Sunday, October 6, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! M&D @ Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man some say can communicate seamlessly with ducks, with a Couple's Flash Report from 2nd time contributors M&D.  They recently visited Fritz the Cat in Dallas Pike, WV (address in the adult theater database), and have filed this report with the news desk.

Here we go!

Couple's Flash Report! Sloppy Seconds Seekers Recent Video Booth Adventure (w/PIC)

Doc here with a very cool Couple's Flash Report from hot couple Sloppy Seconds Seekers.

The pic sent in with this report is one of the hottest pics I have seen recently.  How many of you wish you were there to witness this scene?

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

Sloppy Second Seekers here with a quick follow-up to our initial submission to your Journal of Adult Theaters.

Although we don't have anything exciting to report from this past weekend, we've certainly enjoyed many nights where some adventure in a dark and fetish-filled adult bookstore led to exactly what we seek; loads of pleasure. 

On one particular outing we had ventured to a place where a gentleman that we met once before was awaiting our arrival.  Only this time, instead of enjoying the anonymous nature of a gloryhole, he was invited to join us in a large booth.  Of course, what followed can only be described as intense and fulfilling. 

Once the door was shut and everyone was comfortable, the clothes came off.  From there it was a sight to behold with dominating, deep and penetrating pleasures that included thorough oral worship followed by his eager insertion into that most sacred of love holes.  Shortly thereafter he announced his desire to release and was encouraged to "please shoot it all over me!"  And, with that said, he pumped "a week's worth of waiting" to our delights.  The sloppy seconds he provided is probably best described through an image, which we hope you enjoy (as we certainly did).


Triple S


Doc here again... Many thanks to Sloppy Seconds Seekers for a terrific Couple's Flash Report and the great pic.  Keep it up guys... I know we are.