Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flash Report! The Oral Report Hits Circle Cinema and The Gulf Coast Theater (with PICS)

Doc here with a mega-report from senior reporter, The Oral Reporter.  He has visited two theaters in two very different cities: Circle Cinema in Wichita, KS and the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi, MS.
Take it away, sir!
Good Dr.
This is the Oral Reporter with a couple of reports on my travels and visits to two Adult theaters.
I stared out in Wichita, KS at the Circle Cinema  Thursday January 24th and then again on Friday the 25th.  I paid my senior fee of $4.00 on Thursday night. At the Circle Cinema you never know what you will get and the condition of the theater is getting worse every time I go there. 
Circle Cinema, Wichita, KS
Very shortly after getting settled in a very lovely and young mid 20s single woman arrived.  She entered the theater and went to the second level on the left side, with her phone up to her ear.  Being the gentleman I am, and not wanting to rush things, I thought it would be nice to at least wait until she got off the phone before approaching her.  She has on the smallest and tightest shorts I think I have ever seen they looked like they were painted on.  After about 10 minutes of being on the phone, she got up and walked out.  I thought I would never see a unicorn like her in a theater again. 
About an hour later two female wanna bees (Trannies) came in.  Alas, the night did not get any better, as no couples and no additional unicorns showed up.  Left the theater at 3 AM. (they are open 24 hours a day).
Friday the 25th after my work, I decided to go to the Circle Cinema again.  Just as I was entering at 7:30PM, the unicorn I talked about previously on Thursday night was just leaving the theater.  Again she was in tight shorts hair in a pony tail, perfect young body, and very pretty.  I asked the clerk how long she had been there, he told me she had arrived less than 30 minutes ago.  I asked if she was a regular, he said yes, she lived quite close to the theater.  He told me she only picks up younger guys at the theater.  Thursday and Friday there were only us old farts in the theater.
After being in the theater for a few hours and about to leave, a late 30s couple came in and sat in the second level on the right hand side.  I was in a seat just to their right and about 10 feet away.  After they got settled I thought maybe they would start some activities.  They were not dressed for play, but you never know.  She had fairly tight jeans on so it was not looking good.  There were 5 of us guys sitting around the couple but no one was making any moves or getting too close.  I do believe all of us had our tools out and were stroking them.  After about an hour of them watching the movie they got up and left the theater.  The couple did not play with each other while they were there.  No other couples or unicorns came in so it was time to leave and get some sleep.  My next stop was going to be the Biloxi Theater on Saturday night.
One comment on the Circle Cinema in Wichita, If the management does not do something about the sad condition of the theater, I do not think anyone except the confused guys will continue to go there.  Almost all of the seating is almost unusable with springs all that are left of the seats, many of the seats either do not have backs or seats.  This theater has potential of being a great place, but needs attention.  I have seen many couples and single females in this theater in the last few years, but it is really slowing down.
Saturday I flew to New Orleans, and American lost my luggage.  I fly Delta every week, but could not get a flight to New Orleans on Delta (sold out) so I for the first time in over a year bought a ticket on American.  I will not fly them again.
Back to the story, I drove to my hotel in Biloxi changed clothes (shorts and a sweatshirt) got to the Gulf Coast Adult Theater about 7PM.  I knew that The Bayou Boudreax and lil slut were scheduled to arrive around 8PM.  The parking lot was full, so that is always a good sign.  I paid my $10.00 dollar admission and entered the theater. 
I have not been in this theater for several years.  The condition of the theater is very good, seating is in good condition and the size is just right, not too big and not too small. I took a seat in the second row from the front, looked around for any couples that may have been in already.  None were there, but there were several confused guys trying to please each other in the area where the couches are.
lil slut enjoying her favorite hobby!
About 10 minutes later a couple came in  and sat in a couch just in front of me.  They looked to be in their mid to late 30s - might have been older.  She had short brunette hair (about collar length) very nice body and very pretty.  Not dressed for play but you never know what the will get into.  He was a tall good looking guy hieght and weight proportionate.  Several guys sat around behind them and were stroking their tools, including me.  About 30 minutes later they got up and left using the back door to the parking lot.  Several guys got up and followed them out.  Eventually they all came back in through the front door.  This couple did not come back during the night. 
Shortly after they left, Bayou Boudreax and lil slut came in and sat in the front row of the couches on the right hand side.  I was not sure if that was them, but they were very close to the designated time of arrival they had posted.  Boudreax kept looking back at the back row of couches, but there were still two of the confused guys still attempting to please each other.  I decided to take a gamble and let Boudreax know that I would love to taste lil slut's pussy, he told me that when they get a better seat I could come over.  The confused guys continued to occupy the prime seats. 
I got up and asked them to either speed it up or please move since there was a couple waiting to occupy those seats.  These two guys had been at it for over 30 minutes, and they just kept on pleasing each other.  Pretty much everyone was giving these guys dirty looks which must have done the trick, they finally got up, and one of them in a loud voice said OK the area is all yours and was making a scene about it.  He was pointing to Boudreax and saying he paid his fee, and did not have to move for them.  Boudreax told him it was not him who asked him to move.  I told the guy it was me who asked him to please move.  Had he started anything I think that all the patrons of the theater would have litteraly thrown him out.  We were all waiting for lil slut to get in her favorite seat to do what she does best. 
Could This Be The Oral Reporter?
I have to be considered lucky to be the first with her that night, as you saw the first photo was of an old grey haired guy with his head between her legs licking that sweet pussy.  That is why I'm the ORAL REPORTER!  After giving her pussy a nice tongue lashing. I stood up in front of her for a wonderful blow job from this lovely lady.  After sucking me for a while and seeing a long line behind me, I asked her to lick my balls while I pumped her up a load.  In a couple of minutes I was ready to shoot a load and she took my cock in her mouth and I shot everything I had.  Thanked her and she thanked me for the pussy licking I had given her. 
I moved over to let others receive her attention.  Boudreax was taking notes as to how many guys either fucked her or she gave blow jobs to and of course how many times she got her pussy licked.  I was close enough to watch pretty much everything that happened during the night.  lil slut is amazing, and watching her take guy after guy was a real treat.  Boudreax would tell her to go very slow with the blow jobs so he could get some great photos, and these are the ones he posted in his report. 
A few more couples came and went during the night, I counted a total of 7 couples in the theater, only two played with others, and one couple sat very close to lil slut (one couch away) watching her By that time, the very slender, beautiful and sexy blond bombshell and her guy arrived.  This couple (blond bombshell) were sitting on the same couch as Boudreax and lil slut.  Blond Bombshell started playing with her guy, then Blond Bombshell and lil slut traded partners. Then after each of the lucky partners had gotten blow jobs and a great fucking the two ladies decided to focus all of their attention on each other.  In my opinion there is nothing sexier and hotter than watching two lovely ladies licking each others pussy's, sucking on each others tits, and some deep french kisses.
After all that was over with, I thought it was time for me to lick another pussy, so I asked Blond Bombshell if I could eat her pussy. I told her that lil slut enjoyed my tongue so she said yes and down I went.  Did not take long for her moaning to start and her hand was behind my head holding me in position.  She did not have to worry about me stopping until she wanted me to stop, as I love eating pussy.  The other couple that I was talking about (sitting on the next couch from lil slut and blond bombshell) was still watching the action going on, and I thought well lets see if I can eat three pussies in one night so I asked her if she would like my tongue to please her, she said no but thanked me for asking her. 
A little later this couple was standing very near me and the couch that lil slut and Blond Bombshell were on. When I looked over at them, she was giving her guy a blow job (I think they were a little shy about joining in with the girls and or other guys).  They seemed to enjoy being watched, so maybe next time they will enjoy some other people. 
All of the couples that came in the theater on Saturday night were great looking and very sexy looking.  The last couple to arrive came in shortly before closing and based on the way she was dressed, I think they came to play, but didn't realize how late it was.  They seemed to be a little surprised when the lights flashed telling everyone to zip up and leave.  
I do hope to get back to the Biloxi Theater again...The action is great, the couples in attendance all were sexy looking, and most of the guys were not pushy.  Boudreax commented on the guy who while getting a blow job from lil slut had his cell phone go off, and he actually answered it.  So he sent this guy to the back of the line.  This was also the guy who was receiving a blow job from the confused guy I asked to move early in the night.  He was truly a confused guy.  Boudreax is a real gentleman and lil slut is a very sexy wonderful woman and she lives up to her name.  All  of us guys should be so lucky to have a lady like her.
I flew out on Sunday afternoon to Buffalo, but I did not arrive until 11PM. I had planned to go to Niagara Falls and the Talk of the Town Theater, but I had to drive to Batavia NY and work the next day, so I pointed the car down the turnpike and headed to my hotel.  That would have been 4 theaters in 4 days, but I may be getting too old for that, especially after the Biloxi Theater action.  Talk of the Town is a hit or miss place so I probably did better by getting some sleep. (ed. note: I agree about TOTT. This was once my old stomping ground, and the couples traffic there is not very good right now.  Video Liquidators in Buffalo is a much better option for couples traffic).
Hope this report was not too long, but a lot happened.  Tomorrow I fly to Salt Lake City, Utah. I don't think there are any adult theaters in the area, so it may be a while until my next report.
Bye until then,
Oral Reporter
Doc here again... Many thanks to The Oral Reporter on this outstanding mega-report.  Keep them coming, sir!

Art Cinema Event Report #5: Sweet Temptation's Valentines Day Report - 2 of 2 (w/PICS!)

Doc here with Part 2 of 2 of Sweet Temptation's Valentines Day Debut at The Art Cinema this past Saturday night.  I'll be your waiter this evening...

You have already enjoyed your appetizer, which was Part 1 published this morning at The Journal. Now it's time for the main course. Now be very careful, as this dish is very hot!

Please put your hands together and welcome back the lovely Sweet Temptation, and Part 2 of her debut at the awesome Art Cinema in Hartford.


Part 2
We entered the main theater and walked long the left side wall towards the large crowd of men.  The sounds of passion grew louder as we approached.  We got momentary glimpses of the half naked woman as she was being pounded by the same young stud that we had observed from the balcony.  Her moans of passion were partially muffled by the large cock of another man that plunged rhythmically in and out of her throat.  At first, our arrival was not noticed, but a man at the back of the crowd seemed to recognize me from the website photos and quietly announced that "Sweet Temptation" had arrived in the main theater.  Several heads turned towards me and their hungry eyes of recognition told me that my theater virginity was about to end. 

I took a deep breath and I made my way into the crowd of men and I took a seat near the other woman in the front row of the left section. A man quickly sat on my left and another on my right.  A large group of men started to circle around me as I began to remove my leather jacket, and step out of my stilettos and handed them to my BF, who was overseeing things from the row behind me.  At this point, many of the men around me were stroking their cocks and hoping to be the first one selected.  I motioned for one good looking guy to step forward and started to stroke his half erect cock, before sliding into my wet mouth.  
The Real Sweet

As if on cue, the other men took this as a signal that it was safe to become more daring.  As I sucked the first man's cock, I felt a hand slide inside my bra from the row behind and another hand glide up my thigh and under my mini skirt to my soaking wet shaved pussy.   In short order my bra was unhooked, my sheer see through blouse was unbuttoned and my bare tits exposed to the roaming hands,  I was getting hornier by the minute and all my earlier nervousness quickly faded away. This prompted me to suck more vigorously, until the first cock exploded in my mouth.  I love the taste of a man's cream and wanted more--a lot more. 

The Real Sweet

The next guy up wanted to pound my pussy so I kneeled on the theater seat facing the row behind to give him easy access doggy style to my wet pussy. He pulled my mini skirt above my waist and his condom wrapped cock felt wonderful as it slowly entered me.  As his cock began to pick up speed, a hard cock was in my face in no time and I gobbled his manhood into my mouth.  I had finally lost my adult theater cherry and was determined to make the most of it.  One guy replaced another at both ends and the gang bang was clearly on for this new theater slut. I was loving every minute of it.

Much of my time was spent on my back, with my legs spread wide and getting pounded by a seemingly endless line of horny condom covered men, while others enjoyed my enthusiastic BJ's. I do not have a gag reflex so I am able to deep throat the biggest cocks without a problem. Those that could not wait for their turn decided to jerk off onto my tits, since my face was off limits that night.  In the throes of such heavy passion, I lost track of how many horny men that I serviced that night.  My BF believes it was about 12 but may have been as many as 15.  Whatever the total number was, I want to thank all the gentlemen for helping me lose my adult theater virginity. 

I am now an experienced theater slut known as Sweet Temptation and very proud of it.  I have every intention of returning to the Art Cinema some weekend in March.  I am looking forward to serving all you horny men when I do return.  I promise that I will not disappoint anyone.

Sweet Temptation


Doc here again... We owe a huge thank you to the lovely Sweet Temptation for a terrific set of reports detailing her first adult theater experience.  Those of you who met Sweet Temptation Saturday will attest to the fact that she is smoking hot, and has such a positive attitude, that she took to this thing of ours like a fish to water (or like an Italian to a meatball, take your choice).  And when she next appears at The Art Cinema in March, I expect a big crowd to welcome her back. 

I will announce her next visit here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.  Until then, keep calm and carry on.


Art Cinema Event Report #4: Sweet Temptation's Valentines Day Debut - Part 1 of 2 (w/PICS)!

Doc here with Part 1 of 2 Art Cinema Event Reports from the insatiable Sweet Temptation.  Her preview report HERE was tremendous, and served as a lead-up to the actual event Saturday night.

Well, I am very happy to say that not only did Sweet Temptation deliver on her promise to break her adult theater cherry, she detonated it!

So without further delay, here is the awesome Sweet Temptation!


Hi Doc:

I owe a debt of gratitude to you for making my adult theater debut so comfortable and ultimately so erotic.  I was nervous about breaking my theater cherry, but very excited about doing so.  Your coaching helped calm my nerves.

We arrived at the Art Cinema in Hartford around 7pm and met Doc in the lobby.  Both were very warm and welcoming.  I had dressed in one of my sexiest outfits and I could feel Doc's eyes wandering hungrily up and down my body.  My boyfriend Tom then took me by my hand and guided me into the back of the theater, past a small group of single men who had gathered to watch the parade of women making their way to the couples section with their dates.  My pussy was getting wet just looking into the eyes of these horny men, knowing that they were undressing me with their eyes.  I knew that I would be losing my theater virginity to these same men and many of their friends later that evening.  The thought excited me and scared me at the same time.

The Real Sweet
We arrived in the couples section earlier than most and had our choice of seats.  As an initially shy newbie, I guided my man to a darker empty row in the lower balcony.  Tom began to kiss my neck and caress my left breast in an effort to help me relax and get into the mood.  As his lips began to nibble on my exposed nipples, his hand drifted up inside my black mini skirt to my smoothly shaved pussy.  As Tom worked my pussy, I got increasing wet and horny and my inhibitions flowed away. 

By this time, the couples section began to fill up rapidly and I could see that many were in various stages of erotic activity.   I unzipped Tom's pants and started to deep throat his tasty cock.  Knowing that the were many eyes watching my head bob up and down on Tom's man meat really turned me on. I sucked harder and deeper on Tom's cock until he gave me the tasty cream that I crave.

As my tongue savored the salty taste of my boyfriends juices, I began to hear increasingly loud sounds of passion emanating from the main theater below.  We looked over the balcony to get a bird's eye view of a sexy, half naked woman being pounded by a handsome young stud. A large crowd of horny men surrounded her and were waiting their turn.  Her moans of passion were partially muffled by the large cock that was plunging in and out of her hungry mouth.  The scene was so erotic that I knew that I had to join her and experience the unbridled passion of being gang banged.  I was more than ready to lose my adult theater cherry and I grabbed my BF's hand and told him that it was time for me to become a theater slut.  We walked downstairs and into the main theater, where more than 30 very horny men were gathered.  (part 2 to cum later today--I am such a cock tease)

Sweet Temptation


Doc here again... As hot and sexy as Sweet Temptation was Saturday night, she was just as sweet and sincere in person.  We had a few minutes to talk in the lobby before the party REALLY started, and she and T could not have been nicer.  Guys, if you were lucky enough to play with them Saturday night, you know how special this experience was for them.

Part 2 of Sweet Temptation's report hits at 3pm CDT today. Make sure you check back to The Journal for this chapter, because it is filled with all the hot details you want to know.  Trust me on this...