Friday, January 10, 2014

New Poll: Do You Want Yahoo Groups Announcements of New Reports @ The Journal?

Doc here, a man some say can shoot an arrow through a single use lube pack at 20 paces, with a new poll for you, the good readers of The Journal.

For 4 years now, I have been posting announcements on 5 different Yahoo Groups when new reports are published to The Journal. This is typically done only once a day, and in the early morning as to not be intrusive and interfere with other messages. I also include a hyperlink to the site in case you are using your phone or a tablet to access The Journal. The Good Doctor does this as a service to you, and not to fill one's e-mail box. Now, since I add content almost every day, you will find almost daily posts from me.

Now keep in mind, you can change the delivery method of messages from any Yahoo Group yourself. It can be immediate, it can be a daily digest, or none at all. You make the call.

Couple's Flash Report: Moaning Lisa (as Mrs. Robinson) @ 15th Ave Theater in Chicago (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say sold Shaggy The Mystery Machine, with a great Couple's Flash Report from my dear friend Moaning Lisa.

Moaning Lisa visited 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago in the middle of the Polar Vortex, and her efforts made a young man's dreams come true.  No, this wasn't the "Make-a-Wish Foundation"... It was more like the "Make-a-Wife Foundation."

Put in your pocket protector and push up your glasses, this report is a hot one! And also please enjoy the rare pic from Moaning Lisa...

Here we go!

Dear Doc & Good Readers,

We have been trying our best to stay warm in the frozen tundra of Chicagoland!  The Hubby & I ventured to 15th Avenue twice in the past week. The first visit is actually a follow-up from our report of December 28.  As you may remember, I had the good fortune of meeting several young college men that night, who generously shared their "Elixir of Youth" with me.  

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Report Update

Doc here, a man who some say does "The Dougie" before getting on an airplane, with a quick note from deep in The Valley near the small woman's liberal arts college.

I hope you have enjoyed the reports that have come in this week to The Journal. There has been some great stuff, like the report from JP and JP's Slut Toy, The dual Couple's Flash Report from Hartford from M&S and T and A, and much more. Hell, you even got a House Call Report from your old friend in the white suit from my encounter with P&F at 15th Avenue.

This weekend, starting Friday, I will be committed to a two-day series of events that I will write about after they are completed. Thus, updates will be not as frequent until Sunday.

I strongly encourage you to follow me on Twitter for instant updates that you will not get on The Journal's main page.  My handle is @LizardoJournal . My Twitter is no longer restricted, so please follow me.

That's it from my desk... Thanks again for all your support of The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.