Friday, November 11, 2011

Flash Report! Mr. Gecko Visits The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here with a terrific first time Flash Report from the newest contributor to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Mr. Gecko.

Mr. Gecko visited the Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, TX, one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters.  The action can be hot and heavy at the Lido, so what did Mr. Gecko find?  And if he did hit paydirt, was it in the theater upstairs at The Lido, or inside one of the many private rooms?

Here is Mr. Gecko and his Flash Report...


Hello Dr. Lizardo,

On a recent trip to Dallas, I managed to squeeze out some time to explore the strip clubs and adult theater scene in your city (ed.note: I am not from Dallas, but I do love Dallas.). I visited a few of the clubs mentioned here on the forum, especially Zona Rosa, but didn't find the menu appetizing enough from a bang-for-buck perspective. This led me to a couple of visits to the Lido Adult Theater (address information located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE).

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
The first visit was uninteresting, there wasn't much action in progress at the theater. Just a bunch of horny blokes walking around like zombies in the hallways. I stayed for an hour or so before my patience ran out and I called it a night.

On the second trip, however, things got quite exciting. I walked into the place to find said hallways deserted, even though the parking lot below was quite packed. The theater at the far end was dark, and it took some time for my eyes to get adjusted to the scene. I could finally make out that there was action in progress, involving a hot BBW woman in the first row of seats.

I walked over for a closer view of the proceedings. The woman's partner (husband?) was seated to her left, and a black dude on her right. And both her hands were occupied with their dicks, while the black dude was fingering her. Standing in the row behind her were two other blokes with their dicks hanging out. She was busy sucking one noisily. There were three or four other men standing around with their dicks in hand, and not quite participating in the activities.

When the black dude took a break from the fingering, I settled in for some immensely satisfying DATY and FIV. She tasted great and I felt at least two orgasms judging from the way her muscles clamped down on my fingers rhythmically while moaning away loudly. This proceeded for a good 15-20 minutes, during which she was blowing a series of men (to completion, I guess?).

Many of the men left the theater after getting themselves drained, leaving the husband, the seated black dude, myself, and one more elderly gentleman. The lady then stood up, slapped on a cover on the black dude's dick, and bent over to suck her husband off while the black gentleman proceeded to ram her from behind. I took her recently vacated seat and pulled out my dick while this was going on. The husband leaned over and whispered something in her ears, and she happily switched from her husband's dick to mine! She proceeded to give me an excellent BBBJ while simultaneously giving her husband a HJ, and getting fucked hard from behind.

After the dude dumped a load in his rubber, the woman indicated that she wanted her seat back, and I obliged. When I stood up, she grabbed my hips, turned me around, and continued with her BJ. Next, I stuck my dick between her awesome boobs, and tit-fucked her to completion. I busted a huge nut between her tits, and she rubbed my cum into her skin. Fully drained of energy (and cum) , I sat down for a while and watched the proceedings some more while regaining my bearings. Finally I decided to call it a night. I thanked both the lady and the husband, and found my way out of the nearly emptied out theater.

Total cost for this entire episode. $11 (I think). The entrance fee for the theater. The experience in itself was quite priceless. I will definitely go back and try my luck again when I get a chance.

Mr. Gecko


Doc here again... The Lido is truly a pretty fantastic place... Guys are well behaved, couples that attend are WAY above average in looks and attitude, and the regular I have spoken to there have some GREAT stories of romps from the past @ The Lido.

Thank you to Mr. Gecko for a terrific first time report.  Welcome to the ranks of Journal reporters, spanning the globe (OK, the USA, Canada, and England).  We look forward to your next report, sir.

It's time for you to submit a report (your mom called and said it was OK). Just e-mail Clubber Lange The Good Doctor at I will edit and format the report for you, and you get the byline and the glory. 

How else do you think Bob in Biloxi got all those groupies?