Monday, October 11, 2010

House Call! 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater, Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a hybrid House Call/Flash Report on 15th Avenue Books & Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  Circumstances led to me being in the Melrose Park area (many miles away from the scenic valley near the small women's college) on Friday evening, so I took the opportunity to re-visit one of the nicest overall facilities in the country for "this thing of our's".

In the past several months, I have posted several articles about 15th Avenue's layout, so I will not repeat those details here.  However, what I will do as a form of exposition is to include a couple of photos from their website of the spa area and the theater entrance.

15th Ave Adult Books & Theater
2125 S 15th Avenue, Melrose Park, IL

One of the reasons I was very anxious to make a House Call to 15th was the fact they have started a notification system when couples come into the theater/spa, ala The Paris in Portland and CTs in Gary.  I wanted to make sure that the posts were accurate and the time of posting was the correct time. 

So The Good Doctor pulled his Lizardo 3000 into the spacious and well-lit parking lot at 15th Avenue around 9:15 Friday evening.  The parking lot was pretty full, so this was a good sign.  Admission is $20 for the theater and arcade area, and an extra $10 for the spa.  These high fees do a pretty good job of keeping the riff-raff out of the facility.
15th Ave Theater Entrance
(inside store)

The couples section is located on the left hand side of the theater, and is made up of 4 rows of 4 seats that are separated via rope from the gen pop remainder of the theater.  It's a good set-up for couples, and it will give them some much needed breathing room as they get settled in.

As The Good Doctor walked into the theater, there were no couples in as of yet.  However, after 10 minutes, Couple 1 entered, and they made their way to the couples section.  My gut feeling on them was they were there possibly for the first time, and were scoping it out.  After about 10 minutes, they were history...Maybe next time they will feel more comfortable there.

Couple 2 entered within 5 minutes of 1 leaving.  She was a very well dressed blonde in a classic theater sex outfit: short black dress, stockings, light overcoat.  The curious thing is that they immediately sat right in the middle of the gen pop section of the theater, and they sat in the middle two seats, thus leaving a chair right next to her.  This seating arrangement usually means the fun will be getting started sooner rather than later.


The blonde sat there, stoned faced, while her guy was very busy stroking his cock, and another guy from the crowd sat next to her in an effort to chat her up (among other things).  Aside from an occasional glance at the stranger, she barely moved.  She was not digging this for whatever reason, and within 20 minutes they ventured out to their vehicle in the parking lot to discuss things further.

Store Entrance - 15th Ave

The conversation did not go well.  After some intense negotiations outside their truck, they got in and took off.  Very promising start, with a  bad finish.
BTW, the management posted about these couples arriving, and it was 100% on the money.  So far, so good in that department.  More on this later.

Around 10:30, two couples arrived with minutes of each other.  Couple 3 was a big busted MILF type with glasses, long dark hair, and was very friendly.  Her guy was very quiet...

Couple 4 entered, and also took up shop in the couples section.  They knew Couple 3, and the girls immediately began chatting it up.  The female half of Couple 4 had on a dark coat as well, and it was hard to make out what she looked like outside of her medium length dark hair and dark stylish glasses.  Her guy was an older well dressed man with a dark overcoat. 

I had a pretty good vibe about #3 and #4, unlike the earlier couples.  They were relaxed, laughing, and having a good time.  Now, would this translate to some spectacular theater sex behind the screen (a 15 x 40 foot room sits behind the movie screen, and can be utilized for private moments), or would it lead to the couples leaving the facility together?


After 10 minutes of settling in, both couples left (cue sad trombone here), and seemed to be heading out of the theater.  Since I was sitting close to the door, I exited to see what was actually happening.  What I saw was very good news (cue game show ringer).  They were purchasing their wrist bands for the spa area.  This triggered a string of guys also making their spa purchases one after another, since you need to be buzzed back to the private spa. 

The spa has a security guy working the door, and he also acts to keep things civil yet couples-friendly.  He did his job well Friday night... Kudos to you, sir.

Montclaire Spa
Private Rooms

Since The Good Doctor already had a wrist band on, I scooted into the spa ahead of the 2 couples.  I guess was that they would opt for one or more of the private rooms in the spa area.  15th Avenue brands this area "The Montclaire Spa", and it includes a locker room, showers, wet sauna, & a lounge area with bleacher-like seating around a large screen TV away from the entrance.  The area also contains the aforementioned private rooms (6 in total on one side, with one being double the size of the others), plus a few others in the hallway.  Couples can purchase a key for these rooms, and have private times with however they might choose (be it themselves or a lucky guys or three).

By the time the couples made their way to the large private room, and opened the door, the game was on. And that game was that they would pick and choose guys to party with them inside the locked private room.  Two couples, plus 1 or two guys at a time would be a tight fit in theory. 

It is always great to see experienced adult theater women in this environment...They know what they want, and how they want it.  For women in "this thing of our's", it's always a buyers market.  A 25-50:1 ratio of men to women in an adult theater is commonplace.  And the way these two women went about their business was impressive.

The female half of Couple 3 (MILF with glasses and large bust), went on a walk throughout the spa area and picked out the tallest and youngest guy.  Good for him.  I am neither tall nor young, so this was not a close call.  Now the female half of Couple 4 poked her head out, and pointed out a much older guy which surprised many in the crowd.  He ventured back to Room #3, and the door closed.

The sounds coming from the room were promising...A little chit chat, followed by the distinct sounds of a wet blow job. After a couple minutes of this, the slurps were replaced by moans of a woman getting a solid fucking.  Hopefully, the fucking would finish, a guy would exit, and the next bachelor on The Dating Game would step up to the plate.  Not surprising, the tall young guy exited the room pretty quickly...The door shut behind him, and the sounds started again. In order. 

After what seemed to be a very long time (maybe 20 minutes), the old guy left the room. When he left, the the female half of Couple 4 was visible, topless in the door... This was my first good glance of her, and it was a good one. Maybe 5'1", asian or Philipino, maybe late 30's, and dark wavy hair.  In the words of Christopher Walken, "wowee wow wow".  After a short break, the door closed.

By this point, the police line-up of guys in the hallway (seen in the photo above) was 10-12 back.  Of this crew, myself and one other guy were the only ones remotely in shape physically. I was 2nd in line from the door, but that means nothing.  They would choose the next contestant on "Bang My Wife", regardless of where we were standing.

The door once again opened, the small asian/Philippino hottie stood there, now fully clothed and looking for her next suitor.  The first guy in line thought he was next, but she had a type she was looking for, and I was pretty sure he wasn't it.

"M" (as I would find out was her first name) looked at me and said come in.  I knew I was getting the malocchio from the first guy, but The Good Doctor was focused on the sexy woman in the doorway.

It was standing room only in Room #3...The two husbands were watching, and woman #3 was out picking her next guy when I got situated.  "M" greeted me with a deep long kiss, which surprised The Good Doctor.  Her kisses were deep, soft, and sensuous. I granned her ass as we kissed, and it was tiny and firm...But her skin was baby-soft.

This was going to be good.

After struggling to remove our clothes, she stood there naked...Small B cup boobs, with rock hard nipples that begged to be tugged and sucked.  But, aside from her outstanding physical qualities, she was a naughty yet sweet MILF.

As she dropped to her knees, she kept eye contact with The Good Doctor as she took the hard cock in her mouth and gave a soft, wet blow job... Plus, she took direction well.  It was all I could do not to run off a batch right then and there. 

While this was happening, MILF 3 came back with a guy... She immediately took off her dress and was left standing there in panties, staockings, and garters.  I asked if she minded me playing with her nipples while I was still getting a top shelf cock sucking by "M".  She said sure, and I did the equivilent of playing the banjo while spinning plates on a stick while singing the national anthem.

I pulled "M" up, and she said in the most innocent voice "...are you ready to fuck me?".  I told her I was, and then I asked her when I was done fucking her, where she wanted me to cum (you gotta ask, guys. Theater Sex 101).  Her reply was perfect: "Where do YOU want to?". Of course, I said on her face, to which she said "Mmmmm".

She got on her back, exposing her shaved swollen pussy...I could not resist running my tongue all over her, and sucking on her clit. I moved up and slid into her...This girl was tight. Real tight (in a good way). This, along with the eye contact (still), and us both dirty talking was a perfect storm.  As I was fucking "M", MILF 3 was leaning by her and stroking her hair while watching my cock pound away...

"M" wanted it hard and rough, and being a people person, I aim to not disappoint. At one point I was worried about her head banging into the tile wall behind her...She said, "I don't care. Just don't stop."

Between the other woman looking at me and her, and how good everything was feeling, I wasn't going to be long for this world.  I lasted about 10 minutes (I think). I pulled off, and told her to get on her knees again.  She hopped off the table, and onto the floor.  At this point, the other woman and the two hubbys stood up and watched as she sucked me closer to cumming.  I pulled it out of her soft mouth, and started cumming all over her cute face as one of the hubbys said (no shit) "perfect...just perfect".  Not quite sure what that meant, but what I was sure of was she was dripping from her forehead down her cheeks with a thick load of cum.

We cleaned up, while MILF 3 was giving a hand job to the other guy brought in after The Good Doctor. Things were not looking up for this guy unfortunately, and one wonders if she made the right choice. I thanked "M" and gave her a long last kiss. I nodded thanks to her hubby, said good bye to MILF 3 and her guy while walking out of Room 3.

After walking through the gauntlet still in the hallway, I heard more moans.  I walked back to the bleacher seats, and there was a couple I saw earlier in the evening check into a private room in that same hallway.  Now she was wearing a cheerleader outfit, and she was bent over one of the bleachers. Her hubby was behind her fucking away as she was screaming "keep fucking my ass baby...Keep fucking my ass".  There were a dozen guys watching, but not participating.  I wish I could have stayed to watch that play out, but I was a long way from The Valley and had rounds the next morning.

I checked my Smartphone as I was leaving...The notices sent out by management from 15th were again 100% spot on.  Total of 6 couples, posted at the exact time they came in. 15th has passed the "notice test" with flying colors. 

15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater
Melrose Park, IL

It's time to go back to 15th.  Things are more discreet, and private playing is handled in a courteous fashion.  The new notice system works, and is accurate.

And "M", if you read this blog...Thanks for a great Friday night!