Sunday, July 7, 2013

Flash Report! Mr2Mallards @ The Buford Twin Highway Theater in Atlanta

Doc here with a Flash Repoirt from first time contributor Mr2mallards.

This report focuses on The Buford Highway Twin Theaters in Atlanta, GA.

Take it away, sir.


Mr2mallards here with a recap of the Buford Highway Twin Theater in Atlanta last week.

Confused guys dominate the scene here on every
trip I've made, but couples do make the it in from time to time. Most of them
play until a rude dumbass runs them off. This was true on WED, THU, FRI, and SAT
of last week, although some guys had some fun with some nice couples. WED and
THU saw a few couples come in over the course of the evening, but none stayed
long as the vultures encircled them as soon as they sat down.

Went to the Braves game FRI and didn't get to the theater until midnight. Lo and behold there were four couples watching the show.

One couple in the back were getting loose. She had a great set of tits and a
small firm ass for a mature lady. She made it clear she was not to be touched as
she began the show with her man and about 15 guys and one of the couples
watching from close-in. She was really getting into it when some asshole rubbed
his cock on her face. That was it. They got up and went to the lobby. They did return a few minutes later , but never got cranked up again and left shortly thereafter. The other couples split, as well.

SAT night was better. An older white couple came in
about 800, She was cute with a great set of tits. They sat in the couples
section, initially, but then moved to the back where they were quickly
surrounded. Another older white couple came in and proceeded directly to the
couples section. The first couple joined them there. Wasn’t long until the
second lady asks a BBC to escort her to the back. They warmed up a little then
came down to the front row where she provided an excellent cocksucking
demonstration on the BBC for the crowd. The first couple moved in for a close
look at this action. The first lady was obviously new to the scene. The second
lady returns to her seat and starts working the crowd for another BBC to suck.
She goes to the back row and blows another one before she gets the first BBC to
go again. She liked to suck BBC and eat cum. They stayed awhile longer then
split. Meantime an older black couple came in. They
stay a long time, but show no interest in playing. The lady shows off her tits
and blows her man before they leave.
The first couple was into watching the second lady suck
those BBCs. So far the first couple had given no indication that they wanted
company. The guy was keeping a close eye on her and warning the guys not to
touch her. He would get her nice big titties out and play with them and then
fingered her to an orgasm. At this point I ask her if she would like a water,
which she did, and I secured a bottle for her. Her old man asked me to sit down
with them for a little added buffer from the crowd. Then he asks me to play with
her pussy. Didn’t take long to get her off. They then asked me to join them in
the couples section with me on the border and them inside the section. This lady
was HOT. She let me finger her pussy and ass to four more orgasms over the next
hour and a half. This despite some hispanic asshole who was about to get more
than he bargained for from the old man, who was packing. Just before leaving the
lady told me to lean back in my seat and proceeded to blow me in front of the
crowd, then shared my juicy load with her old man. So HOT! They left shortly
thereafter. As it turns out this was her first visit to a porn theater! I think
she ended up having a great time.

Another couple comes in. Tall white girl with a really
nice body and her man went straight to the couples section. She quickly dropped
her top to show everyone her lovely tits and blew her old man for the crowd, As
she was getting started the same hispanic asshole got on his knees directly in
front of her. Pissed her off, but she finished, then immediately got up and left
after giving the crowd a big smile.

Two other young couples came in but saw the crowd and
never ventured into the theater beyond their first pass to check it

I have had some fun at this theater, but the assholes
are a real problem. They just don’t get it, man. I was the only single white guy
that got any action SAT night. Just by being nice and respectful.

Have a couple of other exploits to recount but no time tonight.

Happy trails!



Doc here again... Thanks to Mr2Mallards for the terrific report!  Keep them coming, sir.

Dopey behavior by guys in adult theaters seems to be universal. I hope the regular patrons pulled this guy aside and gave him some solid advice.  Also note how by being respectful will get you a long way in an adult theater.


Flash Report! The Cunning Linguist @ Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, NY

Doc here with a quick Flash Report and comments from The Cunning Linguist, and my old stomping grounds back in Western NY.
Look for my comments at the end of this report.
Take it away, sir.
Hello Doc,
I hope you remember me from my reports about 6 weeks ago. 
A quick comment on S&T's experience last weekend at Video Liquidators in Buffalo. 
I think I know who the female clerk is (she's very overweight and very,very angry).  I have seen her treat couples rudely before.  Also, as far as daytime play is concerned, VL is just not very friendly.  The daytime clerk (a short skinny guy) is rude to everyone.
Conversely, Talk of the Town  in Niagara Falls, NY is becoming the place to be.  I stopped in three Friday's ago and was treated to a show (they had made arrangements to meet there) with an older married couple and a single guy.  She looked like the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond (not the milfy mom, Ray's mom) but notwithstanding, it was fun to watch. And this was at 11am.  The daytime clerk at TOTT does run a tight ship, but she's very good if you abide by the rules (just don't ask her if any couples are there - she gets really ticked if you do).  But her tight-ship-ness actually is bringing couples in I think.
Sadly I missed S&T, as weekend and evening playtime is a rarity for me.  But its good to see a succesexful venture.
Hope to see you return to your old stomping grounds soon.
Best regards from the Cataract City.
The Cunning Linguist
Thanks to The Cunning Linguist for this update. I, too, have run across the clerk at Video Liquidators, and she's a mean one folks.  Just the type of clerk that runs off couples and kills adult theaters. Hopefully someone from the management of Video Liquidators reads this report and takes a close look at their clerks and takes action.
The Good Doctor most likely will back in my old stomping grounds in the middle of July for a couple of days. I think a House Call to TOTT might be in order... What do you think? E-mail The Good Doctor at with your thoughts.  It would be great to run into some of the regular couples that were fixtures there back in the day.