievous smile.
So a couple of guys move into the row they were on and are standing there stroking their cocks while watching Matt & Dana play. I have noted in previous reports that the couches there have moderately high backs. This provides some level of privacy but also has the negative effect of making the seating area of the couch in a dark shadow. Well, Matt came prepared this time and pulls out a small mag lite and turns it on and focuses the beam on Dana's pussy as she really starts working the dildo. This causes everyone to move a little closer but still respecting their personal space.
Matt is holding the light with his right hand while alternately spreading her pussy lips and dipping his fingers inside while she works the dildo. Dana is clearly enjoying the pleasurable action as the speed of the dildo increases and makes more frequent disappearing acts inside her pussy and then up against her swollen clit. After some time, she reaches an orgasm that clearly wasn't faked as her pussy juices flowed freely.
After a brief rest, it was Matt's turn. Dana bends back over him and begins sucking him off. Since her head is down in the shadows of his crotch, Matt turns the flashlight back on so all could watch her slowly work his cock up and down in her mouth and lick the head. Matt is really a stud as he survived this action for more than 10 minutes before he said he was close and exploded in her mouth. With that, they took a breather for a few minutes, dressed and left to the many thanks of the guys in the theatre and this writer.

Another pleasurable visit to Pure Pleasures!
Doc here again... Thanks to JaxBchBum for another strong Flash Report from Gainesville.  He had had some remarkable luck at this location, and hopefully they will see even more couples traffic in the coming days and months.