Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! S&J @ The Lido Theater in Dallas

Hello Doc,

The wife and I had an interesting Sunday. After a day full of bar hopping and getting the wife a tattoo on the neck, we were just buzzed enough to venture to The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas. I have read reports on your blog, and even got the grand tour because someone thought I was one of your secret agents. Turns out they were right!

I knew it was not a couples night (not even close), but we went in anyway. We paid the admission and bought fire and ice condoms and ventured upstairs. Walking through the door, we were met right away by several men standing in the lounge area (one of two such areas). At first all the guys were friendly giving my wife the ( i wanna fuck you look) and me the stink eye (lol). The thought that everyone there wanted to fuck my wife gave me great satisfaction. 

Venturing down the long hall towards the theater, flanked by very large private rooms with not just a couch, but a couch and leather type futons laid out flat (you know like how you lay out a futon like your going to fuck or sleep on it). The rooms were so big the furniture didn't seem to fill the space hardly at all. Must be almost 20 rooms in all and all of them are just as big. Very roomy for a dozen people in each room, and all with locking doors and big arcade style set up for movies that you just feed your bills into. You can turn the light in the ceiling off or on ( I like it dark, wife does not lol).

The Real "J"

So, moving on down the hall we got to the second lounge area full of guys watching family guy on the flat screen TV they had in there. One lone woman in the place who was rushing into the theater like she was trying to hide from us. We went into the theater and were immediately surrounded and not a good feeling. The movie was so so and nobody gave us a chance to get comfy.

We then left the theater and got one of the rooms. Fed our money into the machine as I locked the door. I started molesting my wife and got her on the couch while standing in front of her and received the most amazing blow job I have had in a while. You know one of those loud slurping bj's just minus the eye contact. After a little of that, I put her on her back and fucked her hard for a good while. Icould hear guys outside the door messing with the doorknob and wanting in (my wife is loud when you fuck her hard lol.  I'm a lucky guy!)

Its just too bad that nobody would let us get comfortable in the theater or we would have put on a hell of a show for them. That's something we really like to do other than watching her with another woman. She said maybe we just need to go on a couples night so we can be around other couples and  not so many horny single guys that didn't have any patience (Ed note: I agree 100%. Go on a couple's night).

We never saw where the other girl went. She went in the theater and darted around the corner never to be seen or heard from again. We even went downstairs and were going to fool around in the gay theater to throw the wolves off the scent, but it was closed for cleaning.

All in all, it's a nice set up perfect for couples in every way. I'm sure they don't mind if you bring your own beverages. A piece of advice to all you fellas out there that really don't know any better: If you see a couple walk in, be polite, friendly, TAKE A BATH, and don't be pushy or surround your object of desire like a pack of wolves. Whether you get the fuck of your life, or one hell of a show, let a couple get comfortable. Just sit down, take a drink of whatever they brought, and watch what happens. Either way good things will happen. A couple like us wants you to watch us and gets turned on by that as well as watching other couples. I promise you the show will be hotter than the movie they are playing as long as you give a little courtesy as my wife likes to dress the part. ....please, give us some space and time to adjust and let what's going to happen, happen

We will be going on a couples night real soon. I am excited to see how it goes and will report our experience.



Doc here again... A big thank you to S&J on their report from the Lido Adult Theater in Dallas (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). S&J make good points here guys...
  • Be clean
  • Be presentable
  • Don't be pushy
  • Be patient (The Good Doctor's Golden Rule of Adult Theaters)
Follow those simple rules of thumb, and good things will happen.

And for S&J, we look forward to your next report, and hopefully more pics of the lovely J.  The first one was all sorts of awesome.


Flash Report! A JaxBchBum Two-Fer! Theater X in Hawthorne, FL

Doc here with a fantastic two-fer from senior reporter (and excellent driver), JaxBchBum.   It was a very good weekend for JBB, and here is his story...




With TS Isaac messing up my fishing plans for the Gulf Coast area so finding myself landlocked near Gainesville for the weekend, what else to do but spend some time at Pure Pleasures/Theater X Adult Store in Hawthorne, FL.  Don't know if it was the supercharged ions coming from the approaching tropical storm or what, but the theatre had the hottest couples action I have seen in many, many years.  Without further ado, here we go.

Day #1 - Saturday
Couple #1 arrived about 7pm and sat on the couch next to me.  This couple was the same Rock and Lady that I wrote about in my August 7 report.  I thought to myself, "Self, this has the makings of a great night!".  Lady was sitting the closest to me but the armrests on the couches form a little barrier.  Lady was wearing a pink T-shirt top and a short navy blue skirt.  When she sat down and crossed her legs, her skirt rode up and displayed a lot of skin.  Disappointingly, they sat there for about 15 minutes not doing anything but chatting (although Lady's skirt kept riding higher and higher) and then got up to leave.  Bummer, but as I have learned over the many years of experience in this thing we love, you have to be patient and be in for the long haul so I patiently waited.

Pure Pleasures/Theater X
Hawthorne, FL
About an hour later another couple comes in (Couple #2).  I had seen this couple before several years ago.  They define the word "classy" in terms of appearance.  He looks like Peter Graves (Mission Impossible) with his silver hair and she looks like Linda Gray when she had her blond hair trimmed short.  I will refer to them as Peter and Linda.  I am guessing they are in their 50s and both are very physically fit.  Linda was wearing a clingy one-piece blue dress. 

You know a couple is prepared for playtime when they bring their own blanket/towel and this couple did, placing it on the couch in the last row in the back corner of the theatre.  I did know from my previous experience that Peter & Linda were exhibitionists only, there would be no audience participation and as long as nobody invaded their personal space, they would give a hell of a show. 

They were just getting situated when Couple #3 arrived and sat down in the other couch on the back row, directly behind where I was sitting.  I had seen this couple a few weeks ago but had not had time to file a report and knew they were intense players.  He is a stocky guy that if I had to name a character that others could relate to it would be Matthew Perry with glasses.  She reminds me of Gillian Anderson (Dana Sculley of X-files) but then I have always had a special place for redheads.   I will refer to them as Matt and Dana and I would guess their age as early 30s.  Dana is wearing...hell, I can't remember what she was wearing as it didn't stay on very long.  In the meantime, Peter and Linda are being a little discrete and subdued in their playing.  Peter has his right leg crossed and is blocking my view, but I am pretty certain Linda is stroking his cock while Peter fondles her breasts through the dress.

As noted, Matt and Dana aren't there more than 5 minutes and they jump into overdrive.  Dana has Matt's cock sticking up through his shorts and her top is pulled down showing off her delicious full breasts and her skirt is off while Matt is lovingly rubbing her pussy with her legs spread wide.  After a bit, Dana sits up, bends over and starts sucking Matt's cock.  This action seems to energize Linda and Peter as she bends over and starts sucking off Peter and throughout the rest of the time the couples kept an eye on each other as to what was happening.  At this point my eyes are jumping back and forth between the two couples as their energy level continues to rise. 

I probably don't have the sequence of events exactly right, but after stopping giving Matt a BJ, Dana sits back and pulls out a vibrator and starts on her pussy while Matt keeps stroking away and clearly enjoying all the eyes of other theatre goers (about 5 guys) on his wife.  Dana gets into the vibrator more and more and leans back further while inserting the vibrator and beginning to moan.

 Meanwhile, Linda stands up and removes her one-piece blue dress and she has an incredible trim body - lovely breasts with a smooth pussy.  She resumes sucking off Peter for a bit before sitting on the armrest of the couch and beginning to finger her clit and pussy.  Meanwhile, Matt is down on his knees on the floor and eating out Dana replacing her vibrator with his tongue.  Peter and Linda finished off their evening with him fucking her as she sat in the couch with legs raised up in the air.  When Matt and Dana were taking a short break, Peter and Linda got dressed and left.  But no sooner had they left when Couple #4 arrived.  I had also seen Couple #4 in action a couple of weeks earlier and knew they were likely to pick right up where Peter and Linda left off.

Couple #4 I will call Master and Slave (for reasons to be explained in the Day 2 report).  Master is a large framed guy that has the physique to play lineman for an NFL team.  He is a big fellow.  Slave is a cute redhead (ah, it was truly my night) with such a sweet looking face and smile accented by her red lipstick.  I am guessing they are in their mid-to late 20s. Slave is wearing a very short black skirt with black garter style hose.  Sorry, can't remember her top exactly other than knowing it pulled down easily.  As with Peter and Linda, they came prepared with a towel and laid it across the couch vacated by Peter and Linda.  It isn't but a few minutes when Couple #1 reappears and sits down on the first row of couches directly in front of me.  OK, here is where the action is all happening at once so the narration will jump around a bit as the intensity of the evening rose. 

As noted in my earlier report, Rock and Lady are a bit different in that he simply sits there and observes while Lady does her thing with others.  I stand up to make a slight adjustment in my shorts to release the increasing tightness, peering over the back of the Lady's couch and note that Lady already has her skirt flipped up with her smooth pussy exposed and rubbing her clit.  A fellow theatre goer (I will call Studman) notices the action and moves to sit in the other first row couch adjacent to Lady.  Lady clearly wants the attention and shifts over to the side to be within reaching distance of Studman.  It is clear from the motions and head movement that Studman begins rubbing her pussy and breasts.

Meanwhile, Couple # 5 comes in and sits in the other couch on the second row.  4 couples in the theatre at the same time.  What a night.  Couple #5 is an older (late 50s or early 60s).  She looks like the sweet grandmother type (Bea Arthur in Golden Girls) wearing pink shorts and a short top with an elastic band underneath her breasts.  He reminded me of the original Mr. Roper (not Don Knotts) from Three's Company wearing shorts and a red golf shirt.  They aren't there but a few minutes and with action taking place all around them, he pulls her top down and begins rubbing her most delicious and beautiful looking (no sag, ivory smooth skin with nice nipples) breasts while she has freed his cock and is stroking away. 

In the back row, Matt and Dana have resumed their play at a higher level and Master and Slave are following suit.  Slave is leaning over and sucking Master's cock with her ass up in the air.  Master has pulled up her skirt to display her lovely ass with white lacy panties and gives her the occasional slap on her ass and then fingering her pussy from underneath.   Lady, still in the front row, hears the slap and raises her head to see what is happening.  The action energizes Lady and Studman who begin fucking her doggy style with her kneeling on the couch facing the back of the theatre so she can watch the other couples in action.  Master has Slave sit back with her nice tits exposed and her skirt and panties removed and begins rubbing her pussy.  The action gets so intense that Slave has a squirting climax.  Meanwhile, Bea and Mr. Roper are more and more turned on by the action,  they move to the far couch in the alcove where Bea strips down and bends over and Mr. Rober starts fucking her doggy style.  This opens up the couch on the 2nd row next to me and Lady and Studman move to that couch so they can be in the center of the action.  The atmosphere in the theatre is so highly sexually charged it is unbelievable. 

The action continues to progress with Dana and Slave beginning to exchange breast rubs on each other while being fucked and sucked.  Lady begins to comment out loud about how beautiful Bea's breasts area and gets up and does some rubbing and licking.  She also gives Mr. Roper's cock some stroking as well.  The action got things to a new level as some of the other guys cautiously moved towards Lady and she encouraged them to rub, suck and fuck her.  Following Studman's example where he was giving Bea some attention since Lady was now otherwise occupied, some of the guys not busy with Lady began getting stroked and sucked by Bea.  The only negative event occurred when a guy got a bit too aggressive with Dana as she was leaning back on the couch and near a climax.  Her head was laying back on the armrest and there were a couple of guys standing next to the couch stroking away.  One guy started to try and put his cock against her mouth, but was quickly stopped by Matt and told "look all you want but no touching". 

I could go on and on, but hopefully you have the picture by now.  The action continued to almost midnight (3-4 hours).  I have to admire Mr. Roper, Studman, Matt and Master as they had amazing staying power.  To go hours on hours and be able to wait until the end of the evening before cumming was amazing.  Matt & Dana and Master & Slave left about midnight leaving Lady & Rock (still sitting by himself on the front row) and Bea & Mr. Roper.  Bea and Lady did some playing together with some occasional audience participation with the few guys remaining (that hadn't already cum).  Activity level slowed wound down.  One strange thing that occurred is that one of the guys evidently stole Lady's G-string panties as they were nowhere to be found in the theatre.  Quite the night!

Day 2 - Sunday
With the rains coming down on Sunday afternoon I figured a trip back to Pure Pleasures/Theater X might see some new couples.  It was quiet with no couples until about 4:00.  I was about to head out the theatre door for the drive back to Jacksonville when I saw Master and Slave come into the store.  Whoops, time to wait.  They both went into the Unisex bathroom and came out a few minutes later.  Knowing they liked the back corner couch and had no shyness in having others watch, I positioned myself to sit in the couch in front of them.  Sure enough, in they come, lay out the towel and sit down.  Today Slave is wearing a flowered top with plunging neckline showing her ample cleavage.  Think she was wearing another short skirt, but it didn't stay on long.  Like the previous day, it wasn't long before Slave is kneeling in the couch bent over sucking Master's cock with her nice ass up in the air for all to see.  Master would rub her ass and give an occasional light slap.  They changed positions and Slave laid back on the couch while Master started fingering her clit and pussy. 

Here is where it got a little different.  On Saturday they pretty much kept to themselves other than their limited interaction with Matt & Dana and didn't want any of the single guys to invade their personal space.  Maybe it was because there were no other couples in the theatre today or this was their role playing fantasy, but one guy walked down the row and stood over against the wall stroking away.  Through hand gestures he asked if it was OK for him to rub her breasts.  Master nodded and the guy started and then got bolder and would switch between her breasts and thighs.  Another fellow came over and did the same thing.  Meanwhile Master is finger fucking her like crazy and she has a climax with some squirting.  They take a little break and Master asks her "Slave, did you like having all those hands on your body?"  She said "Yes, Master I did!". 

This was the first time the words Master and Slave were spoken but that would be theme for the rest of the day.  Like I said it might have been role playing fantasy as she was not dressed in any S&M way (collar, etc.).  After a little break they go back to her lying back and him fingering her to another climax.  During the third time, Master says to the 4-5 guys around that she loves to have guys cum on her breasts.  So 3 guys take turns with her stroking each one's cock until they give her a pearl necklace. 

Again another break while she cleaned up and Master says "She loves to suck and fuck and is great at it, but you have to wear a condom."   They move to the couch on the second row in the alcove next to where I am.  Slave strips down completely while Master sits on the armrest and she starts sucking him off with her ass up in the air.  Master tells the guys around they can touch all they want, just stay on the outside.  Her body is covered by multiple sets of hands rubbing ass, pussy and breasts while she sucks away on Master.  After about 10 minutes Master asks, does anyone want to fuck her.  Immediately 3 cocks step forward and I'm at the front of the line.  Master distributes condoms and the fun continues.  While I am fucking her doggy style the next guy is standing to the side and she alternates stroking him or sucking him when taking breaks from sucking Master.  I only last about 5 minutes in her tight pussy before exploding.  I pull out and the next guy immediately takes my place.  This sequence went on until the 4 guys were all satisfied.  After cleaning up they got up and left and I did the same.

What a weekend! 


Doc here again... Sometimes, you hit a weekend that is off the hook, and JaxBchBum did just that. Once again, a dynamite Flash Report from The Bum.

The Good Doctor is out of reports, kids.  Please send along your Flash or Blast From The Past Reports to, and I will do the rest. Editing, formatting, pics.... All on me.