Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Kinkybicpl @ The Metro Theatre in Toronto (w/7 HOT PICS!)

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from north of the border. Kinkybicpl checked into The Metro Theatre in Toronto, and this is their report.


Well it's time again for some erotic fun... We are well overdue for some kinky fun of the theater kind. We have been doing this for awhile now and have realized that it always works best when we post ahead of time. We posted at a few different places and got lots of response....mostly from men but also from a few couples. Hopefully they all show....We would like to thank " The Guy Next Door" for his recent post about us at Swingshift.

First stop: The Metro Theatre in Toronto

We had let everyone know who emailed the time we would arrive...we always try to be punctual. We arrive... The Metro is an old real theater in Koreatown....still looks and feels like the old theater with a porn feel.....a feel we love.

The Metro Theatre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
There are 2 theaters: 1 & 2, and from our experience #2 is a bit wilder...usually more diverse crowd...bi...Trans...cd's all are welcome. We walk in the very dark theater...my sexy slut dressed in a very short skin tight one piece dress with cutouts all the way up both sides and a short leather jacket...and of course no bra or panties.

We are greeted by an old friend upon arrival and he leads up the stairs to a good spots a few rows from the top...He reaches down and gets a good feel of bare cunt...she responds and rubs his cock. The men gather round quickly...all reaching in to feel her now exposed tits and cunt... Our friend now has his cock out and pushes her head down for some good sucking, he starts slows and then face fucks her....she takes as much as she can... More cocks now surround her...she takes turns sucking each cock.

She takes load #1 on her face and worked on more cocks as they cum closer. Now getting fingered and groped and sucking each cock. Our friend after a good sucking started fucking her...he was giving her a hard pounding while other cocks were being shoved in her mouth another guy blew a load on her face. Another guy with a huge cock joined us...she loved sucking him while she was bent over the seats still getting fucked.

Another guy blew his load on her face while watching the action #3. More cocks keep cumming closer. She took the cock out of her cunt and dropped to her knees to finish him off in her mouth. Now she focuses on the her new big cock friend. He laid her back in the seat, lifted her up and starts fucking her....she loves it...cums instantly. He pounds her hard holding her legs up....more guys standing above her....One guy can't take it and let's another load go on her face #4 .

She climbs off this big cock and drops down to finish him off and blows a huge load on her tits #5. What a great time! Then back to the hotel, where we got caught fucking in the hotel hot tub....LOL....A great day!

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Doc here again... Many thanks to Kinkybicpl for their report and the awesome pics!  Keep the reports coming!