Saturday, August 21, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut, Part 11

Doc here with Part 11 of Tales of Nina the Bakery Slut.  In this chapter, Nina helps support the military cause of a Sergeant Major and his wife as they take care of the troops at the late great The Jefferson Theater.

Take it away, "B":
We actually made it to Portland in the morning, we checked into our favorite motel, the one with the rooms you can see into from the street. Nina immediately changed into her favorite see thru hippy dress and we headed out to see what adventures that could be had. When she wears this dress she only has on a garter belt, stockings and nothing else. She is pretty careful not to get very far from the car in case a family or the wrong people happen along.

We know a man that has a second hand store just across the Burnside Bridge, and have gone in there before. He really enjoys seeing us (or should I say Nina). When we walked in he immediately got the biggest lustful Cheshire Cat grin on his face. He had a hard time trying to converse with me, keep the drool wiped off his face, and watch Nina at the same time. As you can imagine in the middle of the day she might as well have not been wearing a dress.

Oregon Theater, 1983
When someone came in we respectfully moved to the back of the store to give us enough time to decide if it was somebody that would not be offended at Nina’s attire. The store was starting to get busy so we decided we should move on. About that same time a couple and their teenage son walked in and caught us in a position where we could not get out of their line of sight. The women took one look at Nina and ordered her husband and son out of the store and into their car; both father and son had the same lustful Cheshire Cat grin on their faces as fairly honest Bill had when we first walked into his store.

We stopped by the Oregon Theater, where Nina caused quite a stir as she paraded around the lobby. The then manager was a long time friend of ours and was glad to see us. We went into the theater and picked out the cleanest couch we could find and made ourselves comfortable. At that time of the day the theater is mostly inhabited by gays and older men who are at the end of their run. There was a couple of younger guys there that quickly showed Nina they could still get it up. I invited them in and asked the other old boys to please stand back a little ways. They quickly got down to business, one eating her pussy and the other had his dick in her mouth. After a little while the guy who was eating her pussy asked if he could fuck her. “I told him it was up to her” needless to say she fucked them both silly.

We were getting ready to go back to the motel when the manager came down and asked if Nina would give a friend of his a mercy blowjob. His friend was a older gent who used to be a big time wrestler in the fifty’s. He wrestled at the same time as Gorgeous George. Steve told us he comes in regularly but never gets a opportunity for pussy. Nina being the Good Samaritan that she is; gave him one of her super blowjobs and made a friend for life. Steve said he sees him from time to time and the first thing he says is “have you seen Nina lately”? We packed up and headed back to the motel to get ready to go to the Jefferson that evening.

Nina can take some time getting ready to go out, so to keep me entertained she will parade in front of the window wearing only her garter belt and nylons whenever I ask her to. I’m always looking for a likely suspect who would appreciate seeing a hot milf in the window with very little on. I spotted a guy about a block down the street taking pictures of what looked like trees. The camera he was using had a very long telephoto lens, I knew if he spotted her he would snap away. I called her and asked her if she would stand in front of the window and brush her hair. It wasn’t long before I saw him do a double take and point his camera up at our window. He must have used up a least a roll of film, then he walked up the sidewalk towards the motel and circled the block at least twice and positioned himself in several locations for different angles. I finely stepped out the door and motioned for him to come up. I think he thought I was Nina’s pimp and it scared him off, robbing me off a chance to ask for copies to add to her portfolio. You know she would have bartered for them.

The Jefferson was very busy by the time we arrived and the couples section was full, however everyone was extremely accommodating and made room us. Nina got her tits out and struck up a conversation with the good looking women seated next to her. Her husband was a Sergeant Major at Fort Lewis and they both liked to play, so play we did. Both the Sergeant Major and I received excellent blow jobs from each other’s wives. He wanted to fuck Nina but there just wasn’t enough room in the crowded couples section. I suggested we go down on the stage where we would have plenty of room. We walked the girls through the throng of usual perverts that crowd around the couples section and on to the stage. I told to the Sergeant Major that one of us had to explain the rules of engagement to the throng of hopeful fuckers that had quickly assembled in the seats around the stage. I volunteered for the first watch.

While I was conducting my seminar on the rules of engagement for fucking our wives, the Sergeant Major got busy with Nina. I invited two guys up and one took advantage of the Sergeant Majors wife and the other had to wait in the batter’s box for his turn at bat. He had to wait for a while as the Sergeant Major turned out to be a marathon man. He just returned from a year in Afghanistan and said “there wasn’t much to fuck there except camels and the occasional sheep”. When the girls are ready I will ask a couple of guys at a time to come up, It reminds me of when you were a kid picking your team for a sand lot game, everyone lined up yelling pick me pick me.

The girls did not disappoint the lucky guys who participated they left with well used dicks and that sweet pungent odor of pussy on their breath. Another great night at the porn theater.

End of Part 11
Thanks again "B" for another great story from the old Jeff in Portland.