Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Quick Note/Update From The Good Doctor

Doc here with a quick note on my weekend break from the Cirque du Soleil auditions.  I'm now a finalist, and with one more week of trials ahead of me, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances.  My ace in the hole?  My patented "Provolone Triple Split" manuever from the rafters of the auditorium.

Wish me luck.

Onto this thing of ours... The Good Doctor has had limited time to keep up with all the incoming reports to The Journal.  I got caught up a bit this weekend, and you will find the following reports in the pipeline:
  • A Gloryhole Nancy update with 2 NEW VIDEOS going up Monday morning at 9am (CST).
  • Lustman Al's two most recent reports, going up Monday night and Tuesday Night.
  • floyd returns with a GREAT Paris Theatre update starring Handy Pete and his girl running the table on SW 3rd Street in Portlandia.
  • Bob in Biloxi's Two for One weekly report Monday Night.
  • Darknight's latest from San Diego's Jolar Cinema on Wednesday morning.
Keep the reports coming in... There was great stuff hitting the inbox this past week.  If you have a report, just e-mail me at

Thanks for your patience during this period.  I am this close to realizing my dream as an acrobat.


Couple's Flash Report: M&S at The Art Cinema in Hartford (with New Pics!)

Doc here with another HOT report from M&S, our reporters in Hartford, CT. Their venue of choice, The Art Cinema in Hartford, is now recognized as a Top 5 adult theater in the power rankings.

Here is another action packed report from M&S, along with some terrific pics.



Hello Dr.,

Another great night at the Art.

Wife and I got there about 7:45pm on Friday, and were the first couples in the balcony.Within a 1/2 hr., 4 more couples showed up.These couples were there to put on a show too. By 8:30 all 5 of us couples were sucking and fucking.

One couple was M&M, the couple we had met at the Art months ago, they had submitted an article to you back last August 2011,and took pics for us. Another couple we met at  a party about 6 yrs ago -he is hung like a horse and she is drop dead gorgeous. He had his wife and another guys wife both sucking and stroking his cock at the same time.

By 9:30pm we were alone except for an older very drunk couple. He was playing with her pussy under her dress and she was talking very loud. Not much to watch LOL.

Then another couple came in and sat right next to us, and they wasted no time in getting naked. They took turns going down on each other and fucking. She was a thinner girl nicely shaved, and he bent her over and fucked her hard. I have never seen a girl fucked so hard and ask for it harder and faster (even in the movies). I thought his cock was going to poke out the other end! At one point he bent her over and she was facing my wife who sitting as I fingered her.My wife is not bi mind you.The girl reached over and started to rub my wife's leg and pussy. My wife never moved as she rubbed her.I about blew my load as I watched!

The girl then asked if she liked girls and wanted to go down on my wife but wife said this was a good start, so maybe next time.We asked about taking some pics of the 2 ladies, but other girl said she would rather not.

When we left them they were still going strong and another couple had come in and sat down front but were just watching the movie so I saw no playing.

Here is a couple of pics of (S) from last night and a few from the past, doing that thing we do. Hopefully more pics next time.        



Doc here again... The Art Cinema right now is the go-to adult theater in the northeast US. Nothing but rave reviews, and the legend continues to grow.

Keep your reports coming in.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at I will format and edit your report, and you get the glory and the byline.