Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! Bambi & Thumper @ The Fox Theatre in Vancouver, BC (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from Bambi and Thumper, complete with 4 pics from the actual adult theater visit.
Enjoy kids!
Good evening Herr Doctor,
Providing you with an up to date report from north of the border, with pictures. Bambi and I dropped into the Fox Theatre, located on Main Street in Vancouver, BC this Tuesday evening.
The Fox is the last remaining adult theater in the greater Vancouver area, and possibly the last one in the entire province. After getting changed in the car ( jean skirt, black stockings, garter belt, see through top and the ever present anklet) we made our way into the theater. Parking is a pain, as there is no parking lot attached to the theater and there is no parking in front of the building. Metered parking is available on the side streets. Once inside I asked the proprietor if I could take a picture of Bambi in the lobby. He hesitated at first, but then asked if he could be in the next picture with Bambi, which I was more then happy to accommodate. By the way the entrance fee is $15 for a couple (Cdn) and $8 (Cdn) for a single. Rather steep compared to free at the HEB in Seattle and $10 at the APV in Everett.
After navigating the steep entrance to the theater we made our way down towards the front. The seats are probably the original ones from the 70's as they are tattered and well worn. The screen is old and it had a message in one corner that said the bulb needed replacing on the projector. There were about five guys in the entire theater and nothing was going on. Bambi started things off with the hiking of the skirt and the heavy kissing. One gentleman then asked if he could sit next to Bambi, always a nice touch. He was advised what he could and could not do. One of his hands then got to work, rubbing and caressing Bambi. Bambi was in more of an exhibitionist mood, and put on a bit of a limited show.
Worried about possible spot checks from the law, Bambi was rather reserved. After a while we left the main part of the theater and inquired about the availability of the private balcony. Parting with another $10 we were ushered into a second floor space with mismatched furniture, or more like the reasonable facsimile of what used to be furniture. Feeling safer Bambi went to work and in no time had me finished. We made our way downstairs, and the employee came out from behind the counter to get a hug from Bambi, which made her smile.
(On an editorial note, it is sad that the Fox is slowly dying. Couples appear to be rare and there is still the problem of street people wandering into the theater.)

Doc here again... Thanks to Bambi and Thumper for another great report (and pics too!).  Keep up the great work!