Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Freeze Frame: Everyone Needs A Little Hawaiian Eyeful In Their Life Edition w/46 Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say was San Fillippo's Hardware Man of the Year in 1984, starring in a series of unsettling place mats with various hoses & pipes. Sales were weak.

Riddle me this, Journal of Adult Theaters readers: How can one top yesterday's Couple's Flash Report from adult theater legendary lady, Hawaiian Eyeful? With brand new pics, and a video of a Marine dropping the hammer on her, where can we go from here?

Well, Lizardos and Lizardettes, I'll tell you how.  How about a Freeze Frame Report with the best of the best of Hawaiian Eyeful!  From the earliest pics submitted by Ms. Eyeful and Mr. Eyeful, to highlights from a photo shoot shot by The Good Doctor himself in a luxury hotel in Portland, to new images of her playing in adult theaters. All for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Enjoy the goodness that is the amazing Hawaiian Eyeful! (Also, click the thumbnails to ENLARGE the images)

Freeze Frame: Hawaiian Eyeful's Best of the Best

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Adult Emporium in Evansville, IN

Doc here, a man who some say believes in the three principles of a happy life: faster jets, bigger alligators, and prettier women.  

Senior Journal scribe Anaconda returns with the 411 on a new location (no reports yet on The Journal), Adult Emporium in Evansville, IN.  Take it away, sir!


Hey Doc! 

Your pal Anaconda checking in with a Flash Report from Adult Emporium in Evansville, IN. This was a new destination for me, so of course my first course of action was to refer to the adult theater database and choose a target. 
Adult Emporium
Evansville, IN
I arrived at Adult Emporium a little before 8PM. You walk into the store and it's pretty scarcely stocked, but I wasn't there to shop obviously. I chatted with the clerk a bit and inquired about the couples traffic. He replied with a very unenthusiastic, "Eh, once in a while, usually on weekends." I've certainly learned to not get my hopes up, especially in a small town on a Tuesday night. The rates are $8 for the theater or $10 for theater and booths, so I went for the combo, and it came with 3 dollars worth of tokens to feed into the booths. Not a bad deal. 

8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 5 - Stuntslut Simone! (w/7 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say was International Harvester's June 2003 centerfold, with Chapter 5 of "8 Questions from The Good Doctor". And our interviewee is none other that my very close friend, the legendary Stuntslut Simone!

Her answers to The Good Doctor's deep, probing questions will inform, delight, & titillate you. To those of you who have met her at an adult theater, or at one of many many adult theater parties or events, you know that she is the real deal: hot, naughty, fun, dresses to kill, and as hardcore as you can imagine!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is a recipe for a killer "8 Questions from The Good Doctor" with the awesome Stuntslut Simone.

Here we go...
(All images courtesy of Stuntslut Simone. All Rights Reserved.)
Stuntslut Simone
The Good Doctor: When was your first trip to an adult theater (year, month, etc. and which city)?
Stuntslut Simone: It was a long, long time ago. Long enough ago that some of the less-exciting details are tough to recall, and it will also peg me as older than some may suspect. Should I really admit this? Oh, okay, fine...I’m pretty sure it was 2003. And in Las Vegas, which is a great place to go be true to your inner pervert.

ICYMI: New Feature! "8 Questions from The Good Doctor" - Chapter 1: The San Diego Smokeshow (w/NEW PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once volunteered as a massage therapist at a college cheerleading camp just outside Ithaca NY, even though he was neither a licensed massage therapist nor a cheerleading expert. He did however use an effective Swedish accent to cover his tracks and get a few phone numbers. 

Welcome to a new feature here at The Journal of Adult Theaters (your one stop shop for this thing of ours),  "8 Questions from The Good Doctor" . In this peek inside the mindset of some of the The Journal's favorite female contributors, The Good Doctor has compiled a set of 8 adult theater-related questions for our sexy guests to answer.  And  at times, our guests may even contribute a new set of pics to accompany their "8 Questions" piece. 

In Chapter 1 of "8 Questions from The Good Doctor", I am profiling a woman that generated a ton of buzz in February of this year with a report from regular contributor Rock Hard (that you can read HERE) on an amazing night at San Diego's Jolar Cinema. This night a couple came into the theater, and the lady "...was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! Blond, blue eyes.. supermodel figure in a low cut thin top and a jean mini skirt."

After this report published, The San Diego Smokeshow & her hubby reached out to The Good Doctor, and in part explained that they were the couple profiled by Rock Hard, & that The Journal had a big part in getting them to try an adult theater for the first time that night in February.

When The Good Doctor came up with the idea of doing "8 Questions", I already knew who I wanted to be the first guest contributor: The San Diego Smokeshow
The San Diego Smokeshow
So kids, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy both the "8 Questions" with The San Diego Smokeshow, but also the 5 brand new pics of this gorgeous blonde woman for your enjoyment.

Here we go...

"8 Questions from The Good Doctor"
Chapter 1: The San Diego Smokeshow