Monday, January 26, 2015

The Good Doctor's Showcase! Hawaiian Eyeful & The Good Doctor - Report and Photo Shoot (w/21 PICS!)

Doc here, with the first report of 2015, and the debut of The Good Doctor's Showcase. I am glad you have stopped by to spend the next few minutes of your day with an incredible report from the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful (from Portland OR), and some photos of Ms. Eyeful by your old friend in the white suit, The Good Doctor. 

The Hawaiian Eyeful did an amazing job with this report, and I guaranty you will immerse yourself into the scenes she details, just as I did (and I was there!).

The photos that accompany this report were taken by your humble narrator at the time this scene played out. The outfits, the hidden stairwell, the elevator...Every pic taken as Hawaiian Eyeful unfolds her report in very hot detail. 

Last note... The photos with this report can be ENLARGED by clicking on them. Trust me, you will want to...

So without further ado, please enjoy the first Good Doctor's Showcase, featuring the outstanding reporting of the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful!



Saturday November 15th, 2014
It has been a very whirlwind weekend and this is one exhausted girl.

It’s Saturday morning, and we arrived promptly at 9:30.  As we entered the hotel,  I kept thinking to myself; wow, I can’t believe I am doing this. With suitcase in hand, I knocked on the Doc’s suite’s door and entered.   

Emptying out my attire, the suite now looked like a girl lived there; sexy lingerie, club wear and high heels were now scattered about.  Our first pick, dark blue lingerie.  Our second pick, black dress with red sequins and red high heels. Our third pick, a black netted one piece and red high heels.  Our fourth pick, we added a trench coat.  Our fifth pick, au naturale.  

My husband left to get some coffee while we began the photo shoot.   Slipping into the dark blue lingerie and accenting with red heels, I climbed onto the bed. I don’t think it was more than a few shots, and the Doc kept telling me how much restraint he was using.  It wasn't until later that I understood what he meant.  

It wasn't until after the 1st 100 shots or so that my husband returned to the room. Now wearing a black dress with red sequins and with my girls exposed, the Doc began to wet my nipples with his fingers.  As he began, my husband chimed in and told him to just use his tongue to get the job done. Without hesitation the Doc complied and got the results he wanted. Pulling himself away and denying me more pleasure, we continued on with the photo shoot. 

Changed again, now wearing a black netted one piece we forged on snapping picture after picture.  A few shots later and having added a trench coat we proceeded to an area somewhat secluded outside the suite where I climbed up a flight of stairs.  With a maid close by and the camera flashing, it was hard to keep quiet.  After scurrying back into the hall we headed towards the elevator to get a few more candid shots.  

Just the idea of trying not to get caught while shooting in a public elevator was sexually arousing.  As we exited, the elevator next to us opened up and out popped a business man. Whew! Our timing couldn't have been more perfect.   Like two mischievous kids, we scurried back down the hall giggling.  

We then decided to try a few au naturale shots, and this is when all my inhibitions deserted me.  Shy by nature, I couldn't imagine making the first move and kept wondering whether I should.  No need to worry, my husband decided to start the party.  Inviting the Doc to enjoy the sweetness of my pussy, he offered his cock to me. There was no turning back now. With the sucking of my man’s cock, it grew and hardened. As the Doc continued to make his way deeper into my pussy with his tongue, my juices began to drip from his face.  Soon it was time for me to enjoy the cock of the Doc.   

We began missionary style, he fucked me with his big cock like there was no tomorrow.  Juices still squirting, I then mounted him and began to ride him and doing the hula around his cock. I am not sure who was enjoying it more, my husband, the Doc or myself.  I came again and again, drenching the Doc and the bed with what seemed like gallons of cum.

As we continued on with our tryst, I knew it was just matter of time, before I would experience some more fruits of our labor.  

I then began giving him a rim job and then moved down to his cock, sucking and licking his balls while my husband fucked me from behind until the Docs cock exploded cum onto my face and hair.   Wet with cum, and all of us sexually satisfied we knew this photo shoot was now a wrap.   

Exhausted and past the lunch hour, it was time to feed this exhausted girl.  With cum drying in my hair and the permeating smell of sex on us, we called an end to our photo shoot and headed to the restaurant next door.  Sitting at the bar, smiling like Cheshire cats, we ordered our food.   Do you think anyone could possibly tell what we had just been up to? 

Oregon Theater
After attending a previous engagement later that same day, we decided to head back downtown to the Oregon Theater.   Making a detour home, I changed into something a bit more provocative. Arriving shortly after 11 pm, we saw Brent and Dr. L. sitting in the lobby visiting with Jessica.    Since we had just completed our photo shoot that morning, the last thing I wanted to do was have another picture taken.  However, since it was my honey asking, I stood beside the counter in my high heeled black boots and opened up my trench coat revealing to the waiting men, a bright yellow neon netted dress that left little to the imagination.

It had been awhile since we had visited the Oregon Theater and I had heard the lighting was much better.  Curiosity getting the better of me and with a bit of reservation, I decided to peer inside the theater and check out the lighting. Much to my surprise, the lighting had improved.  Since I had enjoyed a great morning at the photo shoot and still feeling a bit adventurous, my hubby and I headed down to the couples area with Dr L. 

Realizing we had made our way without any sheets and towels, Dr. L  being the gentlemen he is, offered to head back to the lobby. After a few minutes he returned, dropping off the items and explaining that his previous engagement for that evening had just arrived.

After sucking and fucking my guy with an audience of at least 20 guys surrounding the couple’s area, I stood up and contemplated whether or not I should go to the “big bang table”.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I told my hubby, “Let’s head on down.”   Grabbing the sheet, we headed to the front where I knew that I was about to have my insatiable appetite filled again.

The first to mount me was the Mechanic.  From there the night of bliss continued with cock after cock being serviced.  My pussy and mouth could not get enough.  With the pounding of each hard cock inside my pussy and another man’s cock in my mouth, the wetness of my pussy could not be missed.  Only two things can make the experience even better, and that is getting eaten out while others suck my succulent breasts. 

It was not until later when I returned home did I find out that Doc and Ash Baby had made a few rounds around the table.  I was sorry to have missed them, but I am sure the others were happy I didn’t stop to chat with them.  After all, the Hawaiian Eyeful should not deny the warmth I had to offer.

With the exception of one excited guy who exploded his cum onto my face, the evening was very pleasurable. Thank you all for being such the gentlemen.  My visit to the Oregon Theater will be much remembered and I will return.

As always, continue to enjoy this wonderful thing of ours.

Your Hawaiian Eyeful


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