Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Programming Note: Say Good-Bye To The Comments Section

Dinosaurs. Sabre-Tooth Tigers. The Do-Do Bird. 8-Track Tape Players. Betamax.

What do all these things have in common?  Of course, they are all extinct.  Well, add one more item to that list: The Comments Section on The Journal.

If comments are left for older reports, they will not be approved for publishing, so save your time.  I gave it a good run, against by better judgement, but enough was enough.

Adios. Farewell. Ciao.


Flash Report! Mr. Fun Checks In From Tulsa's Midtown Adult Theater

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from first time reporter Mr. Fun



Hi Doc,

Mr. Fun checking in... I'm a new reader of your blog, and it created in me a desire to find out what happens in the Midtown Adult Theater in Tulsa. I wanted to go with my wife, with whom I've had a few episodes of sex in proximity to other couples at swinger clubs when we've been traveling. I thought this adult theater venue might be just the thing to allow us to do this closer to home, but I suspected she would be put off by the downscale atmosphere.

I was pondering how to persuade her to go with me, when I noticed an appealing ad in the "MW for MW" section of Craigslist: "We are looking for a couple to join us during the day tomorrow ( Friday ) at the Mid town adult theater to watch some porn and some adult play. If you are able to make it during the day let us know. Please attach your pic and contact # go to the front of the line."

The pic accompanying the ad was a real selling point.

I sent a G-rated pic of my wife and me, and worked out a time of 10:30 in the morning. Alas, the next morning my wife was down with some kind of stomach bug, but I was so turned on the by pic that I wanted to go by myself. Yeah, I left my wife alone and sick while I went after sexual adventure.

It was my first time in an adult theater and, well, it was pretty skanky. Dark, cramped rooms. A 32" TV monitor on the wall, surrounded by a plexiglass case. Something sticky on large areas of the floor. I arrived on time, and found a black couple already in the theater, just beginning to play. As a newby, I was a little uncertain of the protocol, so I just stood over to the side and watched awhile. They were sitting in the second row, and soon he had her bent over the seats in front of them, pounding her pretty hard from behind.

After a few minutes, I extracted my cock from my pants and began stroking myself. I was a little nervous-- first time in a theater, first time with a black couple-- and found my trusty soldier somewhat reluctant to rise to attention. After a while, I edged nearer and asked the man if I could touch. (Her head was practically buried in the seat, so it was hard to ask her.) I received an affirmative nod and began to stroke her head, neck, back and ass. She moaned appreciatively as I stroked her ass, and I got a smiling thumbs up from her partner.

The woman reached up, grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I added some lube I brought along for the occasion. I hoped she would engulf me with her mouth, but it was not to be.

After awhile, the man said, "We're going to take a break." They returned to their seats in the second row, and I sat down near them in the first. "Did you put an ad on Craigslist?" he asked me. "No," I replied, "but we exchanged emails and they said they'd be here at 10:30."

"Yeah," he said, as he began fingering his wife in her seat. They did that for a few minutes, with her moaning. Eventually he got up and started plowing into her again, this time as she was seated. Then he repositioned her over the front seats, like they had been earlier. I assumed my former post near the woman's head, and got the same kind stroking I enjoyed before. It was pretty hot, watching him pound her from behind while she stroked me. As she stroked harder and faster, my cock became firmly involved in the game. After its initial reluctance, I was surprised how quickly I reached the point of no return.

"She's making me cum," I said as I spurted into her hand. They both chuckled a little, and I guess they got what they were after, because they stopped, too. I buttoned up and gave them a fond farewell. Once I got outside, I noticed it had only been 30 minutes. Perhaps if I had waited longer I might have run into the original couple. Or perhaps there was no original couple-- perhaps it was a clever marketing ploy by the theater to get people in the door.

All in all, a delightful first experience. I certainly appreciate all the tips I gained from reading your blog; I would have been much more nervous without the background education you and your intrepid reporters provided.

Gratefully yours,

Mr. Fun


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. Fun for this terrific Flash Report!  Kudos sir.  Keep the reports coming in!


Flash Report! Gusher on Excitement Video in Wichita, Kansas

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from new reporter Gusher on Excitement Video in Wichita, Kansas.

Take it away, sir.


Gusher reporting from Wichita Kansas and from Excitement Video on west Pawnee. June 7th and 8th. Last Friday was dead no action. Saturday was a different story.

One hot blond in a red flashy short dress leaving nothing to imagination came into the theater. She and her husband stayed quite a while and did some teasing but left due to some in the patrons. They returned to put on one of the hottest shows to date. No hands on her but she could and oh did she give a sexy show. Great time.


There you have it. Thanks to Gusher and this report.


Flash Report! Ray Visits Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN

Doc here with a terrific update from our good friend and senior reporter Ray.  He has provided an update from Cinema One in Chattanooga, TN.

Take it away, Ray!


Hey Doc,

Just a quick update on the Cinema One in Chattanooga for your database. The place is still open and still looks like a great place for "this thing of ours."

They are open until midnight most nights. Open until 3:00 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. Couples get in free on Wednesdays and, yes, there are couples, though not that many. And yes, there is some action.

Entrance is by membership only. The process is pretty simple. Show your ID, sign that you are not LE and pay a modest annual membership fee. The total cost to get in the door your first night is 20 bucks. After that, it is $17 and change. A little pricey until you realize that your entrance fee pays not only for the theater(s), but for the booths which all play movies continually. No need to feed the slot. I saw a note posted that says that guys can get in for $10 on Thursday.

Video booths do not have doors. They are large enough for some group participation (which does happen from time to time). The booth area is old and movies are shown on old-school TVs, but it is clean and well-kept.

The main theater area is large. Entry is from the side, about 4/5 of the way back. That leaves a small area of three rows that seems a little darker in the extreme rear of the theater. Sometimes guys looking for masculine companionship fill the last row, but couples often seem to sit in this area, though you might find them any where.

You have to actually walk through the main theater to get to the couples theater. Windows separate the two theaters, so the peepers can get a good look at the couples action, should they care to do so.

My last visit was on a Wednesday night. I watched two couples play. A blonde BBW was getting plenty of attention from her guy and a new friend. Better yet, a sexy GILF got warmed up in the gen pop area, then allowed a lucky young man to accompany her and hubby into the couples room where she put on a very nice show for the appreciative crowd on the other side of the glass.

I think this place is an unknown gem. The crowds are generally small. The guys are polite and maintain a respectful distance - until they are invited. Management keeps the place spotless and the staff seems accommodating. I am officially taking applications for a Tennessee honey to join me there some night!


Doc here again... Many thanks to Ray for another solid update from the highways and byways of this thing of ours. Keep up the fine work, sir.