Sunday, August 7, 2016

2K Followers Reached on Twitter! Release The Kraken w/60 Wet & Wild Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say was voted the 4th most likely to start an adult theater blog (while a senior at Stugots High School in Upsate NY). 

Well kids, we finally did it now. 2K Followers on Twitter has been achieved! It has taken a long time, but with the help of you, the good readers and reporters from The Journal, we crossed the finish line.

I would like to turn this over to my good friend, Liam Neeson:

No, The Good Doctor will not be releasing a giant octopus inside an adult theater. They are messy and the human toll would be high.  But how about the next best thing? A gallery of original pics from reporters that highlight "releases"!

Lady releases. Guy releases. Group releases. You know the type. 

Enjoy these best of the best releases...And thank you for your continued support of The Journal of Adult Theaters, your one stop shop for this thing of ours

Releases from a Kraken
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Flash Report! Dave Scajaquada Sees The Lizardo Lantern and Reports on Silk & Tony's Visit to Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY on 8/6/16

Doc here, a man who some say spends his mornings dreaming of Anderson's beef on weck, a dog from Ted's, and a bowl of spaghetti parm from Chef's, with a great Flash Report from my old stomping grounds of Western NY. 

Regular Journal scribe Dave Scajaquada (his nickname in high school was "198") has filed a timely, well-written, and detail-packed Flash Report on the Saturday visit to Video Liquidators in Buffalo by my good friends Silk & Tony last night (8/6). 

If you had been paying attention to my Twitter feed and updates at The Journal, you would have known that The Good Doctor had flatbedded The Lizardo Lantern to VL to signal the arrival of Silk & Tony. At precisely 9pm ET, The Good Doctor fired up The LL and the image of a hirsute white suited gentleman was projected into the north Buffalo sky.  

This a a great report, kids! Pop open the Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and settle in for a good one.

Here we go...


Hey Doc!

Dave Scajaquada here; long time, no write. I know. Unfortunately, for the past many, many moons, Video Liquidators on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo was a bit dry for me. Sure, I would have the occasional discussion with the Librarian (she's still an excellent linguist), but nothing to write the proverbial home about since my last missive to you. I had a feeling things would change tonight (8/6), though.