Monday, December 13, 2010

Flash Report: Bob in Biloxi Checks In From The Gulf Coast

Doc here with senior Journal correspondent Bob in Biloxi's latest Flash Report from The Gulf Coast.   When it comes to being prolific, Bob has few peers.   Looks like someone played his cards well this past weekend... Enjoy.

12/11/2010 Report

Hi Doc,

Another fast paced report from the beautiful Gulf Coast. Saturday night was one of those nights we  would all like to have every time we do this thing of ours'. If our readers will remember, I nominated “Angel” for the hot adult theater/adult bookstore heroine in the contest (didn’t win) but if you were there last night and participated I would have!! It was a very well behaved crowd last night!
The Angel came in The Gulf Coast Theater dressed in long tan/brown skirt with a spaghetti strap pullover top, she had on knee high high heel boots. Her and her man took a seat close to the screen and as is her custom remained very demure and uninterested in the various men that started jockeying for position around them. As is her custom, shortly thereafter they left the theater and arrived shortly down the street at the ABS.

This reporter got first dibs on the booth next to her and she started her magic. First, slowly stroking this reporter’s cock followed by her very talented mouth. After several wet sloppy minutes of this she stopped and tapped my cock. I bent down at the hole and she whispered for me to go to the end booth (no holes) on the right and wait for her. Up with the pants and off I went, as I opened my door, “The Coach” one of our regular hetero horn dogs was standing there grinning at me and took my spot in the booth.  He must not have lasted long because shortly thereafter Angel and her man joined me in the end booth. Angel is only about five foot tall and she immediately started feeling up this reporter’s package.

Doc, I have to tell our readers she has a very soft touch and knows how to arouse a man. She proceeded to her knees and resumed the aforementioned wet sloppy mouth hugs, and as usual my member responded to her expert talent. When she was satisfied that my cock was at full staff she then asked if I wanted anything else? Well duh, I told her I wanted to get that tight little pussy of hers shined up, and then I wanted to fuck.

With that little girl smile of hers, she bent over and this senior reporter proceeded through the alphabet and was rewarded with several “oh yeah’s”, “ fucks”, along with some “oh shits” Then she did something I’ve never heard of or seen, she stood on the metal chair in the booth with her lovely ass pointed toward me and lowered herself down on my cock.

I was standing behind her, and remember she’s only five foot nothing. Picture a women squatting with her feet on the seat of the chair holding on to the back of the chair with her hands.  After I was deep inside her, she looked around and said fuck me. This reporter started hammering her at length occasionally bumping her head into the screen for good measures, turning this demure beautiful lady into a real cock slut! The ABS is relatively quiet place save for the sounds the video’s make, but everyone could hear the Angel being pleasured above and beyond those noises. After this reporter downloaded into her flash drive, thanks were exchanged along with other pleasantries and I vacated the booth.

I figured I would drop by the theater again and see what was happening. Upon pulling into the parking lot this reporter spied two young ladies, one of which was the Catholic school girl and maybe a friend of hers dressed in the same type of outfit only black. These two ladies had skirts on that did nothing to cover two very young looking asses.  As I parked, one of the regulars told me they were just leaving and both girls were playing with the guy that usually only brings in Catholic girl to play around. He also told me they were looking for a third, but I relented telling him “The Angel” had drained my brain.

They were sitting in their car as I left with a huge smile on my face. They will be back and maybe this reporter will have another awesome report to file.
Thanks again Bob for an excellent retelling of your Saturday night.  My Saturday night was comprised of cleaning my sweater shaver. 

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