Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flash Report! The Naughty Gras Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 4/18/15 by The Guy with the Glasses

Doc here, a man who some say has shaved with Occams Razor since he was a young spud, with a terrific Flash Report from the last big 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party (hosted by The Good Dr. by the way) by senior reporter The Guy with the Glasses.

This is an excellent report from this Clark Kent look-a-like, who the ladies love and guys who want to be like him. 

Take it away, GWTG!


Naughty Gras Party Report

Hey Doc,

I arrived shortly after 9pm that Saturday. As usual the parking lot behind the theater was packed and reserved for couples so I parked on the street. Today is a little different for me since I previously arraigned to meet up with a couple from SLS ( tonight. It's a new experience for me, so I didn't know what to expect but I was looking forward to it! 

After paying my dues at the front (I still say it's the best $45 you can spend as a single guy), I saw Doc up front greeting some of the newcomers. I also finally met Ashbaby from Portland, who was Doc's assistant that night while I was upfront. Doc was right, she's very cute! 

After doing my usual rounds throughout the building I see that nothing is happening so I decide to pass some time in the theater. On my way I notice a woman in her mid thirties siting in the area between the spa and the party room. In this area there's bleacher like seating where the seats go higher and higher. 

The woman was a brunette with curly hair and enormous boobs with a top that left nothing to the imagination (ed. note: This was the Amber Alert, a regular at 15th Ave from the get go). She was there with an older gentleman and I assume they were in a relationship. I instantly noticed her since she was sitting on the top row of the "bleacher seating" and the copious amounts of cleavage was like a magnet for my eyes. 

I then sat down in the area and joined in on the small talk that the couple and surrounding people were having. I get the sense that they are not going to play in that area (sometimes it happens) so I finally make my way to the theater.

Penthouse Photo Op! Your Pics with the Penthouse Article: Report #1 - Hawaiian Eyeful (w/4 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say had no problem escaping The Phantom Zone, with a new feature here at The Journal: Photo Op!

In this report, and several others to follow, we will be publishing The Penthouse Files.  The Penthouse Files are pics you, the good (female) readers of The Journal, have taken with your copies of the May 2015 Penthouse that featured the Good Doctor (and a few of his sexy friends).

These pics can be sexy, naughty, funny, or just plain informational. Please send your pics to me directly at , and The Good Doctor will publish them. 

We are going to lead off with my very good friend, the legendary Hawaiian Eyeful. This Pacific Northwest beauty searched high and low for her copy of Penthouse, and when she found it, she promptly posed for some pics taken by Mr. Hawaiian Eyeful. 

Here we go...