Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flash Report! Sable at HEB and Airport Video in Seattle

Hollywood Erotic Boutique (HEB)
12706 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA

Doc here with a HOT theater sex story from this past Monday by the lovely Sable.  Sable has been kind enough to let me re-post this from the "Brent's Theater Tails" group. The Good Doctor always appreciates reports from the female perspective, and it doesn't get much better than this!
So, ladies and gentlemen, here is Sable's tale:
Just thought I'd post our mini erotic adventure we had yesterday. It's a Monday. It's raining. You'd think it would be a quiet day on the ole theater front. Not. My BF and I decided we would hit the HEB. I figured, Monday…raining…should not be too crowded. I am still new to this, and prefer small groups.

Well we arrived and headed downstairs. We cruised the rooms and finally settled in the main theater area. We started watching the flick and began to get in the mood. Soon we were surrounded and I hadn't even undone my blouse! Major turn off! My BF suggested we move to another room. We did, and they all followed! Jeez! Went back to the main room and BF started to play. As soon as I went down to give him a lick, I had a crowd. BF didn't like this, as he had a guy beating off right behind his head. Too much attention! Too needy! Scary for me too, I was totally overwhelmed. I gotta say though, the guy sitting next to me was most polite, and respectful. I had met him once before, and he loved touching my ass! Begged us to stay, but hey, it was way too intense…

Airport Video
11732 Airport Road
Everett, WA

We headed down to the airport and discussed how bad the vibes were at the HEB. We had such a great time the last time we were there. Oh well, you never know.

Upon arrival at the airport, I was a bit skeptical from all the bad PR they had received. But being extremely horny, we really wanted to play, and we were willing to risk it. As we walked in I immediately noticed how clean and how nice the smell was. I digress... By the way, I am dressed in a black mini, with high thighs, and stiletto heels. A great sexy blouse, which, button by button, it sets off my rack! We go in and find a seat. I immediately feel comfortable.

There are about 10 people there. We start watching the "real bad porno" and settle in. As my eyes adjust and I peruse the room, I notice a "Lola" across the aisle watching me. I smile and begin to caress my BF. As I begin to play, some dude, sits next to BF and gets him uncomfortable. We trade seats, which I'm sure was a ploy on his part, and I begin again. As I take his cock out and slowly go down on him, I feel the heat rise in the room. Soon enough, I am surrounded and BF is loving it. I am really getting into the BJ when Lola arrives next to me. She begins rubbing my legs and the others gather. I was really getting wet and excited by all the sucking and licking I was doing. Soon I had two different hands around my breasts. By this time, my blouse is barely here and my skirt up to my waist. How hot is that? Then as I am in deep throat mode, I feel many hands up my crotch. I glance over to see Lola doing the guy next to me and has her hand up my crotch. The other two shall remain anonymous, as I have no clue. Hey, it was dark and I was busy…..what can I say?

I really got heated, and I mean literally. I thought I was going to pass out. We had to take a break. Though I was having fun, it was a bit overwhelming for me. We started again and soon enough, I had two hands on my tits and I was wet as hell, but my goal was to get BF off. He was so distracted by all the attention and he did not cum. Hated that. Anyway, we decided to leave.

Lola was charming and the men were full of compliments. I did have a great time. I was impressed how the theater had cleaned up its act. We will return. The next post I do will be from the Paris....I hope!
Awesome report Sable!  Feel free to contact my practice at any time with new and exciting reports.


Field Report from The Paris Theater by Brent in Portland, OR: "Sunday Night Pretty Wild"

Paris Theater
6 SW 3rd
Portland, OR
Doc here with a classic from the pages of "Fractured Fairy Tales" Brent's Theater Tails.  Brent is the Professor Emeritus of Adult Theater Sex Stories (PEOATSS), and this report from last weekend's fun at The Paris Theater in Portland speaks for itself. Sit back, and enjoy this chapter from the man himself, Brent:
I live in downtown Portland Oregon in low income housing. I own a car that I use for work. I'm a cheap skate and I hate to pay for parking. So, I usually park my car in front of my apartment after 7pm when the meters turn off. Then in the morning, I'll move it before the parking patrol comes by. Sometimes, however, especially on Saturdays , after a long night at The Paris, I'll sleep late and get a $40 parking ticket. Its probably cost me more over the years doing this little dance then If I'd just rented a parking space in my building. It's kind of like having a counterfeiting machine that makes nickels. The closest free, all day parking is a 45 minute walk from my place. I should move my car there and walk back. The exercise will do me good. I can isten to on the way back. Yeah ,that's the ticket.

This past Saturday, I watched as guy after guy came into The Paris Theater. Unfortunately there were no couples yet. The first couple that came in was "B" or "Condom In Mouth Lady". B is a zaftig type- a curvaceous big breasted woman who oozes sex. She loves to come to The Paris Theater and get fucked and suck cock.She is, on one hand, a classy intelligent lady and, on the other hand (the wet one) a come loving fuck slut who will fuck anybody with a hard dick. That's what we like about her. When they walk into the theater, She and her husband always head straight for the nearest big, hard cock, balls heavy with come. She was in hog heaven, Saturday what with all the guys there. They headed for one of the couches in the middle of the the theater and were immediately surrounded.

I'm not sure how many guys she fucked and sucked Saturday. I just kept hearing her moans and wet sloshing sounds and guy after guy walking away with a smile on his face . One of the guys she loves to fuck is J or "Dog Boy." J is great for theater sex because he can keep his cock hard, even in a hurricane, will have sex with any one of any gender, doesn't mind a little role playing and is fairly good looking man.

He fucked B on Saturday, giving her one of her best ever Paris fucks, if the look of ecstasy on her face and her cries of orgasmic pleasure were any indication. After they finished up in the main theater (the floor was littered with condom wrappers), the three of them headed for the little theater that shows all male films and continued playing in there.

Meanwhile there were couples coming into the couples section but none of them were staying very long. They were mostly young and very good looking. I remember on young Asian chick wearing a short swirling white skirt and cowboy boots who was very frisky. She kept rubbing her boy friends cock like she wanted to play but he just looked irritated. Finally they left, followed by the other two couples. I think part of the problem was that a lot of the guys were either in line waiting to fuck Big B or were standing around the couples section impatiently expecting these new theater couples to play like veterans. It's been said and written before:

Guys, the couples are there for *their* enjoyment. If you are suave, sophisticated, empathic and clean-smelling, you *may* be part of that enjoyment; but, it is not guaranteed.

Thanks, JB .

The last action I saw on Saturday was a cute girl , voluptuous and sexy give her man a blow job. He took her breasts out so they could watch too. As soon as he came they were gone, Baby, gone.

Well I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my dick that didn't hurt. I jacked off before breakfast. It felt good so I jacked off once more for dessert. Apologies to Kris Kristofferson.

I saw two orange flags and a red flag appear around 1:30. Unfortunately, by the time I showered dressed and drove to the theater the flags were no longer valid. I asked the clerk " What's up, Dac?" He said that two cute girls in their early twenties came in to play but there was nobody to play with. Imagine that. There were two guys in the theater , down by the front of the screen who never even turned around. It must have been a good movie. The girls left and a little while later a couple came in. Talk about bad timing. In the world of adult theater sex good timing = good times. The couple was there to play but, alas, still no one to play with. I hope they all return and have better luck next time.

It was quiet for the next several hours, Sunday at The Paris. Then around 8 a couple came in. She was wearing a dress. She was a BBW , kind of cute. They seemed a little nervous but after a while her tits were out, her panties were off, her legs were spread and he was rubbing her clitoris. A small crowd of men were gathered around, to watch. I think this spurred her on a little. I heard her yelp little yelps of pleasure while he stroked her. I can't remember if he went down on her or she went down on him. They put on a nice show. I have a feeling they will go a little further next time they visit The Paris. Around 10, two couples came in a few minutes apart. The first one was a couple that had been in on Friday. I described her as looking like Kirstin Dunst/ Kim Basinger/ Kate Moss. Her body is fantastic, curvy and youthful. Her breasts are natural and perfect for her body. Her pussy looks like a delicious fruit or
walnut but a lot easier to crack.

I'm pretty sure she enjoys getting naked and showing off to the crowd. I know she likes girls because she played with one on Friday. Her man is tall with dark hair and a nice sized schlong. The other couple was also young. She was a pretty girl with long dark hair . She reminded me of Tess Taylor, cyber play mate and star of "Pretty Wild". She was wearing jeans and vans . Her escort was a tall skinny rocker type wearing a black t shirt that said "Tight Records". He also sported a big cock. The first couple got things started. They got naked and fucked and sucked each other. This inspired the second couple and they got naked and started fucking. At one point both girls were riding up and down on their man's hard ones like they were neck and neck at The Kentucky Derby. It was a great scene.

After a while both couples ended up in the couples annex with guys all around them. It was mostly just watching but what great close ups! Tess on the exam table getting fucked by her man, other guys with dicks in hand just inches away. Kirsten on the bench next to the rail, hands reaching in and caressing her, her man fucking and sucking her.

Then another couple came in around 10:45 and went to the couples section. Before long she was naked and had her ass in the air. She was short and sassy with wild eyes, dark hair and some nice tattoos. She also had a great little pair of breasts, perfect for her body. But, her best body part was her perpetually-in motion, perfectly round, geometrically situated cock grabbing ass. For a while I was going between the couples annex and the couples section, taking it all in, thinking "this is turning out to be a great Sunday for theater sex at The Paris."

Finally , that lovely ass got the best of me. They had invited guys into the couples section and she was sucking and fucking anybody and everybody. One man fucked her for a long time with his big dick while she sucked off two or three more. She was loving it, Mac Then her husband fucked her from behind and came inside of her I stepped up rubbed my dick against her ass cheeks and actually got a little bit hard. Wow! I stuck a finger in her ass and another in her sopping wet pussy and got a little harder. Wow Wow! She backed her ass up against me like she was coming in for a landing. I felt a familiar pop as I slipped inside of her. Her cunt was hot and tight . It was at a temperature that could make anything explode. I started fucking her or should I say she startedfucking me. I just stood there while she went back and forth furiously on my cock. I don't know why I didn't come but I didn't. I wasn't sure. Finally I started losing my erection and moved out of the way so another guy could fuck her. I think I might have said something to her like " That's the first time I've been hard enough to fuck in a long time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I came back in there was quite the orgy going on. Kirsten Dunst had left , but now Tess Taylor and her man were hooked up with the couple that I had just been with. It was a wild scene that really defies description but I'll try. The women had taken to each other instantly. The woman I had fucked was still letting guys fuck her- one , clean cut man in particular was making her twist and shout. Other people were standing by watching. The girls were really into each other. At one point, the wild one was getting fucked from behind while her husband watched. While she was getting it from behind she was tongue kissing the dark haired Tess , and making her scream with pleasure. She was also finger banging her and sucking on her erect nipples. Both girls were completely naked and hot to the touch.

There was other stuff going on, but I'm having a hard time remembering the exact details right now.There was a lot of fucking and sucking between the couples with guys close by watching. It was an erection grabbing, adrenaline pumping, E producing, stimulating adult theater sex moment of the first magnitude.

In the end, the dark haired girl was completely out of control and it was great. Her husband said "We have to get home. She has an early day, tomorrow. We have four kids waiting for us."

I thought "That young- pretty, sexy,dynamo, fuck machine has four children?

Wow" It was the hottest thing I'd heard all night.

Happy Mothers Day....
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