Sunday, September 30, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! BJohnson at The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a 2nd POV from the same evening as reported by senior reporter Tomkat (on the prowl) from last week (LINK here).

Ever wonder what a couple's thought process is in an adult theater, and if it was the same as your's?

Here is your chance... BJohnson submitted his report just about at the same time as Tomkat, and it is a totally different take on the same night.

Here is BJohnson and his terrific Couple's Flash Report...

Wife and I were heading back to Beantown from NYC. What a better way to break up a long drive than to stop in at the Art. The owner was polite. We paid our entrance fee and headed to to the balcony for some fun. Fun we had. I could see guys on the lower levels trying to sneak a peak up at the balcony.
Another couple came up for a while, then left. No interaction. My wife was getting into it. This was her first trip to an "Art" theater. Before we were to leave, I convinced her to spend a little time downstairs. The vultures immediately closed in. One guy was polite enough to ask to sit next to my wife. I told him one space, but he went back to the row in front.
My wife pulled out my cock and started to stroke it. The vultures closed in even more. My wife went down and the vultures swarmed. Sorry guys, it was not my wife, it was I who got the stage fright. A couple of the guys were a little on the seedy side. We got up and hustled out of there much to everyone's disappointment. I am going to give it another shot. Maybe hook up with another couple to take some of the heat off.
See you next trip guys. Will not try to disappoint.


Doc here again... A big thank you to BJohnson and The Mrs., and here is to their next visit to one of my favorite adult theaters, Hartford's Art Cinema.