Monday, November 8, 2010

Kneelin' With Nancy: Photo Supplement

Doc here with a little something to tide you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters, over until the next full "Kneelin' With Nancy" article comes over the wires.  Here are a few more pics of our favorite gloryhole naughty girl, Nancy, on Halloween weekend @ Adult Pleasures in Toledo.


Stay tuned for the next chapter in "Kneelin' With Nancy"...Coming soon.


Field Report: The Paris & The Oregon Theaters in Portland by "The Editor"


Just read part of your trip report on PDX and your poor luck. A year ago, I was in PDX for a week and worked both Paris and Oregon very hard.  They are entirely different experiences and clients.

On week nights, with small crowds, the O was good.  Each night a different couple came and played. One night a mixed age couple came in.  He was 50, she 35 BBW.  She had on a long dress and was carrying a shopping bag.  They walked in and went to a couch on the side.  She didn't even sit down, just pulled the dress over her head and was naked.  Then she spread a blanket on the couch and sat down.  The guys (10) moved right in and she took care of business.  It was well behaved.

On a Saturday @ 2pm I went to the O.  An older couple was there.  She naked and taking on 1 at a time to F/Suck.  Again well behaved and nicely paced.  They spent 3+ hrs.  When they left we said be sure to come again and they told how it would always be a Sat afternoon when their respective spouses were at work!

Also later on Saturday I caught a regular at the Paris.  A VERY nice woman who went to the exam table.  A 30yr old guy in scrubs pounded her good and she loved it.  Then he tickled her G spot and she screamed.  It was terrific.

Saturday night was a xdress party at the O.  I went just to see if couples attended.  There were a few, mixed results.  There had to be 200 guys in the O and wow was it hard core.  No interest to me other than just to see some nasty hard poundings of a few subs.

It turns out that weekend, the big night at the Paris was Sunday nite.  Mostly an older crowd but very hard core.

I think the biggest problem with the O is lack of posts.  I do believe it may be the better of the 2 theaters, but doesn't get the press coverage.
Thank you to "The Editor"... Nice insight to the contrasts between the two Portland area adult theaters  We are looking forward to more to come from him.

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