Saturday, February 7, 2015

Updated 2/7/15 at 7:30am: TONIGHT!!! The Valentines Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford on Saturday 2/7/15 at 7pm

UPDATED 2/7/15 AT 10am: Well kids, the big day is here!

Doc here, stationed in my underground lair in the Hartford area, hunkered down with my good friends The Sexual Athletes. The stage is set, the swag bags completed, and the finishing touches on the decorations taking place as we speak. 

If last night at The Art Cinema was any indication, we are in for a tremendous evening tonight for the Cupid is Calling Valentines Party starting at 7pm.  By the time The Art Cinema closed at midnight last night, 24 couples had come in through the doors at The Art. And this is the night BEFORE an event, which is typically a quieter evening.
Swag Bags for tonight's party.

And...The action was hot.  Just ask The Sexual Athletes.

Before heading up to the couples only balcony, Mrs. Sexual Athlete had taken 10 loads of baby batter across her incredible boobs. Major drippage I tell you...

So if last night was the appetizer, we are in for a treat of a main course tonight.

The Good Doctor will ready to meet, greet, press the flesh and squeeze an ass or three, as he once again hosts his third Valentines Event at The Art. 

Get to The Art early, so you do not miss out on the very cool swag bags we put together for you. 

As always, look for your old friend in the mustache, aviators, and meatball cologne. Do not miss out on a legendary evening tonight at The Art Cinema in Hartford! 

Cupid is calling you... See you tonight!



Updated 2/6/15 at 7:30am:  Doc here with a quick update as I head out the door of the Chez Lizardo and up to Midway Aerodrome for my flight to Hartford for the Valentines Event at The Art Cinema.