Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter @ Deja Vu in Ontario, CA

Doc here with a new report from regular contributor, The Oral Reporter. This report is focused on Deja Vu in Ontario, CA, and The Oral reporter does a great job breaking it down for us.
Here he is, The Oral Reporter...
Good Doctor,
I was in the LA area for the weekend, and had to decide where to go. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Jolar in San Diego, I found the place to be OK, but the only couple that was there while I was in the theater seemed to be being chased around from theater to theater so they left. No play time for them.
This time I decided to try the Deja Vu Theater in Ontario CA. I got there pretty early around 6 PM, paid my $10 dollar entrance fee, got my wrist band and entered the very small theater. There is a small back standing area, then one couch, and then 6 lazy boy type of chairs. Not really conducive to play. This theater is a little different, it shows 4 different movies on one big screen and 3 small TVs on each side. The 4 movies are 3 straight and one gay. There are also about 10 small booths, I did not see any glory holes in any of the booths. I did not go in everyone of them so there might have been some.
Deja Vu
Ontario, CA
I was in the theater for about 2 hours when the first and only couple came in. Mid 40's couple, she was dressed for play, so there was some hope. She had on a short denim skirt, and a top that could have easily been raised up for play. Everyone was pretty respectful and did not swarm around them. She stroked his dick through his pants, but not release the one eyed snake.
After a while they got up and went behind the small wall which is a little above her waist in height. I could see her arm moving so I knew she was stroking him again. There were a couple of guys back there and had their cocks out and playing with them. After about 20 minutes they went back to the only couch and proceeded to watch the movies and she played with him a little more through his pants. several of us turned our chairs around so we could watch them a little closer, and a couple of us were stroking ourselves with dicks out. The Couple did not mind us watching and did not seem to mind seeing us stroking ourselves.
About 30 minutes later they got up and went to the small booth areas, no action there either, and then they left and I was hoping they would come back later but no luck. I stayed until closing which is 4AM and there were no more couples, just a sausage fest with several of the guys in the theater.
So neither the Jolar or the Deja Vu  seemed to be worth going too. I did talk to several of the guys in the theater and they said on weekends there are usually couples. I guess this was just an off Saturday night.
I will be back in LA probably in two weeks so I may try one of the places again. I am expecting to be back at the Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS, later this week.
The Oral Reporter signing out.
Doc here again...Thanks to The Oral Reporter for another solid report. Keep up the fine work, sir.

Cancel The Amber Alert! ! Bob in Biloxi Returns, & Has Pics

Doc here with good news... We can cancel the Amber Alert for Bob in Biloxi!  Bob has resurfaced with a new report, and 8 new pics of The Red Headed Goddess.

Remember to click on the pics to enlarge them...

Take it away Bob!


Hi Doc,

A mini report from your long lost Gulf Coast reporter. As you know, this reporter has been tied up on Saturday nights with a smoking hot 40 something professional woman who likes to work out her weekly stress on said reporter.

That said I could not in good conscience refuse another offer to meet with the Red-Headed Goddess from our beautiful Gulf Coast last Friday night. Followers of this saga will remember the Goddess has extremely exceptional oral skills along with a smoking hot, tight, wet little love canal. When I was invited to meet up with the Goddess at an undisclosed hotel near Biloxi, there was no way I could let an opportunity like this go by.

The time of the appointment was at 7:00 pm, room 213. As I tapped on the door, I was greeted by the goddess herself, dressed in a flowing print dress, her long red mane and face made up to please and satisfy; she always dresses to the nines. I got a giggle and hug as I walked in. Prior to my arrival and a week before, we exchanged several sex texts in which she told me she was nervous (again) about our meeting. Seems her mind thinks I’m well-endowed and was worried about the comfort level (I am only slightly above average, folks).

She also told me she just wanted to get fucked hard and be sore the next day, but wanted me to start out slow and gentle. Well slow and gentle is this reporters middle name, but in the back of my mind I did put a check mark by the sore and walking funny the next day.

As I entered the Goddess jump on the bed and was looking up at me, so being the servant I am, I whipped out old faithful who was quickly rising to the Goddess’s touch, and like a fish to water she gently started sucking and licking the poor fellow. As you remember mortal men cannot take much of the goddess’s talent without shooting a geyser of baby batter everywhere. So I had to stop her suggesting she get more comfortable and lose the apparel, doc she can undress at the blink of an eye!!

As she got comfy and resumed her oral exam I made another suggestion of a full blown 69, she accepted and I was greeted with her perfectly shaved clit pierced already dripping wet pussy. That was a mouthful to read wasn’t it? When I was satisfied the soldier was at full attention, I moved her around so she could impale herself at her pace. It was one of those OMG moments as I was greeted by her velvet glove like pussy, accompanied by the expression on her face (at last?) as she slowly took me all the way in bottoming out, with that she just rested for a moment, then slowly started moving those luscious hips and purring like the sex kitten she is…

After an orgasm or two on top, the data bit stored in my mind blinked (I want a sore pussy @BOB.COM). I then rolled her under and started long dicking her each time making sure I hit bottom! Gradually increasing the pace and force in which she received me. She brought along her trusty silver bullet and would touch her clit and just explode, time for doggy! I was able to re-enter the slice of heaven from behind and have the most perfect view of the most perfect little (don’t fuck me in the ass) asshole, which yours truly started massaging with his thumb. Three orgasms later I was at the point of no return and unleashed 2.3 gallons of Bob’s baby batter as deep as it would go.
Red heads actually turn bright red when they cum, she was the color of a fire engine when we were done, but had a big smile on her face for some reason??

We talked for a bit and I remembered some lady saying that a man should wash off all the pussy before he engaged another woman. I figured I would go by the theater and the ABS to see what was up at both places in order to file a report. So, armed with one of your lady submitters rule, I took a shower and a left the Goddess to bask in our reunion. With wobbly legs I made my way to the HD and headed off to the various establishments.

Upon arriving at the theater I noticed there were very few vehicles in the lot. Not a good sign. As many readers down here know, last weekend and next is Cruising the Coast (mega showing of Hot Rods, classic cars and rat rods) The beach road was jammed on the way to the theater, but it seems all attention was on this event. Down the street at the ABS the lot was full, but alas, a confused folk, and gay events were in progress. I stayed for a while just to watch the goings on, but no couples at either place presented themselves while this reporter was on station. I talked to both clerks and was advised no couples had been in all day.

Partially bummed out I left and headed back to homestead, it is a two hour drive and there was not much I could do after the Goddess had her way with me anyway.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let Brent and floyd know I will be making my yearly Portland trek for Halloween arriving Oct 30th, departing Nov. 6th this year. Reading their reports it seems P-town has some new and rising stars at this thing of ours! “Koral” looks smoking hot along with some other talented ladies up there this year. I hope my pals can put out a good word for me.

In closing, our site has really taken off, talent like “Nancy” (wow she is the bomb) and “Hannah” along with the other attractive ladies have made your site the go to for all things in this thing of ours! Much congrats on the great work Doc.

I will try and send reports from my adventures as I get them in P-Town, hopefully with some bit of luck I can sample the extreme talent that wonderful city has to offer…..



Doc here again... It's good to have you back, Bob.  Keep up the great work!