Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Metro Station in Louisville, KY on 5/17/13

Doc here with a Flash report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.  His port of call is Metro Station in Louisville, KY.
Here we go...
Hi Doc,
Well my winning streak ended at the Metro Station in Louisville, KY last night. (5-17-13).   I arrived and took a photo of Metro Station for you, then had dinner. I got back to the theater about 9PM.  I paid my $10 dollars and went in. 
Here is a short description of the interior and the layout:  Pretty large ABS, with everything you could need to party with.  Two theaters, one straight, and one confused.  The confused theater is very small and seats probably about 8 or 9 people with some standing room.  The straight theater seats about 30 people and has nice (vinyl) chairs and love seats.  Additionally there are two 3 seat couches in the room.  The individual chairs are a swivel type so you can adjust your self for any viewing and for action on the love seats. 
Metro Station
Louisville, KY
On Sundays the straight theater become a confused theater, and the confused theater becomes the straight theater.  Apparently they have a lot of confused people on Sundays.  The theaters are both in very good shape and are clean.  The clerk staff is friendly.  You have to be buzzed into the ABS from the outside, and there are two entrances from the parking lot, one on the front side and the other on the side where the other parking is located. 
Well I took up my seating in one of the swivel chairs and began watching the movie, and a few guys wondered in and out. Sometimes it was just me in the theater.  I watched the door every time it opened, hoping it would be a couple but it just never happened.  On CD came in and began pleasing the confused guys in there, but as of 2:45 AM (when I left) no couples were in attendance.  I think the place has potential, but with the Law Enforcement in the other theaters in the area, I think it has them scared off for now.  I will try it again when I am in town next time, and hope for the best.  The location is nice, it's in a shopping strip mall, and a laundry very near.  You would think that while some of the ladies are doing laundry, they might come over for a little play in the theater.
Oral Reporter signing out for now.
Doc here again... Many thanks as always to The Oral Reporter for another solid job detailing the theaters he comes across on his various treks across the US of A.  Keep them coming, sir.

Flash Report! Mr2Mallards @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater on 5/14/13

Doc here with  fantastic Flash Report from new contributor, Mr2Mallards.  He has filed a detail rich report that you will enjoy...

Here we go!


Dr. Lizardo,

Mr2mallards here. Been following your blog for a few months now and feel compelled to post.

Was at 15th Avenue in Chicago last Tuesday night, 5/14. Met some really nice folks there. Total of 6 couples came in, 4 of which played to some extent or another. First was older couple. They sat in the middle of the couples section of the theater. Nice lady stood up with her very large breasts hanging freely over the next row of chairs while her man frigged her vigorously and finished with a firm smack of her ass. Another couple came in as the older couple was warming up. nice looking solidly built blonde lady with a black guy. She let him play with her breasts and teased the rest of the guys as she watched the older couple play in the rows behind her. Thought both of these might give it a go as they left for the spa, but there was no indication from either couple that,they wanted company.

15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
Another couple came in around 10:00. Lady was pretty with black hair and large breasts. They sat in the theater for a few minutes with no indication they would play, then left for a private room in the spa area. Another older couple entered the spa shortly thereafter, but gave no signs that they wanted company. The first older couple was still wandering around, but kept to themselves.

About a half hour later the black haired woman and her man returned to the theater. Gave them a few minutes before returning to the theater. When I went in they were sitting in the back row of the couples section. Her man had her big breasts out with one hand up her skirt while she was watching several guys stroking. Her man gave the nod to one well endowed guy in front of me.

15th Avenue Adult Theater & Spa
The guy stood behind the last row while the woman turned and proceeded to swallow his large cock. There were only four of us guys in the theater and the remaining three of us got in line. She gave us all a turn with her hot mouth before retreating to the sauna again. They came back a few minutes later and reentered the theater. In the meantime, another couple had slipped into the theater. An older white guy with a young Hispanic girl. He had her top off warming up when I went in. Shortly, they left for the spa with every guy in the place in tow.

The black haired woman and her man also headed back to the spa. This time they left the private room door open and let us watch as she sucked her man's cock. I believe they were expecting the big cock to join them, but he had headed into the steam room with the Hispanic girl and the rest of the crowd. Black haired woman was obviously a little put out and headed back to the theater.

I peaked into the steam room and the game was on. I immediately shed my clothes and stepped in for a closer look. This girl was beautiful with a superb body. She was getting pounded by one of the guys while many others were touching her breasts and ass cheeks. She was very vocal and very hot. They stopped for a quick break and cool down, then went at it again. Her man was bi and wanted to see some guy/guy action, but no one stepped up. Big cock was standing by sheathed and ready when her man asked her if she wanted to "fuck that big cock". She moaned "oh yeah" and big cock mounted up missionary. He was stroking away and she was getting into it. She rolled her hips up to let him pound deeper and began to moan more loudly. I think her old man started to get a little jealous as she got wound up, because he called off big cock. He stood her up and headed to their private room. He left the door cracked and big cock and I stood at the door while her old man gave her some love. Big cock asked if he could join and the old man let him in and shut the door. Show was over at that point.

Headed back out to find black haired woman, She was now in one of the booths blowing another guy through the hole. Got in line, but she finished the guy she was doing and left. About the same time the Hispanic girl and her man left.

One other couple came in around 12:30 or so, but only stayed a few minutes and left.

This was my first trip to 15th Avenue. Very nice and friendly management, clean place, and lots of fun. This will be a regular stop for me anytime I'm near Chicago.

Been to several other theaters mentioned on your blog with some very good experiences. I travel a lot and love the scene. Straight MWM that is envious and appreciative of the guys who have women to share.


Thanks again to Mr2Mallards... Nicely done sir. We look forward to your next reports.