Monday, July 25, 2011

Flash Report: Saturday Night 7/23/11 at CTs Adult Theater by HnR

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from regular Journal reporter, HnR.  HnR happened by CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on Saturday night, and walked into quite the scene.  Multiple couples and multiple scenes...all in a night's work for HnR!

Here is HnR and his first person account of Saturday night at CTs Adult Theater...


Doc - HnR here with a new report from just last night (Saturday 7/23/11) at CT's in Gary.

Been away from the ABS action for a little while being busy with summer activities and thought I would make a quick pit stop at CT's Adult Theater Saturday (7/23) evening just to see what I might find. I had no idea if there would be any action or not. I was doing a cold visit, stop in check it out and either play quickly or leave... not much time available to wait and see what happens later.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
As I arrived right at 9:30pm, I noticed the parking lot was about fairly full which can mean action or not, but took it as a good sign. Pulled into the side lot and walked into the building and noticed that there were no guys in the lobby, which is normally a very positive sign. Paid Pete my fee and headed to the theater.

There were 2 couples when I first entered. A black haired lady, about mid to late 30's, with glasses, mid-build, pretty attractive and her guy in the 2nd row. She had her knees in the seat, facing towards the back row and was sucking on an older guy while a another was fingering her from behind. She seemed to be enjoying the fun. Also, another couple was there in the seats to the left on the side. She was a smaller blonde, short shirt and very cute with her guy watching the action. I was told they had been there an hour or so and she had been on the table fucking but was taking a break.

Back to the black haired lady. The crowd was fairly reserved, so I was able to move to the 2nd row and begin rubbing the lady's breasts while she was playing with the other two guys. She turned around on the seat and laid back and began sucking the cock of the other guy while spreading her legs for him to play with her pussy, which was nicely trimmed but far from bald. I also played with her tits for a bit and got a few feels of the hot moist pussy before she got back on her knees.  She asked the guy to my right that she was just sucking to fuck her, asked him if he had a condom, he said no, but she instructed her man to get one from the play bag that they had brought along(love it when a couple comes prepared). While they were looking for one in the bag, the guy said he would need a break before fucking her. I thought great since I was like right there, she decided to take a break as well, got dressed and her and her man went to the lobby.

A lull in the action for 5 minutes when a 3rd couple came into the theater. A sightly chubby short hair blonde and her guy. She sat on the left side next to the back row, the guy had a younger dude come over for the lady to suck him off and he did cum on her tits and they clean-up and said they were taking a break and would be back.

Another brief lull in the action before the smaller blonde decided to go for round 2 and get on the table for all that were interested. I just happened to have my cock out and hard and was able to get first dibs. Put the condom on and was able to enter that fairly tight, shaved pussy. She had perky boobs which bounced nicely while I increased the tempo fucking her... in respect for the other guys, I came within 2-3 minutes and backed away from the table for the next guy. As I was leaving the theater the black haired lady and her guy were coming back in, for more action I assume.

I cleaned up and left right at 10:00pm... Mission accomplished. If Saturday night was any indication, CT's action is beginning to pick back up. See ya all next time.



Doc here again... Thanks to HnR for another excellent Flash Report from what is argueably one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country, CTs. CTs is not for the timid or weak of heart.  It is a dependable location for gang bangs and group theater sex.  It is not there for a movie-going experience. Period, end of story.

It's not everyones cup of tea, but to those who like their tea down and dirty, CTs tastes great!

Have an adult theater report fro CTs or any other adult theater?  Just e-mail Rip Taylor The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your reports, and you get the glory of your pen name on the interweb's one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.


New Feature! By The Numbers With Dr. Emilio

Doc here with a brand new feature here at The Journal... By The Numbers is an extension of the Tweets I would typically send out on Saturday and Sunday mornings after looking at the previous night's activity at adult theaters.  Since the number of theaters documenting visits by couples/single women continues to rise, this service needs it's own space.  Thus, By The Numbers.

Three adult theaters do a great and consistent job at posting when couples and single females walk through their doors:
  • 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL
  • CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN
  • The Paris Theatre in Portland, OR
One theater will report the same activity, but it depends on whether one clerk is on duty who takes the time to post the visits.  That theater is the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH.

OK, enough of the pleasantries... Here is how Saturday /early Sunday morning (July 23/24) looked at the 3 adult theaters:

Theater                         Couples                          Single Females
15th Ave                       10 Couples                       1 Single Female
CTs                                 4 Couples
Paris                             17 Couples
All three theaters reported some hot times on Saturday night.  I have not one, but two reports in the hopper about Saturday night at CTs in Gary.  The first report will be going up this morning, the second tomorrow morning.

All 3 results are excellent... 4 Couples at CTs maxes out the size of their mini theater.  17 Couples at The Paris is a typical Saturday night, and 10+1 at 15th Avenue is an excellent night.  3 for 3 on my scorecard.

Next week I will chronicle Friday and Saturday nights at all three theaters, and if information is forthcoming at The Summit News Theater, they will be added as well.