Friday, January 27, 2012

First Time In An Adult Theater: Chapter 17 - Maya

Doc here with a fascinating First Time Report from new contributor but long-time reader of The Journal, Maya. Maya will be a regular reporter here at the Journal, and we thought her First Time Report would be a great way to introduce you to to her.

To spice up this report (not that it needs any more, trust me), Maya sent The Good Doctor 4 pics of herself taken around the same time-frame as this First Time experience.  While edited, these pics showcase her trim and smoking hot body.  Fast forward to the present time, and she still has that same trim and sexy body (the image used for her logo).

I advise you to just soak in this First Time Report... It's something else!

Here is the beautiful Maya and her First Time...



Deflowered and sexually active since very early,  I was definitely not interested in boys my age, and full of hot fantasies as to what I would like to try out.

It took a while to gather the courage,and one day I drove an hour south to Cinema 1 in Chattanooga, TN, promising myself that I would check the place, and then try to go in at least into the adult store to look around.

I was 17.
Got there Friday evening, found quite a busy parking lot, put my car so that I could see the entrance, and saw a steady trail of guys going in. It was spring, and I was dressed up sexily: a black bandeau, exposed tummy, and a plaid floral mini skirt, plus ankle high boots with 4” heels. Had a stiff couple drinks (vodka mini bottles I had with me) to build up my courage.

Sat there debating between my fear and my promise to myself that I would at least walk in, stay a minute and see. Finally did that, and inside found a shabby store with magazines, dildos etc, which I started looking at, quite nervous.

A few minutes later a bald guy approached me and introduced himself as Gene, the owner of the place, asked if he could help. He told me they had an adult theater on one side and viewing booths on the other - would I like a tour? Not to worry, he assured me it was absolutely safe and all right.

Gene came across right, so somehow I agreed, and we where buzzed into the theater. It's rather large, guys sitting around, and a porn movie running on the screen. He explains that his is a place where guys and some open minded women came to relax and have a good time.
He asked how old I was and I said I just turned 21. He smiled.

Went outside, he offered me a soda, and then walked me over and we where buzzed into the booths area. Rather smaller, different sized booths, each one with a TV showing porn, a kind of bench against the wall, and no doors. Gene said that I could walk around, he would wait at the entrance and keep and eye on me at least until I felt comfortable and safe.

Guys stand around, ogle me, I go and peek into the booths, some occupied, somebody watching the screens. A guy makes eye contact with me and enters the last booth. I approach on my way out.
“Come in” he says, “I am Mark, what's your name?"


"What a pretty name for a pretty girl” and he puts his hand on his crotch. I cant avoid staring, then turn around to leave, he asks me not to, unzips and out comes a wonderfully erect large cock, a smile and a “This is what you are dreaming about, right Maya?” He pulls back slowly on his foreskin.

The smell of the place, Mark, and I feel dizzy, start trembling and just stand there looking at him. His hand touches my face, goes down my throat, shoulders, arm, “you are so beautiful Maya”...and puts my hand on his cock. Leaves it there and goes under my skirt, an feels me trembling. “Your panties are all wet, good....” “can I kiss you?”. He does, I moan.

“You are mine now girl, get on your knees and kiss me” and gently pushes me down. With total tunnel vision I go down on him, and his smell and taste while he pushed me towards him is overpowering.
He goes sits on the bench, I approach and go on him again. Somebody picks me by my hips and lifts my buttocks, starts pulling my panties down and I get jumpy. I didn't know there was somebody else, but Mark tells me to relax, “I am a big girl now, I can handle two cocks at the same time.”

I try to turn around and see, but Mark grabs my hair, deep throats me, and when the other guy climbs and mounts me I immediately orgasm in gasps very intense. Soon Mark shoots in my mouth, and when I try to pull back he pushes me. “Take it bitch”.

Mark stands and the other guy turns me around, tops me missionary, and I see others around, some of them also touch/grope me. I feel overwhelmed but Gene's voice says to stand back, take turns but don't overpower her. The rest is history. I got licked and fucked in every hole, guys using me left and right for well over an hour.

I walked out, took a rest while Gene chatted, and asked me if I liked his place, where I was from and so on.

A while later when ready to leave he asked if I did not want to have a brief theater experience for variety and to know that that was all about before I went on my way. By that time I was spent, had slight pain, declining to promise to return soon. But he pointed at a couple guys and said that they patiently waited in the booth but did not get their turn, so I give in.  One tops me, others give me a bukkake shower.

Drive home, sneak in, and finish on my bed masturbating myself to sleep.



Doc here again... There is much more on the way from the lovely Maya in the coming weeks, as well as brand new images of her being very naughty.  Rumor has it she may be making an appearance in a very popular adult theater somewhere in the USA this weekend.  One can only hope that a Journal reporter will be nearby to chronicle the events of the evening.

Stay tuned for more from the lovely Maya here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.