Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Night @ The Movies: "The Lusty Lady To Close It's Doors"

Doc here with a late edition of Monday Night @ The Movies with The Good Doctor.

Tonight's feature is about the closing of a Seattle landmark, The Lusty Lady.  The "LL" is a peep show theater, with girls behind glass doing what girls behind glass usually do.  However, this place is known for it's awesome marquee messages.  One of my favorites is one to our left:

So, without further delay, along with our sponsors Utz Potato Chips and Mr. Pib, I present to you "The Closing of The Lusty Lady":

A Primer On Portland's Adult Theater Scene, Plus A Report From Brent

Doc here with a great report from Brent in Portland.  This is a full service article, with a primer on the Portland scene, a plug for The Good Doctor's Twitter feed, and a report from The Paris Theater.
Without further ado, from parts unknown, height unknown, here's Brent's report:
It's good to see Dr Emilo Lizardo's Journal Of Adult Theaters on Twitter. Now you can get instant information about "this thing of ours". It could come in very handy. Sign up today.

I'll try to keep information about adult theaters in Portland Oregon up to date for the doctor. There are a lot of people on the road this summer and many of them are planning on visiting Portland and going to the adult theaters here.

Next week , C and K will be at The Paris, and in July, Laney will be there. I hope that lots of couples , single ladies and, friendly dudes , hard and ready, will be there to greet them. The next few months should be a lot of fun.

The theaters in Portland Oregon are distinct venues. The dowdy, old Oregon Theater is on a residential street in the Southeast part of town. Street parking is easy to find and the entrance to the theater is discreet. The Paris is located on a busy avenue in downtown Portland, next to the world renowned, Voodoo Doughnuts. Thousands of people, many of them vacationers , walk by every day. The owner is currently preparing signs to put on the doors to, hopefully, arouse the curiosity of these people. There are many forms of public transit available to get to The Paris. If you do decide to drive, street parking is free after 7PM (but usually hard to find unless you drive around and get lucky) There is plenty of paid parking near The Paris Theater. Admission to the theater is still cheaper than a regular movie and for couples and single women it's practically non existent.
The Oregon Theater gets more customers. The Paris Theater gets more couples and usually more action.
This past weekend might have been an exception. I don't know how much theater sex action occurred at The Oregon, but it was relatively quiet at The Paris. As a matter of fact, both Gary, Indiana (my home sweet home) and Biloxi Mississsippi had more action. I've got to make a trip to CTs to study their business model: an adult theater dedicated to hosting gang bangs for horny MILFs, girl friends, hot wives, and sweethearts in the greater Chicago area.

Although both The Paris and The Oregon have hosted their share of theater gang bangs, Portland theater action can range from very private to full out exhibitionist gym nasty sport fucking.

I first arrived at The Paris around 8 pm on Friday, June 18. A tall, Norwegian looking bloke came in. His girl friend was wearing a black dress and sandals. They started playing a little. Another couple showed up. She was a tall,gorgeous woman with medium length hair . She reminded me of Charlize Theron, very classy. She wore a short skirt with black stockings. She showed a lot of leg. Then two other couples showed up- each one was very attractive, one young and hippie like, the other, middle class. They both sat outside the couples section but not because they wanted to play right away. My guess was that, the entrance to the couples section was packed with guys watching the first couple play and they wanted to get away from the crowd.

One of the ladies of the two couples wore a short dress and, interestingly enough, she and her husband sat
next to a good looking guy. The guy made no play at all. I thought "What would I do? Take out my cock and flag her?" Say "Hello, do you have enough room?" (or is that a fat reference?) Make a joke about the crowd of men by the door? I probably would have waited for either her or her husband to say something to me or start to play. But that didn't happen. We all waited to see what they would do next and they (wait for it) got up and walked out.

Five minutes later there was only one couple left in the theater, the Norwegian guy and his date. She got up on her knees , hiked up her skirt and he fucked her from behind. Her legs looked good. her ass looked good and she responded nicely to his dick. As soon as they were finished fucking, they cleaned up and exited, stage left.

The best couple of the night came in around 1 AM. He was an average looking guy. She was a bronzed skinned beauty with a very pretty face and sparkling, "I'm so turned on getting naked and having sex in public' eyes. At first they sat and cuddled. She wore jeans and a shirt. Then they started to kiss and make out. She leaned over and sucked his cock. She did it lovingly and erotically, knowing we were watching. Eventually, they took off all of their clothes. Her body reminded me of a south sea nude by Paul Henri Gauguin . He ate her pussy until she was so wet that she had to have him inside of her. She climbed up on his cock and rode him slow and hard. She kept moaning "fuck me" in case he might forget. He even fucked her in the ass.

How do I know? Her big round ass was turned toward us and it was easy to see. Her whole body shuddered when she climaxed. Finally he turned her around and fucked her pussy down the home stretch to the finish line and came like a stallion. It was a great show on a quiet Friday night.

There was a little bit of action on Saturday. B or Condom In Mouth Lady was there. She didn't fuck as many guys as she usually does, but not for lack of trying. There was a single woman there who was dressed modestly. She sat in the couples section with another couple. All three of them watched the movie, watched the guys milling about and watched B getting fucked on one of the couches in the main section.

There were two couples that came in late Saturday. A tall black man brought in a hot looking woman who was dressed to play. He reminded me of a cross between Chuck Berry and Scotti Pippin. She reminded me of Kelly Bundy's slut older sister. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties and she had the perfect body for that kind of outfit.They put on a hell of a great show, fucking and sucking like two porn stars. They finished their performance , doggy style on the bench. They used a lot of paper towels to clean up. She even had to wipe her pussy juices off the bench, although I'm sure if you went in there with a black light you could detect evidence of their visit. Not to mention hundreds of others.

The other couple was another black guy with a very pretty BBW. She was gorgeous and extremely sexy. She played in the couples section, in the bedroom and in the main part of the theater. She let guys play with her through the slats and over the walls of the bedroom. She and her man got together with at least two lucky guys while they were there. It was very exciting to watch. She open mouth kissed both of them. She sucked their cocks and they finger banged her very wet, very open vagina. The action was fast, hard and intense

While her boyfriend fucked her she would suck on her new friend's cock. While her new friend fucked her she wold suck on her boy friend's cock. She was so horny she almost let one of the guys slip his cock into her without a condom.

Her boyfriend made sure the man sheathed up before he slipped in. Meanwhile guys were leaning into the bedroom and playing with her pierced nipples and breasts.

I was very turned on by her theater sex adventure but probably not as much as she and her fuck buddies were. One guy told me they had been in many times before but I'm pretty sure it was the first time I saw her.
Either that or I'm losing my memory. That's one of the pit falls of getting old. And sniffing glue.

Okay, now, everybody. Lets go to our local adult theaters this summer and show our out of town visitors a good time. This goes especially to all the hot couples, single women and , horny young men. I need to witness more theater sex action to write about and put in my spank bank.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
Doc here again...Another 5-Star review from Brent. He is the gold standard on adult theater reporting.  Thank you sir!

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