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First Time at an Adult Theater: Chapter 3 - Alex and Lauren

Doc here with Chapter 3 of "First Time at an Adult Theater". This chapter features one of the longest tenured contributors to The Journal, Alex and Lauren.  Up until very recently, Alex and Lauren ran the web site, featuring stories and reports of adult theaters and ABS fun they had encountered.  Alex wrote me several days ago that they had shuttered the site (which is unfortunate, because it was a very good one).  However, Alex asked The Good Doctor if he was interested in reposting their best reports in some Blast From The Past articles (it took me about 5 seconds to say "yes, please").  The first one of those Blast reports will go up over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Following you will find a new report from Alex and Lauren, discussing their First Time at an adult theater, and it's all sorts of fantastic.



The Real
Lauren has come along fairly slowly over the years. We have not always been so “open” in our sexual activity. In fact, it took a long time for Lauren to even admit to herself how much she loved sex, flashing and even women. Like most guys, I have always liked looking at girls,and love to see women who are into showing it. For whatever reason, just seeing a woman become aroused is a major turn on for me – whether or not I get to eventually participate. While I certainly had no idea of turning Lauren into the sexual creature she has become, I have definitely enjoyed the journey!

Not long after we were married, Lauren saw her first porn magazine. I am not even sure how that came about, but she timidly admitted that she liked reading the stories.We used to lie in bed, reading the stories to one another, sometimes acting out the “scenes”, sometimes using our mouths on the other as they read.

In the bedroom, of course, Lauren would wear sexy lingerie and we even ordered a few things from catalogs in those early years. It turned her on just as much to wear it as it did for me to see her in it. Slowly, but surely, I began encouraging her to wear something a little more daring in public. She wasn’t comfortable doing that, but sometimes she would wear something a little more revealing if she knew that I would be the only one to see it.

Around that same time, we began going to see the occasional “racy” movie. Not hard porn, but some of the softcore stuff that used to be shown at drive-ins and budget matinees. She loved it. It was difficult to get her to come right out and say it,but seeing the way her nipples and pussy would react, it was hard to deny. One day we were watching a wet t-shirt movie in the back of a relatively empty theater when she surprised me by going down on me. Little did I know at the time how far that little habit would take us!

One night we were going to a drive in movie. She was wearing jeans and a tiny little black top that I bought for her. It had some sort of a string to tie at the top, but she left it open, revealing a generous amount of cleavage. When we pulled up to pay, the cashier was actually on the passenger side of the vehicle. When she realized that she would be facing the guy taking the money in that top, she tried to get me to turn around. Fortunately, another car pulled in right behind me, so I could not move. We were driving a van (yeah, a cliché, I know) so she had to actually kind of lean out the window to pay. When she did, they guy was nearly able to see her entire chest. She was embarrassed, but turned on at the same time.

The next time I remember her being exposed was in that same van, only this time we were driving. She had a dress that was really pretty conservative, but it was really easy to her expose her breasts in it.The top of the dress wrapped up and around her neck…sort of like a sundress I guess. The point is, that she would sometimes wear it without a bra (if she thought she would not be noticed). It was dark, she had removed her bra and I actually had her breasts out, playing with them. Our van had bucket seats and she had moved to the floor between the seats and was giving me head. When I came, she let it squirt all over her tits. Just as she sat up, we went under a streetlight and a pickup truck passed us, giving the guys inside a perfect view of her pale white tits. They slowed down and rode alongside for a long time, hoping for another peek, but it wasn’t to be.

Lauren liked it enough though that she began getting more daring in the car, eventually allowing truckers to get a good long look at her. At first, she would pretend like she was asleep and didn’t know they could see. I would expose her, and even finger her cunt as the drivers watched the show. Eventually she grew bolder, smiling at them as they would wave at her. With time, she would actually strip and fuck herself with a vibrator in broad daylight on the expressway.

As long as Lauren felt like our games were just for her and I, she didn't mind the occasional bystander. In fact, she sort of got to the point that she the liked the risk of being caught. And she liked even more the expression of surprise and approval from those who caught a glimpse.

Little by little our flashing became more risky. Moving out of the car and into store and other public places. She developed a wardrobe for our little excursions: short skirts, tiny tops, things with convenient buttons and zippers and snaps. She knew that it made me hard to see her expose herself, and she liked the results.

An Example of Detroit's Adult Theaters
The Sassy Cat, c.1982
The first time we blatantly exposed her to someone else was in an adult theater in Detroit. They had large booth-like seating, allowing couples to get very comfortable. We were watching the movie, getting turned on, and making out. This was back in the 80s when Lycra and spandex were so popular. Lauren was wearing a shirt that buttoned down the front. Underneath was a spandex halter top. (Something like you would see in an aerobics class at the time - cropped just under the breasts) I knew the guy in front of us was watching, so as we kissed I unbuttoned her top, slipping my hand inside. I could not see him, but she could. Eventually, I worked my hand under her top, then slipped it off of her tits. I took my time, but eventually pulled the fabric of her shirt back, exposing one of her breasts to him. Her nipples were stiff. I took my time, pinching and playing with them. Then sucking them. Eventually making eye contact with him as I played with her boobs. He ducked back into his seat when I looked at him and the game was over.

On another occasion we were in a small porn theater that was basically empty. We had been playing for quite some time and we were both very aroused. Lauren's top was completely open, her breasts exposed. I was fingering her pussy when suddenly she stood in front of me. There was no one else in the room so I began to finger fuck her deeply as she stood there. She was playing with her tits, her skirt pulled completely up, giving me access. As she reached orgasm, two Japanese men entered the theater. They watched as I continued to slowly bring her to climax as she stood there facing them.

She liked the audience, but she still didn't want anyone to participate. Around that time she was introduced to "peep booths" and glory holes. She wouldn't play with the other guys, but she enjoyed giving them a show. Several times we went to adult bookstores where she would completely strip and fuck, knowing she was being watched.

Aside from bookstores and theaters, we enjoyed having sex about anywhere we could. Sometimes Lauren's public activity went farther than she realized. She liked the "chance" of getting caught, and a couple of times we were actually seen without her realizing it. Just as well. At that point in our development, I don't think she would have continued with an audience.

We were in a drive-in theater (remember those?) watching a porn movie and fucking one night. At one point, I headed to the building to get something to eat. I was surprised to see a few "working girls" there. One offered to give me some company. Her friend told her that it wasn't necessary. She knew I was there with a woman. In fact, some guy had just paid her to jerk him off while they watched us! On another occasion we were staying at a motel during a road trip. We were taking a walk around the pool late at night. We began to kiss, then to touch. Eventually she was on her knees in front of me, giving me a blowjob. What she didn't realize is that a couple of young guys were watching the whole thing from their motel room.

Things really took a step up one night in Tampa though. We had become accustomed to public exposure. She had let guys watch her masturbate and give me head. But no one else had ever touched her. She was wearing a plaid "school girl" miniskirt and a sweater. We eventually made our made our way to a porn theater. After watching the movie for a bit, she leaned over and started blowing me. I reached around her, pulled up her skirt and began rubbing her ass. The guy behind us moved up for a better look. He watched her suck for a while, then he began looking at her butt as I rubbed it. After a minute or so, I gestured for him to rub it.

I pulled my hand away and he immediately picked up where I left off. Lauren was not able to see the change of hands, but her mouth instantly became wetter and warmer. She began to take me in deeper, sucking me harder. It didn't take long before I blew my load in her mouth. She didn't say anything that night, but I knew that she had to have known. Months later, she admitted that she knew, and the she liked it. Even though she was afraid to admit it at the time. I knew then that we were about to take things to another level.

Alex and Lauren


Doc here again... Thanks again to Alex and Lauren for the great First Time report, detailing how Lauren grew into this thing of ours over time.  And wow, did she ever!  Make sure you check out their Blast From The Past report this weekend here at The Journal (same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel).

Next up for a First Time report is our good friend and senior reporter, Old Marine Corps Guy.  OMCG has been on the scene from it's real inception in the late 60's, until the present time.  He has seen it all, and done it all many, many times.  Rumor has it even a celebrity has been a playmate of this Marine.

Look for Old Marine Corps Guy's First Time report late Friday or Saturday.  And no, you won't have to wait in line outside someplace to read it.

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