Friday, August 18, 2017

Updated 8/18: TONIGHT! Visit Announcement! C&R at Fantasyland 1 (&2) in Tampa Friday 8/18/17 between Midnight & 1am!

Updated 8/18 at 10pm CT: C&R are coming back for even more adventures TONIGHT, Friday 8/18 starting between Midnight and 1am at Fantasyland 1 & 2!

A mini report from last night is on the way...

Join them, and tell 'em Doc sent you!



Doc here, a man who some say keeps on giving 'til it hurts, with a GREAT Visit Announcement for my friends in the Tampa area!  You are in for a treat!

My good friends C&R have trekked all the way down to Tampa for some naughty fun at Fantasyland 1 (&2) and will be there TONIGHT, Thursday the 17th, for some sexy time!

Not only is "R" the covergirl for "Smut for a Sunday Evening", she is an insatiable Wonder Woman-esque legend in the adult theater scene!  
Check out these images of "R" in her natural habitat: naked in front of strangers, and at times, covered in their cum!

Couple's Flash Report! Max & Sarah Hit Bliss & Xposed Adult Theaters in Dallas, TX - July 2017 + Portland Preview!

Doc here, a man who some say sent a belated birthday card to Leon (his birthday was April 10th, 2017), but I'm not sure how long he will live...

Dear readers, do I have a special 1-2 punch for you in this great Couples Flash Report from my good friends Max & Sarah!

Nor only are you mere seconds away from reading one of the hottest Couple's Flash Reports I have had the pleasure of editing in a long time, Max & Sarah are also going to be in Portland, OR this weekend!  They will be hitting The Oregon Theater Saturday night 10pm-ish, and what better warm up for that visit than this report (and PICS!)

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and let this report sink in...


Hello Again Doc & Readers,

We are back with another review of a recent weekend in Dallas. Max wanted me to write up the whole experience, but, as we have previously established, once things start happening I am not the most accurate journalist so he added some notes.  


The theater we went to in Dallas was Bliss. We were excited for a few reasons. First of all, in the state of Texas we were kind of running out of places to go and we had heard great things about Bliss .
Bliss Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

I’ll begin with the overall appearance and vibe. Bliss is nice!  Like Colette nice. I was very surprised. There is a large main room with white couches and a couple of televisions playing porn. Against the wall there are some small rooms with beds, with real sheets!  I have a thing about sheets. If you walked down the hallway with the beds you turn the corner and you are in the theater itself, where are 6 couches.

The place was packed for a Friday afternoon. We had posted on a few sites that we would be there and I think that at least a few of the guys there were for us, which made me very happy. 

We went into the theater and were followed by almost every guy in the place. There were so many that I actually got a little nervous.  When I get nervous I can be a little hesitant, like I don’t know where to sit or what to do and that is when Max very quickly figured out the headspace I was in and took charge.
The Lovely Sarah!
We sat on a couch in the middle row. Max was at the end of the couch and I was in the middle. We sat down and we started kissing. Pretty quickly Max’s hand was up my dress and we were surrounded by guys on all sides. Max told me to stand up and hand him my panties.  And BTW, this is something that Max usually does. Its his way of saying its time to invite company.