Thursday, September 12, 2013

Field Report! Quick Update on the Jolar and Barnett Superstore Theaters in San Diego by Denny and Nanner

Doc here with two quick Field Reports from first time contributor Denny, and longtime contributor Nanner regarding San Diego's Barnett Avenue Superstore Theater and The Jolar Cinema.
I had heard rumblings about these changes, and now we have our first reports.
Take it away, gentlemen.
Denny's Report
Hello Dr.,
I wanted to let you know all the big theater seats in both theaters have been replaced with tiny, standard old-fashioned, bolted to the floor movie theater seats.
Refunds are not accepted either.
P.S. Love your site!

Nanner's Report

Dear Dr E,

Things have been a bit quiet of late out here in sunny San Diego.  I have only had the fortune of seeing a few minor appearances of couples the last few months.  Others may likely have had better luck, but I haven't had anything spectacular to report.
However, I stopped by the Barnett Theater today and can advise they have dumped the old recliners (literally, they are dumped in a pile outside the side entrance of the store) and installed new cushy theater style seats.

A quick rundown of the new seating alignment is that the first theater (the smaller of the two) has three rows of about 10 seats each.  Because the seats are smaller the rows fit closer together creating a empty space up front.  Perfect for some future play space for the exhibitionist inclined couple.
The second (larger) theater has the biggest change, and catches patrons off guard as that theater is always the darker of the two.  The old layout included the aisle to the left immediately as you entered the theater.  The new layout places the aisle completely across the theater, then to the left.  This may be a bit more advantageous for checking out couples as they walk in as they must cross in front of both LED screens before finding a seat.  However, for the time being, it may be a bit dangerous as the dark seats hide in the shadows and those showing up to the theater for the first time may turn left and walk/fall into the first row of seats.  The second theater appears to have about 5 rows of with 10 seats per row.  Ample play space is in front, and standing space exists along the far wall.

In the past I have noted couples using cushions from the old style seats to help ease the ladies on their knees. No such cushions exist anymore.

Finally, just a general note to the confused fellas viewing this site.  When you ask some guy if you can blow him and he replies with a stern "no", following up with the same question and the word "please" won't change the answer.  That has been happening a lot lately.

Till next time,

Doc here again... Many thanks gentlemen on the San Diego scene.  I wonder if the new seats will help or hinder business and couple's traffic?  Let's see more San Diego reports!