Saturday, July 31, 2010

Live Tweeting Tonight From CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

Doc here with a reminder that The Good Doctor will be Tweeting live from CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN tonight.  It's scheduled to be a big night at CTs, with the return of Tina, and two other couples confirmed for the evening's festivities.  There will also be 1-2 single women (according to my sources deeply embedded at CTs) attending.

So if you can't be there, then follow The Good Doctor on Twitter at



I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 5

Doc here with Part 5 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut.  We now shift locations back up to Washington, where Nina and "B" visit Airport Video in Everett.  Enjoy the ride!
This episode happened at the Airport Video in Everett, WA. We occasionally go up there just for a change of pace, but you have to be careful in the Washington theaters. If the local authorities should happen to drop in and catch you in a compromising situation you could be subject to getting your name in the paper or even arrest. It does not happen often but occasionally it does (that is why we Washington perverts appreciate the Portland theaters so much).

This particular night Nina was wearing a corset with her tits spilling over like water over a dam, no panties, garter belt and stockings and of course high heels, all hidden under a long coat. We walked into the theater and when Nina took off her coat you could hear the gasps of sheer joy and feel the room shift in her direction. She always keeps the coat handy just in case the the boys in blue should happen to show up. When a woman shows up in a outfit like that and takes off her coat for all to see you can’t blame these guys, after all it’s a crap shoot if it will happen at all, so when it does everyone thinks they hit the jackpot.

Normally the boys up there are pretty gentlemanly and do not just rush right over and surround her. I always take the seat next to the aisle, Nina next to me leaving at least one seat empty next to her. It doesn't take long before some brave horny soul will occupy that seat and puts his hand on her bare leg and slowly moves it towards her pussy, once the guys realize she is receptive to a molestation session two or three other brave souls will come over and start molesting her. In a short time all her lady parts are covered by excited hands.

When someone new approaches the door to the theater a buzzer sounds to warn all us pervs someone is coming. It is good that you are warned but on the other hand it is irritating because everything stops and those that need to will cover up and all the fun stops. Once the new person is in the door everything has to start over. Nina never fucks anyone in the Washington theaters, but she loves to give blowjobs and get molested there. It is always exciting to watch her getting molested and giving head to whomever she chooses. We usually stay until everyone who wants to be made happy are made happy.

This night there was one guy who was trying to fist her. I looked down and the guy had his hand in her pussy up to his wrist, or so it looked like. Normally she lets me know if something is going on she doesn’t like and I will politely stop it. She said nothing and looked like she was enjoying it. I asked her if she was OK and she said yes, fortunately the guy had small hands. Guys started to crowd around to watch the action. Then Nina coughed and the guys hand came flying out of her pussy like it was shot out of cannon and slapped against the back of the seat in front of us. I’ll never forget the “What the fuck?” look the guy had on his face. I thought he was going to have to go to the ER and be treated for a broken hand. He was fine, there was so much laughter from the crowd of guys that the clerk came in to see what all the commotion was about. Yet another great night in a porn theater.

End of Part 5
Like a fine wine, The Tales of Nina keeps on getting better and better.  Stay tuned for Part 6...