Friday, February 17, 2012

Bulletin: It's HOT (and not in a good way) in Toledo

The Good Doctor is declaring a NO-UNZIP-YOUR-FLY ZONE in Toledo, OH.  Yes, that Toledo.

I have a trusted source who has informed me that the various ABSs in Toledo have been visited by the local authorities, and in one case an arrest was made.  The ABSs have become popular in recent times, and it may be a case they became too popular.

Be careful out there... And when in doubt, don't.


Attention Portland! There Is Fun heading Your Way!

Attention Brent and all the Good Citizens of The Rose City! There will a storm by the name of "Nicole" that will be heading your way on 2/25, and may linger for two weeks.

How does The Good Doctor know this? I have my sources... And that source is the always entertaining Handy Pete.

Here are the details...


Bonjour Doc!

Pete here with a new twist on things. I think my slut girlfriend needs to graduate to the big leagues. We decided to go all out and take a vacation to Portland. We will be arriving in the Rose City on the 25th and I'm sure it won't takes us long to check into the hotel, grab a cab, and get started doing some really nasty stuff at the Paris.

I've been there before and am really looking forward to bringing my Nicole. She's a very horny slut! We'll spend hours playing around and getting things going. She loves it when a half-dozen guys start touching her body and fingering her wet pussy. After she squirts gallons of girl cum (hopefully a few gents will drink her cum), she'll be ready to take on the boys.

I usually get the lube out and get her cunt opened and ready. Her favorite is just lying back in the chair and pushing her pussy out for all takers. Hopefully a few red flags go out so we get plenty of takers... I love watching her get fucked. The best guys may even get to fuck her pretty little asshole. She's got an athletic body and loves having it used by all takers. Most of  the time I need to stay close-by and make sure the guys behave but the experienced crowd at the Paris might allow me to do some cunt poking myself if other ladies are present.

We'll be in town for 14 days so they'll be plenty of opportunities to fuck. She promised me I won't be disappointed !

So Portland, here we cum......à bientôt!
__handypete & nicole


So take that Portland... You are on notice for a tidal wave of Canadian goodness.  It's time to bring out the big guns and show Nicole why Portland is #1 for this thing of ours.

You are welcome.


Flash Report! FreeSafety Reports from Little Rock, AR.

Doc here with a new reporter for The Journal, FreeSafety. FreeSafety had submitted an excellent first Flash Report from Little Rock, AR, and he has promised that this is just the first of many reports to come.

I think you will enjoy his writing style, as well as his level of detail in describing what exactly was going on inside the booths at the ABS he visited.  So here he is, wearing jersey #21, FreeSafety.


I have been a fan of The Journal for a couple of years now and really enjoy the stories about this “thing of ours”. I am very active in the lifestyle and travel around the country quite a bit with my job and I always make it a point to visit the ABS locations in every town I travel to.

I have several “reports” I can contribute including one I’ll send later about my first time in an ABS but I had an experience on  Saturday that I wanted to relate.

First, a little about me. I’m a former college athlete and I work for a company that does installs for one of the top providers of slot machines and video games in the world. I am 6-1,weigh 188 pounds with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. I just turned 28 year sold, and I have been working for this company for about three years.

My job involves doing the prep work and placement for the machines we provide and service, and a typical job can take two to three weeks to complete depending on the venue we are working. I have a crew of five that travels with me and does the actual work….I’m more of the “fixer”that supervises and takes care of any problems as they arise, which gives me a lot of free time when we are on the road.

We have been working in Arkansas at a racetrack/casino for the past few weeks. The town where the track is doesn’thave any ABS to speak of, but Little Rock is only a 30 minute drive away and there are several locations in the capital city, mostly ABS and novelty stores that have booths added on as almost an afterthought.

Last Saturday I visited the creatively named  Adult Arcade on 65th Street in southwest Little Rock and went there without many expectations. The establishment looks like it may have been a convenience store in a past like,with large boarded up windows across the front and a gravel parking lot that wraps from the front down the left side of the building.

When I arrived at about 6 p.m. there were seven cars in the front parking lot and a few more on the side. When you walk in the door there is a facade wall and when you come around the corner,there is a long counter with adult toys and accessories which faces a large,open area full of other adult items and a myriad of videos and  magazines for sell.

At the end of the counter through a curtained door are the coin-op booths and on the opposite side of the store are four private preview booths where you can check out a video before buying (fora fee). The establishment does have a traditional theater, which was a big disappointment.
When I walked in, there were five patrons in the store, all male, ranging in age from early 20’s to mid 50’s.After checking out the video section and sizing up the other patrons, I bought my coupons that activate the video booths and moved through the curtains. The booth area was well lit with booths down both sides of a hall, sixteen in all.

There were three black guys and one white older gentleman just standing around and three of the booths were in use.A quick inspection revealed that half the booths had glory holes while the others were cursed with solid walls.

Not being into guy-on-guy action, I made my way down to one of the private booths and inserted my coupon for my five minutes of viewing. Of course, there were some polite rattles of the doorknob and taps on the wall on both side of me while I was  in there, but when my five minutes were up I exited the booth and walked back out into the video area.

I had noticed that all of the guys that had been lurking in the hallway except for one had left and I expected them to be out front, but when I got out there the only people in the front of the store was the clerk and one other guy that I hadn’t seen who informed me to be careful in the back because there was an undercover cop in the both area. Turns out that I was the guy everyone thought was the police ( I do kind of have  have that “look”) and I joked with the clerk about it. He was pretty cool after I convinced him I wasn’t a cop and told me if I would hang round there  might be some action if I was willing to hang out.

I browsed videos for about 30 minutes with three or four guys wandering  in and out during that time. At a little before seven, it was just me and one other guy when the bell on the front door jingled and a couple that looked to be  in their mid-thirties walked in.

He was a little shorter than me and appeared to be Hispanic. Think a younger version of James Edward Olmos. She was5-5, blonde with big green eyes and a little extra padding but with a gorgeous face.  For comparison sakes, think of a younger, heavier version of Sharon Stone.  She looked to be about 36-25-34 and as wearing a black halter dress and knee high booths.

They looked around for a few minutes and then the guy went over to the counter. She was looking at dildos and I moved over to the aisle she was in and as I walked by , she made eye contact. When her guy came back over, he spoke with her for a second then took her arm and headed back toward the booth area. Just as they went through the curtain,he looked back and jerked his head indicated that they wanted me to follow.

Of course, the other guy that was in the store beat me back there and thinking I was going to have to deal with a cock blocker, but he guided her into a private booth and stood outside with his back to the door. The other guy eventually got the message and left ( I think he was looking for guy-on-guy) and as soon as he went through the curtain, the guy knocked on the door and Sharon let him into the booth. A few seconds later they both emerged and went across the hall to one of the booths with the gloryholes and as soon as the “occupied”  light went on I slid into the adjacent stall.

I barely had the door shut and peeked  through the hole and in the flickering reflection of the video screen, I could see she had already dropped to her knees and was working frantically on his zipper. When she finally got it down and he dropped his pants, she freed his smallish cock from his boxers, grabbed his hips and positioned him here I had a full side view of the action and,looking directly at the hole I was peeking through, winked before she took him in her mouth.

She sucked on him for about five minutes, during which he untied the top of her dress and let her heavy tits out of their confinement. He was fucking her mouth hard and with each thrust her tits would bounce up and down.  I could tell she was  enjoying the  performance because she kept looking over at the glory hole and smiling at me on the other side.

After about three more minutes of this, he pulled out of her mouth and started jacking off while jerking his head towards the glory hole . She moved around on her knees and placed two fingers through the hole, the international sign for “I’m about to suck you dry”.

I feed my throbbing cock though the hole (I’m just a little shy of eight inches) and she squealed a little as she took it in one of her hands and slowly started to stroke it back and forth.Within a few seconds, she had engulfed my flaming member in her mouth and as giving me a slow, deliberate and fully-throated  blow job. I have pretty good control, an shedidn’t seem to be in any particular hurry, I enjoyed her attention for several minutes before I started to feel my fluids starting to boil when I heard the door to their booth open and a gentle knock on mine.

It was her guy, and he wanted me to go over into the booth with her while he took up residence in my booth. We  made the switch and by the time I got into her booth, she was completely naked and it was pretty obvious that it was my turn to put on a show for him.

She was immediately back down on her knees and ll over my cock. She then pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed it allover her ample tits before leaning back and sliding it between them . With each stoke, my dick would slid between her tits and into her mouth and this went on for a few minutes until her partner slid through the hole “I want to see you fuck her…”.

Being an obliging kind of guy, grabbed the folding hair and moved it in front of her and lifted her leg closest to the hole, balancing her foot  on the seat and giving  him a clear view of the action. I slid my cock into her dripping slot and within a few  minutes she was moaning and pushing back against me as hard as she could with each stoke. I pounded her had for several minutes and I could feel her pussy starting to tighten around my dick and she started to say she “didn’t want to cum yet” so I pulled out.
She backed me against the chair and pushed me down, mounting me cowgirl style,  and within a few minutes she started to scream and shudder as her pussy milked my cock like a vacuum cleaner. She continued to ride my cock until she went completely limp, falling back  with her eyes rolled back in her head.

 Her partner shot his load though the  hole onto her leg as I pumped what felt like three gallons into her dripping hole. It all happened so fast that I didn’t even think about a condom, but I’m sure I probably would have blown it off at that point anyway. I usually don’t bareback in ABS, but sometimes guy tends to think with the wrong head.

Her partner came back around and rattled the doorknob and I let him in. He thanked ME (which was totally unnecessary because that’s the kind of guy I am) and she gave me a quick kiss after she pulled her dress back up. They left at the point without saying a word, but after I cleaned up and went out the front door he called me over to their car and took my phone number and said they would like to get together again in the future.

All in all, it was a very satisfying experience and not one I would have expected from my first impressions of the establishment. I’m sure that everyone thinking I was  cop and leaving probably had a lot to do with my good fortune. Even when we came out there was just a few other  guys in the store, and they were all lurking out in the front.

I went back Monday night hoping fora repeat, but no couples showed up. I did call my new friends and they are going to meet me Thursday afternoon at the racetrack and we’re going to see what it leads to.

I love my job. And I love thing of ours.


Doc here again. Thanks to FreeSafety for an excellent rookie report.  I am looking forward to his next reports from the "Wide World of The Thing of Ours".

The Good Doctor still needs your adult theater reports.  Just e-mail me at, and I will have them up in short order.  I will do the editing for you, and all you have to do is repovide the report and a pen name you wish to use.